What You Should Know About Reiki

Reiki was founded in Japan early in the last century by Mikao Usui (1865-1926). Usui was a spiritual seeker who studied history, religion, medicine, psychology, and metaphysics, and travelled to Europe and China.

Usui claims to have received the revelation of Reiki in 1922 on the last day of a 21-day course of ‘Shugyo’ which is ‘deep mind and body training’ at Mount Kurama. Thus Mt. Kurama, a mountain sacred to ‘Shugendo’, a mixture of both Buddhism and Shinto, is known as the birthplace of Reiki.

Many of the huge old trees at Mt. Kurama have raised tangled roots which look like snakes and are worshipped as ‘kami’ which are Shinto deities. Mt. Kurama is believed to be the enchanted realm of the elusive spirit-deities of forests and mountains called tengu. The origins of the tengu lie in China and the term ‘tengu’ and the characters used to write it are borrowed from the name of a fierce demon from Chinese folklore called tiāngoǔ.

Chinese literature assigns this creature a variety of descriptions, but most often it is a fierce and anthropophagous canine/monkey type of monster deity. There is a temple on Mt. Kurama called Maō Hall which is dedicated to this deity, believed to be responsible for the creation and destruction of the Earth, and to shed light on heaven and earth. It is said to have descended to Earth from Venus as a shooting star or ill-omened comet some six million years ago to live at Mt. Kurama.

Tengu are worshipped as manifestations of spiritual power which appear as uncanny shape-shifting creatures, part-human and part-animal in form. Highly skilled in martial arts, they are believed to be ambivalent spirits trapped in a perpetual cycle of life and death. They are believed to possess supernatural powers such as the ability to move instantly from place to place, speaking without moving their mouths, and the power to appear uninvited in people’s dreams. Tengu share some of their powers with other supernatural yokai (monsters), but their special skills include swordsmanship, the ability to become invisible, healing and transformation.

From “Japan Experience”: “Tengu is a phallic-nosed forest goblin or demon closely associated with yamabushi, the mountain ascetics of Shugendo, who in times past were the majority of priests in many rural areas of Japan. The salient features of their minds is their great pride and vanity. They are often associated with forests and mountains. Mount Kurama in Kyoto is one such place.”

From: “How The Role Of The Tengu Has Changed In Japanese Culture”: “Originally, tengu were seen as evil spirits that caused destruction wherever they went. Buddhist practices taught they were demons and tricksters who opposed Buddha. The early tales were recorded in the Koniaku Monogatarishu, published during the late Heian period. The tengu carried off monks, robbed temples and sowed chaos. They were depicted as angry ghosts that lived within the tengu-realm and possessed people. They became the spirits of people who had died through their arrogance and became associated with the sin of pride.”


Mount Kurama is a place steeped in mysticism, demonology and believed to be a place of the spirits of the dead, or ghosts. This reveals the true source of Usui’s revelation of Reiki.

Clearly, Reiki is deeply rooted in nature spirits and demon worship, and this is its source of power. “..is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” (Rev 18:2)

Usui appears not to have questioned the source of his revelation of Reiki and was thereby deceived. Why would these entities which have always traditionally been antagonistic towards humankind give the power of healing? By assuming a more benign form, Reiki has been able to establish an international multi-faith following.

Jesus never claimed to heal using Reiki which is not mentioned in the Bible. Jesus didn’t heal with demons, he drove them out. Instead, Jesus revealed the source of his power as God in Heaven.

“O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?” (Gal 3:1)

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” (1 John 4:1)

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits (tengu), and doctrines of devils (Reiki);” (1Tim 4:1)

“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” (2 Cor 11:13-15)

Testimony from an ex-Reiki Master

There are millions of Reikians active all around the world, from the hospital to the beauty parlour, both Christians and New Age healers, believing that they are helping others with the healing Reiki power of Jesus.

Reikians often get into great difficulties due to their lack of knowledge and unpermitted entries into the spiritual realm and demonic bondages which clearly would lead anyone further away from God. Rather than, as Reikians believe, closer to Him by doing good works and healing people.

The Bible tells us how the spiritual world operates in the form of the demonic to influence and to connect themselves with humans and the healing system of Reiki energy is a tool that Satan and his demons use mightily in this world these days.

The Bible says clearly: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood (people) but against principalities, against powers (the spirit/demonic world) against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph 6:12)

Although Reiki can initially provide healing and a sense of peace, it didn’t seem to work for many Reikians I’ve met over the years. I saw one after the other get into personal difficulties after several years being active with Reiki and the New Age and seeing many short-term healings. It took me some time to realise I had become one of them. Then I met Jesus Christ and I was set free and baptised, and after 12 years of being an active Reiki master, I became a new creation, praise the Lord.

In 2006 there were about 60 million Reikians, 19 million websites about various forms of Reiki. Today, in 2013, a Google search for “Reiki” returns 55 million results. Reiki ‘masters’ invite people “to be like Jesus, by also becoming a Reiki master”. Deceived Christians testify that Reiki worked and brought them closer to God.

Many go into Reiki believing they will learn the same healing method as Jesus used by the laying on of hands. Unfortunately, people do not realise that there is no biblical basis for Reiki. By practising it, they take themselves away from the Cross and the healing blood of Jesus, and put themselves under sin, and more Old Testament demonic bondages than they bargained for, which results more and more in disobedience to God and legal grounds for the demonic.

Yes, Reiki works – it ‘heals’ – but you will end up with a whole heap of trouble

Reiki is a healing system purportedly using Reiki energy; “spiritual life force energy” known as “the Usui method of natural Reiki healing”. As most people are told that Jesus used Reiki to heal, many Christians think nothing of using Reiki.

There are various different competing Reiki denominations, but in general it is said that Reiki energy is activated by the laying on of hands, channelling the Reiki energy to yourself or others.

This is made possible because someone took a Reiki seminar, paid for it and got opened spiritually through the Reiki rituals of the Reiki master. After that the Reiki energy starts flowing automatically whenever you place your hands on somebody, thus channelling the Reiki energy through oneself to the other person, always receiving Reiki whilst giving Reiki to others, for protection and as a blessing. Following daily self-treatments with Reiki, “further ‘spiritual growth”, and an increasing addiction to Reiki is guaranteed.

When a healing occurs they give the glory to Reiki, “Oh no, I can’t heal you, Reiki did, and if you want to learn this as well….” Often through a Reiki healing testimony people are drawn to the first Reiki level. Around 65% of these are women, who frequently take interested friends with them.

In the second level of Reiki, sending Reiki over a distance and increasing power is aimed for. The sending of Reiki willingly to a distant person is done by writing a Reiki symbol and calling the name of the spirit of this symbol three times, and the person’s name to whom you want to send the Reiki energy, and then concentrating on the Reiki energy flow.

This can take 5 to 30 minutes and will give the sender a revelation, to which more Reiki can be sent and the receptor, when sensitive enough, will feel warm and sleepy. This can really work and apparent healings or short-term improvements are an undeniable fact. One can be sending Reiki to past or present situations, to heal or even to ask forgiveness, but this is not done in the name of Jesus.

The highest Reiki level is a Reiki master, who dedicates his life to healing and passing Reiki on through Reiki seminars. Through many years of practice in Reiki, along with combinations of occult and New Age beliefs and practices, their Reiki power is much greater.

Sometimes they have paid fees of up to US$10,000 to become a Reiki master

Their ‘calling’ is to get as many people connected with Reiki as possible and they are paid for this. Some travel a great deal, asking help from their pupils to organize a Reiki seminar. When older, they start living together in groups, or develop their own Reiki system and organization.

There is a grandmaster, the spiritual heir of the discoverer of Reiki (Dr Usui), Mrs Phyllis Furumoto, a Japanese American, who travels worldwide. She is not worshipped, nor does she have any power but she is respected, and she gives guidelines of how to practice Reiki. Despite having practised Reiki since she was a child, Mrs Furumoto blogs about her serious health problems along with those of her cousin who also practices Reiki.

People can be bound up and addicted by Reiki and cannot see any substitute or any spiritual improvement good enough to replace Reiki. Until they run into serious problems, financial or otherwise, or become ill, and cry out for help – sometimes to Christians – or go to churches, when they can get saved, meet Jesus Christ and come home to God.

“But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.” (2 Cor 4:2)

The Promotion of Reiki

Reiki is defined on their own FAQ page as follows:

“Rei” as it is used in Reiki is more accurately interpreted to mean supernatural knowledge or spiritual consciousness, universal good. This is thought to be the God consciousness which is all-knowing.

“Ki” equals the vital personal life force, used in meditative breathing exercises, Chinese martial arts, and by the shamans of all cultures. This is to activate, in uniting the universal with the personal, the divine psychic awareness, with manifestation and healing.

Life force energy is known as qi or chi in China, or ki in Japan, and prana in India. It is also sometimes called universal energy. No matter what any teacher or practitioner tells you, according to the Bible this is divination. Also according to the Bible, and according to God, divination is linked with sorcery, enchantments, and other practices.

There are not just a few passages in the Bible which make it clear that these things are an abomination to God, but many, and here is just one: “And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God?” (Isa 8:19)

The Bible forbids divination because it involves lusting for secret knowledge that God has not chosen to reveal. “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law.” (Deu 29:29)

It is said people are not born with this healing gift of Reiki, but anybody can learn it. Reiki won’t harm you, it will heal you, it will lead you into spiritual paths, it will protect you and support you. It is said Reiki was used by Jesus and you will be doing good things and helping people. While this could logically appear to be true, it actually is not true. Reiki is not mentioned in the Bible – rather it is the invention of a Buddhist monk.

People who are practicing Reiki are generally deceived and unaware that they are calling upon spirits when sending Reiki or initiating others. Reikians invite spirits or demons by means of drawing the Japanese symbol of the specific demon and invite them by calling their name three times, thus sending Reiki energy to someone. Or by means of the same symbols, initiating someone spiritually into Reiki by ritually opening accesses for these spirits so the flow of the Reiki energy can come through.

Reikians are deceived by the manifestations and personal well-being in the short term, but they are not aware of the implications of sin and the wrath of God and demonic legal grounds, until their mental or physical health breaks down.

“But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” (2 Cor 4:3-4)

Dai-Ko-Myo – Principal Demon Ruler

The initiating Reiki symbol of any Reiki master is called “Dia Ko Mio” and is held secret and holy by a Reiki master. This is a Reiki master spirit who is summoned to open and connect someone to Reiki as a Reiki channel during Reiki initiations. Its name is “Phoenix who rises out of the ashes”. It is only the Reiki master who knows which symbol and names to use and how, when he is already initiated himself. He has already paid a lot of money and been deeply involved with Reiki for many years. He finally is a Reiki master and now doesn’t give it a second thought who this spirit is, or simply doesn’t know. Reiki works, Reiki heals, people get healed and because I am doing good, I stand well with God, I have the power now, I am happy, so…?

Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen – Contacting Spirit

This is a second Reiki level symbol and spirit, for making contact over any distance to a person or situation. Meaning from “my Buddha” to “your Buddha” or “from my divinity to yours” which works like placing an old-fashioned long-distance telephone call. Is also used during all the initiations and written into the hand during the Reiki ritual for the second degree of Reiki.

Sei-He-Ki – Guiding Spirit

This is a second Reiki level symbol and spirit, for influencing the subconscious levels, to heal addictions etc. In general, it is not thought of anymore but, when you know how, it can be used for the manipulation of people. Its working will reveal a lot about people and situations and it feeds the revelation into “the third eye”. This symbol is also used in all Reiki initiations and written in the hand.

Tjoko-Rei – Principal Spirit

This is a second Reiki level symbol and spirit is used for activating the Reiki energy on a person hands-on or for sending Reiki. When used hands-on, it is to increase the Reiki power which is flowing already into a person. Meaning “god come here”, ordering the Reiki spirits to act. It is very powerful.

These are the main Reiki demons, encountered in the traditional Reiki, with every Reiki initiation in any Reiki degree and used from the second Reiki level up to send Reiki energy or to intensify the Reiki energy whilst laying on hands. However because Reiki mixes well with every other occult system, there are many different Reiki forms that use other Reiki symbols with their mantras and/or names.

Every Reiki master is free to start its own healing system, mixing Reiki with… well you name it. There are gurus who started Osho-Reiki or Bagwan-Reiki, Saibaba-Reiki, Yoga-Reiki, or experienced Reiki masters who started Karuna-Reiki, Harbori, Rainbow, etc., but the basic demons of Reiki and the initiation rituals are found in all of them.

When a Reikian repents and accepts Jesus Christ as Lord they would normally be led into renunciation, repentance and acceptance. After they have renounced everything and repented then the spirits should be rebuked in the name of Jesus. Then asking the Holy Spirit asked to take their place and fill the person completely so that the kingdom of God comes upon them.

Before praying for deliverance, or receiving deliverance from someone else, the person should write all these names and terms down, so during prayer time it will be easier to go through them casting them out or renouncing them.

Reiki is classed as the occult and the occult is known to be very dangerous due to the extent of demon infestation it can cause. “Legion” will often be encountered (Luke 8:30) when people were confronted with a lot of rituals or themselves were deeper into the occult practices, which is logical as they are regrouping to have more impact. This demon has been encountered during deliverance, after many Reikians had been sending Reiki, by their symbols, rituals and meditation, to a person or group, usually to change and/or control a situation.

The Bible is clear: “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.” (Matt 12:43-45)

Here are three practical examples with Reikians, all different because of their different levels of involvement with the occult

Testimony of Tony (an inactive Reikian of 2nd level who used Reiki mostly for himself)

I was dared into going to a Pentecostal Church of my old Christian friend JL. I didn’t like the idea but was curious because of the many testimonies I had heard through the years, about “Jesus is alive”. My friend JL kept on talking about his spiritual life with Jesus, and going on and on about it. I liked using Reiki now and then, on myself and my loved ones, and Reiki was for me a big spiritual experience. I never dreamed to meet Jesus.

When I came into church something powerful hit me, I felt scared and very uneasy, but my friend JL said; “God loves you and touches you now. Relax, you’re home”. But during the worship it became stronger than me, wow… Then I heard a voice deep inside of me, a Bible verse I never knew, and when I told my friend he showed me that verse in the Bible. Wow, God talking to me. It gave me clarity and confirmation, but I was completely surprised to meet Jesus, alive. Luckily my friend gave me all the answers and explanation I needed, to calm me down a bit.

In my life I had already some “special spiritual experiences” but this beats it all, God touched me, God was really there and after service, I came forward and gave my life to Jesus.

JL’s Testimony about Tony

I testified a lot to Tony each time I met him, and invited him several times to come to a Pentecostal service. As a non-active Catholic and Reikian, he still was looking for God but couldn’t understand He was to be found in a church. So, I dared him to testify about the Holy Spirit touching us every week. After the service, we went forward to the pastor to tell him that Tony wanted to give his life to Jesus.

Tony was clearly touched by God and very emotional, and I tried to calm him down through prayer and answering as much as possible about what was going on in the service. I rejoiced when he decided to come forward to the pastor to accept Jesus Christ. But when Tony repented and accepted the Lord, something seem to be blocked and he was in deep anguish. After we rebuked the spirits of Reiki by name, Dai-Ko-Myo, Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, Sei-He-Ki, and Tjoko-Rei, in the name of Jesus and asked the Holy Spirit to replace and fill Tony anew, he had peace, and cried with joy, praise God!

Testimony and Salvation of an Active Reiki Master and Member of the Renowned Reiki Alliance International

I loved going to the Sunday worship at my Pentecostal Church, it did me so much good although I wasn’t reborn yet and had left Reiki altogether two years before. I loved it, during the service I felt loved renewed and many times set free. Later in the week, I slid back and so I was looking forward to next Sunday again. I loved Jesus, I honoured Jesus, I worshipped and felt happy. But when I placed my hands on myself, Reiki was instantly working again, and when I thought about someone or something I instantly had an insight. This puzzled me. Which was a blessing from the Lord and which was Reiki? And why was this still happening to me?

Slowly, I learned how to read the Bible and pray, I talked to pastors and to intercessors. Reiki is not of God, they said. But I couldn’t believe that, especially as I was living proof of this combination, I thought. Reiki was still active in me after accepting Jesus and going regularly to church. Although there were still some major spiritual attacks during the week, which I more or less could cope with, in the name of Jesus Christ. And on Sunday whilst worshipping or praying I was again being set free.

After a couple of months, I didn’t feel as if I was getting any more attacks. Then after learning the principals of what it meant to become a born-again Christian, I immediately decided to go ahead with planning to be baptised. For my church brothers and sisters, it was quite a battle, and the two pastors who agreed to baptise me became ill and there was a lot of praying needed. But I felt good about my decision, I loved Jesus and had so many supernatural experiences already, I couldn’t wait to come home to my Lord and Saviour.

The definite proof for me that Reiki is not of Jesus Christ, thus not from God, was when I was being baptised and immersed completely in the water, I rose up and we prayed to be Holy Spirit-filled. From that precise moment on, Reiki stopped flowing through my hands, it was gone forever and instead the Holy Spirit stepped in. I could neither receive Reiki during the laying on of hands as I had the last twelve years nor send Reiki with the symbols, so all the initiations made up to the third degree or Reiki master degree were made redundant.

Thus, Reiki isn’t of Christ, nor did Jesus ever use Reiki, otherwise Reiki would have stayed – but it left forever, defeated. Then I knew for sure and I was set free through the Mercy of God by my Lord Jesus Christ, Lord and my Redeemer. HE IS THE LORD OF LORDS, HALLELUJAH!

Miriam’s Testimony

Miriam was for many years a born-again baptised Christian, who often came forward for prayers as she was not feeling well. She had some deliverance, because of a difficult youth and life, but kept on going astray. She could not really distinguish between all the teachings and “voices”, and although faithful in her heart and in church, over the years she made no real progress.

When she came into repentance and we prayed through the deliverance book of the first Reiki degree chapter, she was set free. The old gates of the Enemy, through which they still found access, were closed and Reiki was broken, in Jesus’ name. There is more clarity and she has found more peace. She improved a great deal, praise the Lord.

It is important to get clear about the occult nature of Reiki. Reikians often feel that they are being condemned by Christians. In fact, it is between them and God and not between Christians or the Church and Reikians. Reiki is “spiritual” and it does work, at least superficially and temporarily, but is not divine, not of Jesus, and not of God. Reikians don’t see any difference between angels and fallen angels, and they are blinded to seeing the difference between serving God and serving Reiki, and between giving honour to God and honouring Reiki after each healing. They can’t discern between Reiki as the life-force energy and acknowledging God, who is our Father and His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, who is so much more than their concept of god, the universe, or the cosmos.

To learn Reiki is simple. In every Reiki seminar, after payment, the student is led into a separate room, the Reiki ritual is performed to open the student as a channel for Reiki, whatever the Reiki degree. The pupils don’t know that Reiki has already been sent to them before the seminar, to the room, and spiritually to the situation, so that all has been endowed with Reiki.

The Reiki student and master is unaware that it is sinful to sit before a homemade altar [idolatry], with pictures of dead Reiki masters [spiritism], various objects, candles, incense [honouring spirits], praying for, paying for and accepting Reiki. Thus authorizing a Reiki ritual performance to open the spiritual doorways for Reiki energy and their spirits and then afterwards serving in gratitude Reiki and his Reiki spirits – in fact, serving false gods, which actually are in fact, demon gods.

The practice of spiritualism is dangerous because it is the masquerade of demonic forces, who sometimes pretend to be departed spirits with the intent of deceiving through the power of Satan those who have been foolish enough to believe the testimony of demons and those who serve demons in preference to the authority of the Word of God Himself.

The daily Reiki practice of laying on hands while going more and more into levels of meditation, on oneself or anybody else, opens new spiritual doors allowing Reiki spirits to have rightful access to one’s life. Permission – authority – sin – more access – more bondage. If a Reiki treatment is given to someone else, then a spiritual doorway is opened in the life of this (unaware) person – who thinks he is healed as if by Jesus – through which the Reiki spirits will have, or be able to get, more access to this person’s life.

People have experienced that Reiki works, heals and reveals many things, but after some time, it brings trouble to their lives. Sometimes after only two or three years, active Reikians and Reiki masters become mentally ill with psychoses and so on. Many are divorced shortly after they start with Reiki, or they become financially broke, or severely sick, sometimes immediately, or sometimes even after 10-15 years of Reiki. Reiki can heal in the short term but lead to destruction in the long term. Also, people are likely to turn to other Reiki practitioners which won’t really help them.

So, Reiki is sinful, it is using Reiki spirits, and fallen angels, it is worshipping false (demon) gods and is in contradiction with God’s Word and therefore is rebellious to God.

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king.” ((1 Sam 15:23)

Nowadays the traditional Reiki changes constantly, mixing itself with more occult powers, like witchcraft, and false practices and beliefs. Various gurus have embraced Reiki adding some of their own teachings to it, in order to sell their seminars in their name. Reiki is mixing with esoteric ‘white magic’ in the open, and with ‘black magic’ in secret, and at the higher levels moves more and more towards Satanism.

Reiki is Deception

The Enemy’s deception is strong and seductive. In monitoring it closely, one finds a lot of shallow copies of the work of the Holy Spirit and its manifestations, like healing. However, Reiki is without redemption or salvation and clearly leads one astray from Jesus Christ and denies the work on the Cross.

An example of this is if Reiki is sent to you from a distance, in the beginning, it feels a little like the Holy Spirit working. But after some time you will have the notion that something is wrong and you will feel the demonic presence at work, but if you repent of this and renounce it, the Lord will lead you, protect and shield you.

The main deception of Reiki says that “If all good things come from God, and healing is good, then anything that heals must be godly” But Satan heals as well. It has clearly been proven that Reiki is not of God, nor is it the healing method of Jesus as Reikians are told when booking a Reiki treatment or seminar.

Reiki becomes a substitute for God and His provisions for man. In the short term, it seems to work. Send Reiki and ask for …forgiveness, work, a new home etc. In combination with other New Age beliefs Reikians will be led deeper into the deception that with Reiki one can do everything. As one believes in the afterlife or reincarnation; ” I will still know how to connect with Reiki through the Reiki symbols, so I will have eternal life with Reiki.”

It is a blindness to the truth along with love for whatever positive impact Reiki has had in their lives. When things go bad, Reiki is never suspected as having anything to do with it. People become sad or afraid about the thought of being without Reiki in their lives. They don’t see an alternative and are unaware of the fact that only Jesus can save them!

What Reiki Teaches The Truth from God´s Word
“Guilt”, “sin”, and “righteousness” are products of shallow and judgmental thinking and religion. There is no good or evil, all is One and filled with Light, (Reiki) it is the deception or twisting of God’s goodness, God’s great love which is turned into “I am allowed to do everything” and I am free. John 16:8-9: “And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: Of sin, because they believe not on me;”
Isaiah 8:19-20: “And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”
The Reiki spirit’s path of healing follows a variety of universalistic spiritual practices, as New Age and esoteric. The healing itself is the goal, a promise of freedom, and mixing Reiki with other practices will increase their abilities to heal and have a positive impact on the world. Many Reikians really believe they are on a spiritual path coming closer to God and have the “missing” healing power of Church. 1 Peter 1-2: “Chosen through the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, for obedience to Jesus Christ.”
2 Thess 2:10: “And by the unlimited seduction to evil and all wicked deception for those who perishing, because they did not welcome the Truth but refused to love it that they might be saved.”Acts 4:12: “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”
Even the poor can pay for ki energy and self-centering lessons. Crystal masters, shamans, tarot, aura reading and transcendentalists attend Reiki gatherings. 2 Tim 4:3: “The time will come when… they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”
The sensations of Reiki healing, the awareness of energy and the acceptance by others, together with the mentoring process is more impressive than much of that found in many churches, and people are easily seduced. 2 Thes 2-9 10: “The coming is through the activity and working of Satan and will be attended by great power and with all sorts of miracles and signs and delusive marvels – lying wonders. And by the unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing.”
Although Reiki comfortably includes some biblical motifs, Usui found his “revelation” devoid of any faith in Christ, after long fasting and meditations. Reiki is Buddhist and Hindu but not even remotely Christian. Gal 1:8: ”Even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned.”
My Reiki masters and teachers had no interest in listening to the Bible writers. They read their own universalistic teachers. Spiritual growth is, after healing, the aim, until one thinks he is enlightened, and/or like Jesus. Dr. Usui abandoned his study of the teachings of Jesus in order to found Reiki. But he was never recorded to have studied, as he claimed, in a Christian university in Chicago, nor did he have a genuine title of “Doctor.” 1 John 4:6: “Whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognise the spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood.” John 10:11-13: “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

The Occult Nature of Reiki

Most people who practice Reiki want to help and heal with Reiki, and don’t even know that they are channelling an occult energy through their hands. They do not understand they are using occult symbols to send Reiki. They think they are blessing you, but Reiki is not of Jesus, so it cannot be of God and therefore it must be of the Enemy.

Every time a Reikian lays hands on someone, thus channelling Reiki to a person to heal and bless them, they are doing this in the name and by the powers of Reiki spirits. Even if they send Reiki to a person to heal out of compassion, with the right motives in their heart, still they call upon Reiki demons by signing Reiki symbols and three times calling their names, so the Reiki power starts flowing to perform the manifestations of healing.

After the healing they give the glory to Reiki saying “I didn’t heal you, Reiki did.” Even if you go to Church, read the Bible, love Jesus but are using Reiki in your life, you are opened to the work of these spirits and you are just proving that Satan heals too. There will be many problems in your life and you will be robbed of the fruit of righteousness, by Reiki, sin, and rebellion. This needs to be renounced and repented of. Leave Reiki, return to Jesus and to God, and repent, and Jesus will set you free and will return to you.
Testimony of a Saved ex-Reiki Master

If you think that the Holy Spirit uses Reiki or it has something to do with Reiki healing, may the Lord have mercy on you. Reiki is demoniacal, the way of Satan and the Reiki master spirit is the phoenix who rises out of the ashes! So every time someone uses Reiki sending, or initiations, or Reiki treatments, in silence they draw one of the Reiki symbols and three times call the name of this spirit and the Reiki energy starts flowing. The pupil and/or patient thinks that they are blessed with healing, telling you this was the way of Jesus, but actually it is Reiki demons who are called upon to do the work.

This opens spiritual doors for innocent people to receive supernatural experiences and healing and ask no more questions whether this is really from Jesus. As I did once, they like what happened, and nobody tells them the spirit names behind Reiki, nor how the Reiki channels are ritually opened. They just don’t know, and often the Reikian may not have even given the ways and means a second thought because they have experienced – even if only briefly or superficially – that Reiki works. They are blinded by Reiki and deceived through the manifestations of healing and contact with Reiki spirits.

Many ex-Reikians only understand the demonical impact after their deliverance and true salvation, when the Reiki deception was lifted. They never knew what they were really doing, nor that the spirit world worked like this and/or healed, until they were saved and taken out of the deception.

Many people get interested in Reiki after receiving a Reiki treatment and this is offered in many places nowadays. If you have voluntarily received a Reiki treatment, a doorway is opened through which Reiki spirits have free access, because you condoned it. But have no doubt, Reiki will heal you and although occult, Reiki is powerful and may feel good in the beginning. However, the cooperation of spirits and the opened doorways will give an opportunity to form a “legion” of spirits, who will take care of the growing negative impact on someone’s life. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, but this impact will be there.

In the eyes of the Reikian, all things surface to be healed or to be transformed with Reiki. Due to the free New Age moral standard of thinking, and the lack of true ethics, these important life issues are treated lightly and it is thought everything will be blessed with Reiki – good or bad.

Testimony of a Christian Cleric Visiting a Reiki Treatment

I actually received the demon spirit through a massage, opened to it by my own lust, from a woman who was not yet a Reiki master. The huge surge of energy that I felt created such a thirst for more that I was willing to sacrifice my marriage, children, business and home for lasting satisfaction. Thankfully, through reading scripture and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I was saved, even after being deeply involved in the Reiki II degree with its ability to heal hands on and send Reiki at a distance.

Practice Example Broadcast by the Dutch Evangelical Radio in 2006

Through an old friend, I received a phone call, a young woman of 19, who came home frightened after she had received a present to induce her to go to a beauty parlour in Holland. The owner who treated her was a second-degree Reikian who out of sympathy for the girl, offered her a “little extra” Reiki treatment. After this the girl became phobic, and did not dare to leave her house, nor to sleep alone, nor could she go to work. Her frantic parents called the beautician, who called her Reiki master, etc. They decided to send more Reiki to heal her and the parents called the house doctor, but she didn’t improve at all. A week after that, the scared young woman and her best friend, who stayed with her day and night, got through to me on the phone.

She was not a churchgoer, because of her modern upbringing from her inactive Catholic parents, but she remembered some things about Jesus… the Cross…..and wept. I told her that I understood her fear and that she probably had visions at night, which must have frightened her a great deal. I told her that this can happen with Reiki and explained to her a bit about Reiki and Jesus.

I asked if I could pray with her, I led her to the Lord, she renounced Reiki and asked for forgiveness and after a short scream, I heard her cry for joy and she was free, praise God.

Many people are practicing Reiki these days, mostly for themselves, and in their innocence and well-meaning they are trying to touch others with Reiki

If you have received a Reiki treatment and you are an active Christian, our advice is to pray to the Lord, renounce and repent, give and ask for forgiveness, pray that the Lord will close the opened door of the Enemy.

If there is resistance, during the treatment the Reikian has drawn a Reiki symbol upon you to intensify the flow of Reiki energy or afterwards the Reikian has sent Reiki to you as a blessing, find someone to advise you how you can renounce and break the power symbols and their influence, in the name of Jesus. This means reciting out loud a prayer of renunciation, asking for forgiveness and deliverance, individually calling out the name of each and everything you have been involved with in renunciation, and then casting out any associated demons in the name of Jesus.

Reiki is a deception, but as it is real and does work, and the major spiritual consequences are not immediately apparent, there are “Christians” amongst Reikians. This is mostly because of the supernatural manifestations, healings and “new” spiritual teachings, promising modern freedom with spiritual growth. Generally, these are new, or naïve, backslid, or inactive Christians, who clearly are lacking closeness to Jesus Christ. Or sometimes children who were not treated properly by their Christian parents. Or from the many Christian churches or denominations where the beautiful work of the Holy Spirit and its blessed manifestations, healings, wonders, with Godly peace are not that common anymore, and there are “lying signs and wonders”.

We have come across some Christian Reikians, who use Reiki on the higher levels and mix their religious influences from the past, intellectually combining Bible verses to justify Reiki. Blinded by religion combined with their pride and supernatural powers, leading some to act as Bar Jesus.

They are missing the whole point of salvation, the redemption of sin. as the biggest obtainable blessing for humankind, through Christ Jesus our Lord. They are blinded by the manifestations, and/or power and glory and enjoy Reiki. Believing esoteric New Age Reiki masters, who are telling them boldly that Reiki is the rediscovered healing method of Jesus and showing demonic healings to proof that Reiki supernaturally works.

Even some Churches see nothing wrong with Reiki, as Christians, even ex-nuns and monks, are starting to use Reiki.

There are many people out there who are looking elsewhere to fulfill the hunger for God and His promises, longing to be touched by Him, having the desire for more proof of Him. Reikians who were looking for God in all the wrong places.

After a lot of suffering due to demonic bondage and sin, they come in repentance and finally home to God’s grace. And finally through much prayer, then became free, in the name of Jesus Christ.

A saved woman described being demonically attacked day and night for ten weeks, straight after a Reiki I weekend seminar: “The spirit world is real, but no one – not even the Reiki masters have a clue of what is really going on. Only Jesus Christ can help us! If you are like me, highly sensitive and take a Reiki I weekend, you’re blessed, because you will know that you are dealing with the devil. If you’re not and don’t have this discernment, you could reap years and years of the fruits of the darkness.

If you really knew from where the Reiki power comes and its plans for you, to steal, kill and destroy, you would, like me, start praying to Jesus Christ to receive the only TRUE LIGHT. I am going through a deliverance programme at my evangelical Church right now. I want to be baptised, and my loved ones are looking amazed to all the changes in my life. God is so great, otherwise this would have ended differently.

These men and women are happy to receive the privilege of being saved and to receive His Word. Gratefully they now revere and serve the Lord and have found a deeper calling in their lives, after they went through deliverance.

A saved ex-Reiki master writes us; “I never could have guessed that it had anything to do with Reiki, which had always healed and guided me. When I met the Lord Jesus, I was demonically possessed and only after my full biblical baptism and deliverance, Reiki and its demons left, praise the Lord. Only then I knew and understood the implications of Reiki. I was very blessed and am happy to be saved, but why are Christians using Reiki?

Oh, my God, have mercy, they really don’t have a clue

Christians who start with Reiki are often surprised by the power of Reiki and its influence on their personality, and they confuse it often with the work of the Holy Spirit. Due to the spiritual esoteric growth that Reiki provides which is very similar to the fire-work of the Holy Spirit, after many years of hard spiritual work and sacrifice, the dedicated practitioners of Reiki feel transformed, cleansed and holy. But they are blinded to what God wants, and that our righteousness and purity comes from the work of Jesus at the Cross, His blood, His victory and our yielding to Him, our acceptance and our remorse.

Reiki masters show testimonies from “Christians” who are using Reiki, telling us that through this supernatural experience they became closer to God and all is well. Why, you ask? Reiki masters do this to justify the holiness of Reiki and themselves as being “very spiritual”, some to a point that they proclaim; “be like Jesus and become a Reiki master”. Also to promote Reiki seminars and proclaim the existence of supernatural healing, which sometimes seems “lost” in our churches. As you need “faith” for Reiki as well, next to the opening rituals before the channelling through of the Reiki energy, they hope that even Christians will discover the divine healing system of Reiki.

They are totally blinded about the demonic behind Reiki, and would be happy if we change our Christian ways. The truth is they really don’t know what they are doing.

Amongst Reikians you will find all kinds of good, loving people who went astray. Most Reikians are blinded about the finished work on the Cross, the need for the holy blood and Jesus Christ as the only Way, the Truth and the Life. He has already made the way and invites us to walk with Him!

It is written that people perish because of lack of knowledge and total deception, thinking that with their good deeds, with the Reiki energy and reincarnation, they will do just fine. They believe in supernatural manifestations, healings and spiritual real-life experiences, only without the true discernment of God’s word, His Will and Jesus Christ as Saviour from our own sinfulness and Satan’s lies.

Our advice is to renounce Reiki, repent, repent and repent

Ask the Lord for Mercy. Pray to close all gates of the Enemy. After renouncing, rebuking and casting out the demons by name where possible, in Jesus’ name.

Cease practising Reiki, renounce, repent and ask for forgiveness, along with the use of any yoga, tarot, meditation, visiting clairvoyants, or all other New Age, or spiritist and occult beliefs and practices, whatever they may be.

Check your home against The Occult and Cursed Objects List. Throw away – do not give away or sell – any and all items you have in your possession, in your home, car, garage, garden or office, to do with any occult beliefs or practices, including clothing, accessories, jewellery, books, pamphlets, regalia, or other paraphernalia. Having these cursed items in your possession can keep open demonic doorways and give demons licence rights or legal grounds to torment and harass you, and adversely affect your finances, your health, your relationships, and anything else in your life or anyone in your family.

“Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (2 Thes 2:1-12)

All those practising Reiki and/or any other occult practices or any other forms of worshipping false gods – this includes anything to do with the New Age – and they need to be reconciled with the one true God, in the name of Jesus.

While we may have our own ideas about it not doing anyone any harm, God has said in His word that to Him all forms of demon worship – decreed as such by God Himself in the Bible however good or pure they may seem (remember demons are deceivers) – are idolatry and an abomination, and put us under a curse from God Himself. Idolatry in all its various forms gives licence grounds and legal rights to demons which bring money problems, relationship problems, health problems and accidents not only to the person themselves but also to their families, and death and damnation.

Again, if you’re a Christian, active or non-active, put an end to all your connections with all occult beliefs and practices, including all associations and all objects including any literature, clothing, jewellery and any form of regalia or other paraphernalia. Dispose of them (do not sell or give them away as this will pass on the curse to others), renounce them and repent for idolatry, and ask the Lord to show you His Way, and His purpose for your life.

Ask God to draw you nearer to Him, and ask for His Guidance in your life. Surrender to His Will, and be blessed abundantly, in Jesus’ name.

Initial short prayer [best said aloud]

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I con­fess that I have sinned against you and your Word by learning and practising Reiki. [Also name any and all known occult or New Age involve­ment.]

I renounce and repent of my involve­ment in this / these and any involve­ment in the occult that I may have unknow­ingly entered into. I ask you to for­give me for my sin, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father, I repent and renounce the use of these spir­its, Dai-Ko-Myo – principal demon ruler, Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen – contacting spirit, Sei-He-Ki – guiding spirit, and Tjoko-Rei – principal spirit, energy spirits, raku, fire­-dragon, Bar-Jesus, spirit guides, legions and personal life-­force demons, and the spirit of fear. I com­mand these spir­its to come up and all the way out of me now and go to wherever the Lord sends them, in the precious name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father, please for­give me for being used as a Reiki chan­nel. I repent and renounce all connections to Reiki and com­mand all demonic spir­its attached to me, to come up and come out of me now.

I ask you Father, to cleanse me and wash me clean and remove all demonic spir­its out from my mind, body and spirit, and those in my family, in the name of your precious Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for delivering me. Amen.

A further longer renuncation prayer is also recommended naming and renouncing one by one all aspects of your particular involvement in Reiki, such as the longer prayer here:

Prayer for Release from Reiki

Renunciation prayers may be long but they work very well and only need to be said once (best said aloud). Some have found that it was only when they read a renunciation prayer that it really dawned on them how and why what they were doing was wrong, and how wrong it was. Renunciation prayers give deliverance, often with immediate effect and comprise an important part of the repentance that God has called us to.

The occult can cause powerful demonic infestations, so general deliverance and learning about spiritual warfare is likely to be needed. There is more information on this site and linked to at the foot of the page.








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420 Responses to What You Should Know About Reiki

  1. Pingback: Link between REIKI and Occult Practice is a Fallacy | Double-Edged

  2. Simone Zammit Endrich says:

    It is wrong and misleading to link Reiki healing with occult practice. What is not understood must not be vilified in order to fit neatly into a pigeon hole. Misconception and prejudice is as much a sin as the practice of the dark arts themselves. A Reiki practitioner (not a Reikian, please note!) does not invoke the aid of an evil spirit, simply because the basis of this healing is unconditional LOVE. Love canNOT hail from demonic powers; only from God and the spirits of good he may choose to use as his representatives. These are the spirit guides referred to in this virulent missive above. Reiki energy is universal energy – a pure healing energy that was created by God Himself and is everywhere around us. Reiki attunements open the main chakras of the body of the practitioner to allow him / her to channel this universal energy from God to wherever healing is needed. The intent is enough to channel the energy to its proper destination. Distance is irrelevant because energy from God is everywhere. It is not permissable to give or send Reiki to anybody without their consent. Hence, all this scaremongering, designated to quash any practices which aren’t Christian, is contemptible.

    Occult practice, inversely, is aimed at manipulation and domination over someone else. Evil or dark spirits are invoked to attain such negative goals. The dark arts are usually done without a person’s consent, and the intent is to coerce a behaviour against a person’s free will. Love is NOT at the root of this practice; only greed, selfishness, lust, or any one of the deadly sins. Where, then, is the similarity between Reiki and witchcraft?!

    I myself am a Reiki Master Teacher and have been practising Reiki for the last 13 years. I have seen the miracle of Reiki healing with my own eyes. I’ve experienced the benefits of Reiki in my own life, in that negative and harmful influences are systematically removed from my path even when I did not actively seek their removal. I did not pay thousands of dollars to become a Reiki Master. Neither have I ever charged a single penny to help others. I am a healer only with the power of God, but I cannot tell God how to heal, nor can I compel Him to heal anyone if it is not His wish to do so. This is why we practitioners are only “channels”. The healing does not come from us but from God.

    Yes, Reiki is a spiritual healing. But it is not spiritually confined to a particular religion or spiritism. Reiki is universal. It will respond to any person according to his or her personal beliefs. It does not recognise a particular religion as supreme over another, nor is it hampered by prejudice, such as has been exercised here on this website. It cannot be emphasised enough, that Reiki is a NEUTRAL natural healing method. If a Christian feels better by mentioning the name of Jesus Christ when he performs a healing session, then this is acceptable too. But to denigrate it as an occult practice is simply beyond the pale. This kind of reasoning is what creates hatred and division in the world and so it is wrong! God Himself is love and so any intention connected with love is acceptable to Him whether it comes with the intercession of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, or any other holy entity not related to Christianity.

    Lastly, it is erroneous for us Christians to single ourselves out in the path to righteousness. There are holy people all over the world of other denominations who may be equally as righteous as we are. There is only one God and He loves us all equally, no matter if we are Roman Catholics, Methodists, Buddhists or Hindus, or even not associated with any particular religious creed at all. So who are we as Christians to claim supremacy over others? To my mind, that is one of the most unChristian thoughts!

    • Tariul says:

      God is clear you cannot serve two masters. Besides if Reiki was so good why does demonic spirits come out of people who was involved with them? And do not tell me its not real because I’ve seen it with my own eyes from both angles. And your saying how it is possible then that people get healed? Well its simple the Word says that the agents of darkness are transformed into angels of light. satan won’t come to you in a pitchfork and red tail he comes to you with 99% truth and things that feels good and 1% deception.

      BTW the similarity between Reiki and witchcraft is quite clear you even hint at it in your own words “Reiki is universal” . There is only Jesus Christ and the occult and reiki does not fall under Jesus Christ. Also they all talk about the third eye, they all use symbolism, they all commune with spirits(demons) that they do not know anything about. They even call up the demons the same way just like reiki. It is demonic and nothing good can come from it yeah you might get healed for a short time but demons aren’t stupid they will draw you in just like any other addiction.

      Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven there is none other Name given to men by which we can be saved. You will NOT get into heaven or get salvation by your works. And to be a born again Christian you do not have to spend thousands of dollars like you did to become a reiki master. Salvation in Christ is a free gift from God to you. You are in affect bypassing God and going to demons for your supposed healing.

      “Lastly you say that it is erroneous for us Christians to single ourselves out in the path to righteousness” Let me answer you here because you are under a misconception. Born again Christians do not think themselves righteous at all that is a lie by mass media and ignorant people trying to put true Christians in bad light. The fact is we all know that we are not righteous and are only saved by our faith in Jesus Christ. We do not hate ANYONE but we do hate the demonic spirits working in people to the detriment of the people they infest. All this false belief comes from supposed christians the wolves in sheep’s clothing leading the flock astray and this is sad to say but most of the churches today have fallen into deception from all sides but we only have ourselves to blame since people have started reading modified bibles and started spending more time getting entertained than reading the Word of God.

      I pray Simone that you will see the error in what your doing and not take what i’m saying as hate to you or that you harden your heart but that you will go to the Word and see it for yourself. Because I did not type all this because I hate you but because I love you and want you to see the deception for what it really is.

      • Simone Zammit Endrich says:

        It is impossible to reason with fundamentalists. They choose to see only what their prejudices dictate they should see. I will therefore not waste your time and mine by rebutting. Suffice it to say, that I will not have anyone (even a so-called God-fearing creature such as Mr. Tariul) twist my words to fit his prejudices. Read the words I have written … UNCONDITIONAL LOVE … THAT was the whole point of my piece, to which Mr. Tariul chose to invest with demonic connotations that DO NOT EXIST! There is no room in the heart for hate and prejudice where there is LOVE! If Mr. Tariul chooses to believe he is surrounded by demons, than that is his prerogative. Thankfully, I do not share such a miserable existence. And if Mr. Tariul loves me so much, then I shudder to think what people who admit to hatred must feel. Let me please point out to the good Christian who accuses me of consorting with demons that the worst kind of hatred is PREJUDICE. It is dangerous in its very subterfuge for it eats away like acid the very depths of one’s soul. Remove all that prejudice from your heart and you will find true peace. Mr. Tariul is welcome to keep his illusions, of course. What he must not do is to assume that his lofty self-righteous pride is loftier and mightier, better and brighter. To my mind it is pitiable.

      • Tariul says:

        Simone I never said i am righteous or better than anyone and if you think i was prideful then i am sorry i did not intend to come across like that.
        But let me get this straight then you say “us Christians” so you say you believe in the Word of God and in Jesus Christ? Because it clearly talks about demons a lot. In fact most of what Jesus did was casting out demons out of people and immediately they where healed.
        You may think demons are not real and it is all a hoax but i’ve seen it with my own eyes and have dealt with it so nobody is going to tell me it is not real. BTW its not prejudice if the person has actual experience with it. And i can prove it, your into reiki quite deeply since your a teacher or something then see what happens if you try to stop doing it.
        Also there is many occultic powers that can heal so let me ask you, is it love if you get healed by a white witch?

      • kkorras says:

        I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my master. You cannot serve two masters. I do not fear demons, I expose them. Then they flee.

      • Simply put, that is not what the Bible tells us. If someone professes to be a Christian, then they must accept the Bible as being the word of God. Or else they are not Christian. That’s why you can’t serve two masters. It’s one or the other. Either someone believes the Bible is true, and tells us the true situation, or they make up their own mind on what causes problems, how to reach God, etc. We can’t do both, we must choose one or the other. One path leads to life and the other is a wrong road. Each person must choose for themselves, their own wisdom or the wisdom of God.

      • Babbs says:

        If God is so good why does he /she allow such terrible atrocities to occur in this blighted world of ours? Such as taking the lives of a whole generation of children at Aberfan in South Wales UK? After all if he is so mighty then he could have easily have held back the slurry that extinguished all those children’s lives, or, as it appears he must harvest souls to keep him happy, why not wait until the children had left and then take the lives of their teachers? Please do not reply with the standard cop out statement: God left man to live his own life as that just says he has deserted mankind not loves it.

        • Truth in Reality says:

          Thank you for your question. The answer to that lies somewhere in the region of it’s not God that does these things. What happened at Aberfan – like so many similar tragedies elsewhere – happened due to the greed and negligence of certain people. Along with complacency and indifference to the welfare and suffering of others due to greed or laziness, etc.

          It’s too easy to blame God when clearly man has so very much to answer for – also for what mankind does in the name of God. We are not robots and God does not control us, but gave us dominion – that is to care for the creation. As has happened throughout history, we mess up over and again.

          There will come a time – and the evidence is it is not very far off – when things will change. Jesus will become King of Kings and Lord of Lords and only then will things really change for the better. As long as sinful man is at the helm, disasters and calamities will continue to cause loss and heartbreak. The Bible tells us that the whole creation is groaning in travail.

          In the US alone, five million animals a year are killed in homeless pet shelters, puppies and kittens included, even those who haven’t opened their eyes yet. That is in spite of there being more than enough money and resources to deal with it and more than enough people wanting to give those animals a home. Their little bodies are sent to rendering plants to use their skin and bones in products such as pet foods and gelatine, etc. The proportion of 12 to 18 months old dogs and cats at these shelters very high because there are so many people who only want them until they are not puppies or kittens anymore, and then they dump them at the kill shelter and go and get a new one. People spend many hundreds to get special breeds, yet due to inbreeding, etc. many dogs are born deformed or sick, and die.

          Our wildlife is disappearing at a rate of knots and soon there will be no more big cats, elephants, rhinos, giraffes and so on who are being killed – for the pleasure of trophy hunting and of course the filthy lucre it generates – at a shocking rate. Every year 4 million kangaroos are slaughtered in Australia for pet food and for their skin and some sub-species are already extinct. Figures are given of 60 billion animals killed every year worldwide. That figure does not include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are of such a number that they are only measured in tonnes. The seas are being emptied.

          Man was created to be vegan yet because of the Fall of Man, now there is an animal holocaust happening all around us. As long as man continues killing and grasping, and doing the work of the devil in destroying God’s wonderful creation, we cannot expect not to have disasters and catastrophes as horrendous as Aberfan.

      • Anwyn Jones says:

        I’m sorry that your mind is so closed to unconditional love.

        • If anyone knows about unconditional love it is God, not people. Many times when people talk about ‘unconditional love’ digging a little deeper shows that it was not unconditional at all, but full of conditions. Like I will love you only if you agree with what I say – and don’t believe anything else is true.

      • Jatin says:

        There is no Jesus. Churches are the worst offender where children are sexually molested and christians are the worst criminals fighting with other religions all the time starting religious wars.

      • Art says:

        Why would demons attack someone who is doing their work?

      • Benjamin Yin says:

        There is a similarity between occultism and the bible too.

        A staff turning into a snake? Jesus & disciples healing people by laying their hands over people? Sacrificing your own son at a rock for God? Sounds like black magic to me – the worship of a false god that has reinvented the original meaning of Jesus Christ and other prophets of the lord. Your bible is no less devious as Reiki can be.

      • Adam Thoone says:

        The person who wrote this is clearly lying when they claim to have been a Reiki practitioner. I can prove that beyond a doubt. They say “Tjoku Rei”. Though that name does phonetically sound like the phrase in Reiki, that is NOT the correct spelling.

        If the person pushing this false information had actually been initiated beyond the second degree, they would have spelled it correctly. (and no, Im not going to spell it correctly so you can go back and retroactively spell it the right way).

        There is NO way that anyone who practices Reiki beyond the second degree would spell it “Tjoku Rei”.

        Therefore, it is easy to see that this person who is telling this story about having been a Reiki practitioner for all these years is lying.

        Thou shall not bear false witness. Remember that? Guess not. I know you think that by lying and making stuff up you are doing God’s work, but your going to burn in hell. You are the false prophets and false teachers that we are warned about.

        Its not okay to lie, and claim you used to be a Reiki practitioner before finding Jesus. Thats a lie. You never practiced Reiki, and lying and saying you did in order to convince people to your beliefs is wrong.

        And the words are Japanese, not demons names. That would be like saying Toshiba was a demons name, or Mitsubishi. Just because your too ignorant to research the words completely and study the culture to arrive at an understanding of them doesnt give you the right to lie and say they are the names of demons. They arent.

      • Reverend Dr. Simran Meairs says:

        Firstly, the made up word “reikians” is misleading… Reiki is NOT a religion… Secondly, the symbols used in Reiki are not demonic, they are Japanese characters that have meanings like “breaking bad habits” and lastly, there are many parallels to the five pillars of Reiki and the teachings of Jesus. As Christians seek ways to increase and strengthen their spiritual moments, many have adopted practices to develop the “Gifts of the Spirit.” In I Corinthians 12:4-12, Paul speaks of the gifts to including speaking wisdom and knowledge and the power to heal. Also Paul describes people within the church having roles as apostles, prophets, teachers, those who perform miracles, those who heal, those who direct others and those who speak in strange tongues (I Corinthians 12:28-31).

        Because one of the spiritual gifts is healing, devoted Christians who take direction from the above scripture have looked into the laying on of hands and more recently, the practice of Reiki. In addition, many Christian seekers have found John 14:12 an important source of guidance as well as reassurance that becoming healers it is not only possible, but also something we as Christians should develop if we feel spiritually guided to do so: “I am telling you the truth: whoever believes in me will do what I do-yes, he will do even greater things because I am going to the Father” (TEV)

        • Violetsoul Reiki says:

          Jesus did Reiki all the time. It came from the teaching of Christ consciousness. Please stop spreading lies. Church are falling left and right because they aren’t teach humanity to heal themselves through god and heal others through the faith in the one Life Source Energy.

          Please stop the shade.


      • anonymous says:

        Hi, if Witchcraft could be defined as using some methods (any method) to coerce people, to manipulate weather/people/situations in order to have the result the person that makes it want, and pushing a person to think/feel/choose a thing that, without the outside manipulation, would have not chosen… How do you define sending reiki to a person/situation that has not asked for it?
        And, please, if someone is going to call me a fundamentalist… better not: this is done daily by reiki practitioners. But, wait, they are not trying to manipulate… just sending reiki for the “higher good”. Think as you like, this is pushing, and not even doing this face-to-face, but hidden in your own home or in a reiki-circle. In what is this different from a coven of witches that gets together to perform rituals in order to have their desires (maybe love, maybe health, maybe wealth) fulfilled??? These desires are not bad on themselves, but manipulating IS, and would you like to know the funniest side of this? Desires achieved throught these PUSHINGS (Through reiki, rituals, etc.) turn out to shit, and turn the life who performs it into shit…

      • Amit Ray says:

        First you should clearly understand what you mean by God. I would like to make it clear that God has no human form. God is having no shape, size or colour etc. It is having no dimensions and has infinite degree of freedom. You can define Christ as God, I have no objection to it but can you please clarify my simple doubt that why he got himself killed by some people. If he was god he could have easily saved himself. For me he was just another Healer and a good soul nothing more than that.
        So whatever is in Bible or Gita or Quran etc is someone’s own perception and cannot be words of God. Can you tell me exactly how god looks like? May be you mistook God for Demon. Also you cannot simply say that only bible is true and all other scripts are false. For me I was not born with any religion tag, I was born as a human. I feel you should first understand what difference between light and darkness. Darkness is nothing but absence of Light and similarly evil is nothing but absence of God. And if that is so, it means God is present only at certain places as some places are occupied by evil. And ultimately you will be slave for either God or evil and who knows if God is itself an evil or evil itself is God.

    • atul says:

      Yes …i feel one should be positive in approach …rather than thinking of demons which would be sinfuls in sense to say ….one should ponder on better healing effects of Reiki and difference that can bring to scoiety at large …….god is there every where in every form of Life …and would always forgive …..

      • Tariul says:

        atul are you saying then that some demons aren’t sinful or not bad? Because demons is evil by nature they all deceive, there is no exception. Also you can only be forgiven through Jesus Christ. If you do reiki or any other occultic practices and you don’t repent from it then you will not be forgiven for merely thinking that you did the right thing. You have a free will and a choice and you chose occultic healing over Jesus Christ.

    • Jenny says:

      If you’re a reiki master, then you do not follow the word of God and therefore you cannot possibly be a true Christian. Read the bible. Demons will do good and amazing things just to pull you away from God. Not following the bible is also un-Christian. Also, if you follow the bible, you’d know that worshipping false gods and makng them idols is bad (it’s the first commandment).

    • Lisa says:

      Thank Simone. After reading this article I little scared. I have never learned REiki courses but I can do sense and fix human energy field. Also can send energy distance. some kind natural sense. So I am an evil or what. I believe I quite a good person and love others as well. I want to help others every one asking me certificate if I want to do bio-energy work.

    • Premdaya Mathieu says:

      Thank you for sharing this … Simone. I have been a Reiki Master for over 30 years … and also have received the blessing of the Holy Spirit from a Christian minister and the energy is exactly the same. Reiki is a benediction, a blessing of the Holy Spirit moving through a human body to share God’s love and healing. Reiki is the love, the light, the truth of God … nothing more ( could there be anything more), and nothing less. We dishonor this beautiful gift given us by God by demonizing it. God is all Mercy and compassion… so I’m sure he is not judging those who choose to misinterpret his work … but you are certainly misinformed Blessings.

      • There is a false holy spirit. That is something often attributed to the Jezebel spirit which it is more than capable of.

        The Bible tells us to test the spirits. The devil is a deceiver and people including Christians, or believers in Jesus, can be deceived as we know well from all the false cults, including Christian and Buddhist cults. Therefore it is vital that we use discernment and check everything against the Bible.

        “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” (1 John 4)

      • oscar ivan says:

        You people associate this reiki with GOD but tell us, where in the bible does it mention reiki?????

      • Aurora says:

        If Reiki were from God the church would gladly embrace it. It is not. Like many other dangerous paths it leads the ignorant to a quest for self elightenment – or self healing, which is the exact opoosite of what Jesus preached.

    • AJ Parker says:

      As a former Reiki Master of 10 years, it was hard for me to accept that what they have written is TRUE. I have been mislead, and I ask humbly that all who practice reiki reconsider (or at the very least question) these spirits. As soon as I questioned reiki, the spiritual healing energy I had relied on for so long turned ugly very, very quickly. I dare you to question your spirit guides. Like a good friend, a positive, all-loving God-sent holy spirit will ALWAYS extend loving arms. Reiki and other new age energy and philosophy was not so kind. Just do it once, and you will be throwing your new age books out of your house quick! You probably won’t believe me, but you now cannot say that I did not warn you.

    • Miville says:

      I understand your point of view, I dealt for a long time with a woman healer and seer whose art was quite close to Reiki under other names, she was not a bad person at all, she will be saved given the tremendous sufferings she offered to God for the good cause, but I had to come, in my inner conversations with Jesus, to the logical conclusion such a practice involving aura reading and energy manipulating and chakra balancing has nothing to do with the cures the real Jesus performed. I am not part of an established church, nor of a modern one, nor am I a great Bible reader except for the Gospels I know by heart, I am rather into prayer and meditation, I even accept prayers and rituals of non-Christian origins as long as their conception of God is coherent with Christian theology, as long as no dirty or mendacious spirit is showing up through them, as long as all spirits present by them confess that Jesus is Christ. Despite my multiculturalism I strive to make as open and encompassing as possible, as long as Christ remains the only boss on board, it turned out that aura and energy based therapies just cannot work without the intervention of demons tormenting other humans while seemingly curing a chosen few, and stupidly cease to work when one is really embarked on the vertical path to God or even to an ordinary honest life in the world. For me it has been more a matter of practical disappointment than of religious condemnation.

      Chakras actually don’t exist, you may feel points of heat or tension where they are said to be, but seeing chakras as wide open flowers growing as organs of a more subtle body is like children imagining there is a pot of gold where the rainbow touches ground, it is sheer delusion. Auras exist, but they are not of subtle matter, they are fields quite like of a magnet. These fields can be stronger with some beings and persons, but they behave according to the laws of sound and light. Among the properties of sound and light is the decomposition into seven main colours or musical tones, this has to do only with light and the way it is seen by the eye, not with the body endowed or illumined with the said light. Given my high degree of multiculturalism, I had to compare various esoteric systems of aura reading from one culture to another where the colour and musical tone classification are very different, and they all greatly vary accordingly : this is the proof their nature is subjective, and the problem is all those New Age therapies have to assume these arbitrary patterns of sound and light decreed by the local culture as real and objective so as to justify themselves to manipulate them medicinally, which is mendacious to say the least, it reminds of governments who pretend to create real riches only through mere word manipulation and paper money printing. The rainbow stripes belong to the light manifesting through it, not the rainy air it plays with, and in the same way the seven colour chakras as one fancies to see them (in cultures where the musical scale is pentatonic they tend to see only five and not exactly as a subset of the seven) also belong to the living light, not to the person, and even far less to the hand of the other person pretending to cure the former : another trick on the ego’s part. Those seers and healers who pretend they can view auras all say they have a well-opened “third eye” : the sad reality is that no such third eye exists in the original divine blueprint of the soul, and all what they do is cutting an ugly dent or wound into their soul at the level of their forehead to let in all external influences, in the same way certain warrior gangs in Africa or in African-American ghettoes and also fascistic universities open wounds in their physical bodies and get infected on purpose for purposes of initiation and showing off. The single eye hinted at by the Bible is not a third eye, it is the soul’s capacity to make both physical eyes, and also both psychic views of sternness and mercy corresponding to them, behave as one spiritual one. These people who say they open their third eye just get pricked like drug-addicts and spiritually infected on purpose by forces from the ambient air, not from highest heavens : to open to the latter you have to close your soul as tightly as possible from the powers of the air, as with a telescope you have to shield and move away into the country from all light pollution to see the stars, you have to close your chakras which are actually not real windows intended by God but mere wounds to heal that have been accidentally or intentionally opened by your bad habits, you have to make your soul not into a hostel opened to the four winds but into a fortified cathedral where the only windows are covered with iron and stain glass, you have to close, close, close as you mortify your soul. Even in the theoretical case when you would see through an aura and guess out its colour without the intrusion of some spirit emanating from the air, this is not a thing to do, auras, the energy of which being sexual in nature, are even more private than private parts proper and never to be unveiled to non-privy partners (spouses, consorts, guardian angel, and God himself) lest demons of fornication rush in to vampirise the energy : you cannot view an aura without causing to it even more damage a fiery lustful eye already can, you tear and blemish it by your very look. If you are attentive at the way most aura viewers look as they grow in age, like Teal Swan, you will remark their traits grow quite more vampire-like than other elderly persons, especially as regards the lips. They may fancy themselves to have good intentions (even though to get really rich and successful as to show off on national TV the demons allow only the evil-minded having committed initiation crimes on purpose to climb past a certain level), but these good intentions a lecherous roué oggling for younger and younger girls can also fancy to have.

      Please pray Jesus to teach you the other way he cured people. His teaching is so exquisite that only He can make a proper presentation of it to you.

    • What you said is true,also I need your valuable support in future since I too practice reiki second grade.

    • Marie barrett says:

      Well said. The article could have swayed me as I am a Roman Catholic so have spent time with the bible but as u say reiki is God’s universal energy. Am a beginner but to be honest meditation and practising reiki has done wonders for me already. Reading the old testament at least for me was not beneficial i did not receive any peace or joy at all. Still very much in question and wonderment as I am about the truth I am eager for personal opinions and have lots of questions.. x

      Thanks marie

      • Meegan says:

        Hi Marie
        I love recommend u read more Christian books to understand how to read the bible as the word heals and enlivens as u receive it. There’s a great book by Francis McMurtry called healing reawakening and this will help u see reiki and healing from Jesus are different.

      • Victor says:

        We must be careful with these so-called “universal energies.” I read a book once entitled Evil: an Investigation by Lance Morrow. It discussed how evil works. Evil is an imitation of God, though happiest when it operates in the autonomy of the gratuitous. Evil flows like an electrical current, a wandering fluid energy, allowing for a greater consciousness and always portrays itself as injured innocence. Can you say Angels of Light? Reiki is one of these mysterious arts where the source is not so easily identified as practitioners claim.

        Another realm that works with this elusive and indefinable energy is tarot. Although readers are occasionally accurate (it works), tarot and channeling isn’t from God. Please go on youtube, where the tarot readers themselves post testimonials of having experienced personal spirit attacks, sleep paralysis, fear and depression.

        The practice of meditation, yoga, or seeking the silence within has always left me confused. Isn’t that for dead people?

    • IAmDestiny says:

      ” Reiki practitioner (not a Reikian, please note!) does not invoke the aid of an evil spirit, simply because the basis of this healing is unconditional LOVE. Love canNOT hail from demonic powers; only from God and the spirits of good he may choose to use as his representatives. ”

      Your entire argument operates on an assumption. You assume that anything that feels like love cannot be demonic, or be capable of healing. That if you call upon unconditional love, the only reply can be love. This is not true with human beings, what makes you think this would be true with fallen angels? Do you think that masters of deception would play fair?

      God only responds to his name and that of Jesus Christ, leaving the response to any other name completely wide open to manipulation.

      I recently come from reiki practice, I have enjoyed pagan rituals and have come from the exact same perspective. But when you look at the logic, it holds. If you look deep enough into the new age movement in general and a lot of the “progressive” stuff coming out into the media lately, it always seems good and loving and positive on the surface, but the ultimate effects are cumulatively adding up into an increasingly satanic culture.

      At first you would think this is simply religious paranoia, but then you see satanic images, cartoons, images, media, statues and symbols that in nearly everything mainstream. While simultaneously there is an anti-Christian agenda being pushed. Your very comment here is evidence of that very attitude that Christianity is not a legitimate religion, but just an annoying archaic thought-product of the ignorant. You think that’s just a coincidence?

      Start asking questions.. Look into it yourself and be open to the high level of deception occurring in the world today.

    • Shan says:

      Wow I think you both have such valid arguments, but as a born again Christian, and excuse me for being the ‘devil’s advocate’ but even though this artical make so much sense, most people will read it and see it as once again the ‘church’ is claiming to be all supreme and keeping ordinary people from experiencing any form of super natural or spiritual gifts. Since the beginning of time the “church” has done this. If anyone wants to be a counselor or experience spiritual gifts, they also have to pay to go on a course before they are “allowed to practice”, for something that should be free. I’m not saying Reiki is right or wrong, but all I hear is “the church” doing what it’s done through out the ages, condemnation to all who don’t follow ” their” system. Let’s admit it Christians, healing doesn’t happen in 99% of churches anymore, which means either the new testiment church is man made doctrine full if bs(excuse the bad lauguage, but couldnt resist lol) or Jesus is a lier. And I know Jesus didnt lie, because I experience him everyday, including many gifts of the Holy Spirit, including healing. Where is the power people? It’s odd that all the “new agers” preach Christ Consciousness all the time, yet get comdened cause they are not part of the “system”. Maybe the church should go read what Paul wrote about spreading the light. I heal in the name of the most high, but I am condemned for not being part of the “system”. Not sure about demonic forces, but even if this article is correct, why should we believe the church now. The bible has been so distorted, by King James, Constantine, the Catholic Church and Rome, etc. Its all about the control and supremisy. Both sides have valid points, but both sides are also based on personal theories and/or personal convictions. I love the fact that we can share all these different views, and yes we should be VERY careful on who’s power we envoke. But it’s your conviction at the end of the day. We can share our views, but anyone condeming another and claiming to love like Jesus, is practicing his own form of occult control and manipulation.

      • Rosy says:

        Moses in Numbers 21 on instructions from ‘God’ commanded the children of God to built a statue (idol) of a serphant in Bronze on a staff (rod) so all who gazed on it would be cured of snake bite…just saying

    • Jennifer Owen says:

      Thank you, couldn’t of said it better myself lol. I’m a catholic medium who has had Reiki 1 and 2 attunement, I go to church at least once a week but I try to go more then one for the eucharist. Not once while going to church or any other time has heavenly father and mother, Jesus, or any other higher being of love, told me that Reiki was a dark energy. It is in fact God’s holy spirit energy both attunement have changed my life dramatically for the better, stripping me of all the pain and suffering I endured as a child. If this energy was evil there is no way that heavenly father and mother would of guided me to it. I truly believe that the anti Christ is not an actual person but the collective conciousness of man’s ideas and negative thoughts, that are manipulated by dark energies, I could be wrong just makes sense as it says in the bible that the majority of man would be miss guided by this anti Christ and this website is a perfect example of anything but christ.

    • Flo says:

      I wonder if you offer your ‘LOVE’ free of charge.

    • Victor says:

      Too many ‘westerners’ practicing Reiki are clueless. Trendy woo-joo. Reiki can be anything a healer wants it to be, but God has absolutely nothing to do with it. From my experience, Reiki instructors are kind of messy people without a sense of right or wrong.

  3. Thanks for posting this article. Over the last 18 years, since I left New Age & Spiritalism, I hear so many stories from folks worldwide, who discovered their healing or reiki spirit guides were demonic too. Usually, that only occurred when the person tried to stop the practise and the spirits took offence & attacked them. When we are still ‘serving’ them, they don’t usually attack! God bless you, for sharing those precious testimonies.

    • Amit Ray says:

      I was attuned for Reiki-I and II but after practicing for 6 months I left it as I was not into any self healing or healing others. For almost three years I was not using Reiki and nothing negative happened to me. They didnt attack me or gave any other trouble. But just two years back when my son fell ill for months and no medicines worked, I gave Reiki to him for 20 mins or so. You wont believe next day he was perfectly fine and went to school. He never had that problem again. Also I didnt practice Reiki after that. Than how can you say that its a evil or demonic thing?

    • D says:

      i have felt a demon and i have felt pure energy and i can differentiate between the two even in my sleep. you want to be a good person, respect everyone’s views. you want to be an egotistical mass murderer, join the crusade. but if you can’t prove anything without using a book that has been adulterated ridiculously over thousands of years you shouldn’t talk about demons and angels and energy. good and bad is a relative concept till your vibrational frequency shows you the path. now go ahead and tell me we’re not made of vibrations. i think at least thousand scientists will have something to say about that. if you can’t change you shouldn’t make other people reconsider their changes. that is truly the devil’s work.

  4. Andy Cook says:

    This is the first time I have ever heard anyone regard Reiki energies as spirits/demons. It baffles me how people can come up with this stuff. This would be akin to calling radio waves demons, or electricity a manifestation of Satan. Energy is energy, whatever form it takes. Oh… and Reiki is not occult at all. If it truly was then it would not be spreading around the world like it is. Anyway the word occult simply means hidden (from whence the word occluded comes from etc). Truly occult teachings are not spread around the net for free or simply charged for.

    If you are going to attempt to destroy a peaceful, loving and healing practice that brings comfort to thousands, and often improves their health, then at least get your facts straight before starting. I’m afraid you otherwise just come across as ill-informed.

    • There is a more complete definition of occult other than simply ‘hidden’.

      If no one was ever healed with reiki, if it didn’t have any effect at all, or its effects were not initially good, it would not have caught on in the way it has. You say reiki is just (channelled) energy. Given that as with anything it would always be wise to consider the source from which it came – where does this ‘pure’ energy come from?

      If this ‘energy’ is of God, then it follows that the Bible cannot be of God as the Bible tells us that no one comes to God except through His Son, Jesus. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6) Then, if we are to believe the Bible, if it is not God, it is then of the ‘other side’.

      Many reiki practitioners will – at least initially – claim that using reiki energy is how Jesus healed people. That usually seems to be the end of the association of reiki with Jesus, which is in itself totally out of accord with what we are told in the Bible about Jesus, where Jesus Himself tells us that the Bible is God’s word.

      This excellent testimony was written in such bad pidgin English it took days to ‘translate’ into English without losing the spirit of it. Many have posted their personal and very real experiences in the comments. Before anyone makes up their mind so finally they should re-read these testimonies where people clearly state that reiki does provide healing and a sense of peace and wellbeing – sometimes very effectively so. This is not in dispute. The problem is that too many people have experienced, sooner or later, that there are demonic presences involved in reiki for there not to be some truth in it. What would be the purpose in making it up and why would they imagine such a thing?

      If reiki really does work so well on a long-term basis why does the spiritual heir of the ‘discoverer’ of reiki (Dr. Usui who was not actually a doctor) – that is Phyllis Furumoto – blog extensively about her health problems even though she has practised reiki since she was a small child, and ditto for her cousin?

      If someone doesn’t believe in the God of the Bible, then it will be difficult for them to hear what God says about this kind of thing in His Word: “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is NONE other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12) Not reiki, not yoga, not meditation, but the name of Jesus. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go see a doctor or a surgeon, but it does mean that we ought to look primarily to God and Christ for our healing and salvation, not to any other source, whether a person or organisation or some sort of healing or other system like reiki.

      One cannot deny the presence of evil in the world, and in people, and all the reiki anyone could muster cannot change that, no matter how high a level or how many years he has been operating. The devil’s prime objective is to deceive people into serving him – either with their knowledge or without – it doesn’t matter too much to him, he likes both kinds.

      Reiki is a New Age practice. The New Age is a fabrication created by Satan and is not based on a realistic view of the world. It appears wonderful – enlightened all-embracing universal oneness, global, one world, mother earth, close to nature, Gaia, and so on and so forth. The reality of the New Age is something beyond horrible, based deception and on the love of money, and the writer has experienced that in a very real way, as have others. People suffer needlessly, sometimes for years or even decades, only to realise they were deceived all along.

      This video series is a testimony of one of those people: Inside the New Age Nightmare

      We would encourage anyone to research carefully and with an open mind seek the truth in prayer to God and see what happens.

      • noneother says:

        Umm…I don’t get your logic..

        If this ‘energy’ is of God, then we must believe that the Bible is not of God as the Bible tells us that no one comes to God except through His Son, Jesus. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6)

        energy is not a man, or a being…you say “no one comes from God except…” What if this energy does indeed come from Jesus?

        Also, you speak about Reiki like a religion..it’s not. Therefore you are not worshipping two gods…

        Also, can someone explain to me how the heck satan, or demons would benefit from healing one another? If you know so much, please explain EXACTLY why satan and demons would do any good to us?

        If someone practices reiki, while believing that they are healing in the name of God, surely it can’t be that bad:

        Luke 9:49-50

        “Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we tried to stop him, because he is not one of us.”
        “Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.”

    • John says:

      My message is for brother Andy Cook:

      I love you brother, but you need to get in the word(Bible) God’s Commandments clearly says 1. I am the Lord Thy God. 2. Thou shalt have no other gods. Here are some scriptures to ponder on. Leviticus 26:1, Pslam 31:6, Proverbs 3:5-6, Ist John 5:18, 1st John 4:1-3, Corithians 11:14, Ephesians 6:10-12, Luke 11:26. My brother this is giving with love not hate. These are God’s words! My prayers are with you.

    • dave says:

      I just want to say that violence and wars is spread over the world too and it’s not good. See how the planet is full of misery. Maybe it is satan that run all this by it’s influence to the men. The Devil is a great liar so it’s not because many men are in that means it’s all good.

  5. qbhawk says:

    God even created satan as well as everything else good & evil. Indoctrination can definitely be considered evil depending on its purpose & source. All information, researched data and educational materials are products of the tree of knowledge, which has already been resolved in the garden of eden if such is factual as i have no proof of except what is written by man. So if those who have the knowledge already and got it through one of the self educational methods or indoctrination… what makes them any better then those who seek their own choice of educational methods? Answer: Another human can only give their opinions based upon their own experiences & choices. No different then parents talking to their own children about what & what not to do based upon personal experiences or indoctrinations … we all have to learn or not learn our own way and that’s the human way.

  6. qbhawk says:

    lets resolve our war like attitudes, by promoting peace & good will by learning to love all things created by GOD and leave the indoctrinations to the creator. We are here to learn about who we are and what is our personal purpose in the matrix. There are too many unhealthy people running around trying to control the world as it is. There are no rights granted to others to interfere with individual choices other then your own. Sharing is ok, without condemnation or purpose to change another into a clone of yourself. We all have good and evil in us and its about achieving some sort of Balance as is in everything. Follow the “golden rule” and God will respond to you regardless. I want to know what I don’t know before I choose anything.

    • It really ought to glaringly obvious by now to anyone with a modicum of common sense that human beings are totally and utterly incapable of sorting out their differences and problems, and to live ‘in peace’. Although the sad truth is that realisation may have to come after WW3 – and, for some, perhaps not even then.

      How can there be peace on Earth when human beings have proved that they can’t stop sinning against God, warring against each other and destroying God’s wonderful creation? Being prideful, greedy, lustful, materialistic, dishonest, exploitative, covetous, selfish, spiteful, cruel, irresponsible, rebellious, disobedient to God, idolatrous (giving honour to the created while ignoring the creator) and all the rest of it. And that includes many Christians. Who or what can stop some people or anyone behaving like that, other than God? Yes, we have free will, to listen to what God says or do things our own way which will always ultimately fail as, in a nutshell, God knows us a whole lot better than we know ourselves.

      Instead of listening to our own ideas about ourselves, it would be wise for us to listen to what God says about us, as ultimately He is an infinite number of times smarter than we are with our brains comparatively the size of a full stop. God will of course be proved right in what He has said right at the beginning of His word: “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” (Gen 6:5)

      Yes, that was before the flood, but read 2 Tim 3:1-4 and after more than two thousand years of history, we see: “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.”

      We need only to look at the world with eyes that see and listen with ears that hear to know that this is true. If anyone thinks other than this, they are deceived and a deceived person doesn’t know they are deceived or they wouldn’t be deceived. The Bible repeatedly mentions people who are blind and deaf, people who can’t see and can’t hear. We need to pray to God for discernment.

    • Flo says:

      If you embrace everything created by God then you are embracing Satan and his one third of fallen angels, who will be delighted to carry you to the pit of fire with them. It is not only a cop out but a peril to your precious soul to attack people for being judgemental when they try to point out the numerous deceptions that the Enemy uses. Jesus’ work on the Cross needs to be fully appreciated and acknowledged, and only then can the Holy Spirit work in you. You may be a delightful person, but if you drink in the spiritualist propaganda about ‘there are many ways to God’ and ‘all power is from God’ and you put your trust in crystals, symbols, statues etc. you may find yourself losing all your grace and very confused and depressed. If you want clarification from someone far more articulate and knowledgeable than me, please look at the youtube videos of Derek Prince. If you want to see proof that there are demons who will happily enter those who have no qualms about making a soul pact watch ‘demon magic’ on youtube. God bless

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  8. Unconditional love is something that needs to be defined carefully, as love usually most definitely does have a number of conditions attached to it. To a greater or lesser extent, there are always laws and rules that need to be kept. Those who strongly advocate ‘unconditional love’, and believe it is the answer for every ill, can themselves have great difficulty personally putting that into practice. Words come easy.

    It’s usually a condition that a person doesn’t make you too angry, by, say, spending too much of their or your money, or taking advantage in some way. Make someone too angry by doing something wrong or something they really don’t like, and love can go out the window, as realistically we all know only too well. It can be a condition that the person behaves in a certain way, for example is faithful and truthful. That is just one reason it can be so difficult to love an extreme alcoholic or a drug addict, as they can be so selfish, caring a lot about themselves and not a great deal about others, often obsessing on when and where they will get their next fix.

    The love people have for their pets can be close to unconditional love. Many people say that the love a dog has for its owner can be unconditional, no matter what, while a cat is more likely to choose who he loves. Yet many will prefer to have the love of a pet which can make you feel so loved and valued.

    The subject is by no means simple. Unconditional love is NOT the answer, as most people would find it too difficult to give unconditional love. Even the love of many mothers is often not really unconditional.

    What is more, human nature is such that if some people did practice unconditional love, others take advantage of them to that same degree, which would soon put an end to it. It may be that truly unconditional love can only exist where evil does not.

    • Lea says:

      If Reiki is a gift from God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, then why is the ‘healing’ power activated by invoking the symbols and names of demons and NOT the mighty name of Jesus? You are all deceived if you believe that this counterfeit gift is from God and I propose that it has worked so well for you all for so many years because the devil has you exactly where he wants you, doing his work for him with a mindset of complete and utter denial of the truth of the Word of God. You have forgotten Paul’s warnings that the devil masquerades as an angel of light with the purpose of deceiving the children of God, and that all things must be measured up against and proven by the Word of God. Do not forget, that Eve was deceived by the sweet words of the serpent and we all know how that turned out. In fact even now, mankind is still reaping the fruits of that lapse in judgement. As for the energy from Reiki and the Holy Spirit appearing to be the same thing, of course it appears that way!!! It is Satan’s greatest accomplishment to be able to contrive such a perfect counterfeit of the energy of the Holy Spirit, in order to convince you that you are doing something that you think somehow shows the healing power of Jesus. Again remember that the devil is a liar and a master replicator and his ‘gift’ is nothing but an ability given to you to help him gain access to as many unsuspecting souls as possible.
      May the power of the Holy Spirit convict you, lead you to salvation and repentance. May the abounding grace and mercy of God fall upon you, and may the sweet blood of Jesus Christ cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus, Amen

      • Reverend Dr. Simran Meairs says:

        Reiki symbols are NOT demonic names… they are Japanese writing. Please, crack a book.

  9. Here is a German site (Google Chrome will translate) for people who have practised or are practising “light work” with testimonies: http://www.achtung-lichtarbeit.de/

    And its sister site for lightworkers: http://www.xn--lichtarbeit-verfhrung-oic.de/

    These sites are excellent and will explain clearly how people are deceived into believing that reiki is of God when it most certainly is not of God. Of course it sounds very convincing, otherwise it would not be possible to deceive the intelligent and sensitive people that it does deceive. Yes, reiki will work sometimes in order to get people hooked and keep them in bondage.

    Many people have discovered that reiki is not of God. Read their testimonies which you will find at the above sites and all over the internet.

    Do NOT be deceived. God Himself has told us:

    “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is NONE other name (and reiki is a name the same as any other name of a person, a belief, an organisation, a name of anything) under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

    It is far too important not to be absolutely sure – so please check very carefully. Your salvation could depend on it.

    In the Bible, we are told over and again to be careful in Bible passages like this: “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” (1 John 4:1)

    • calla says:

      It is amazing to see how narrow minded most of these comments are. Fanatic and absurd. Reiki is like a candle. It was made to give light, however you can use it upside down on a grave at fupo moon to praise satan, or you can use the same candle to praise God in church at the altar.

      Amazingly enough many deranged souls out there are calling upon horned Gods, Lord Shiva and other creatures believing that they will lend them energy to heal. THIS IS NOT REIKI PEOPLE!!!! IT IS GOOD OLD SHAMANISM. I am bewildered to see how mental confusion takes over when one gets involved in a debate about Reiki.

      Hear a clear and simple fact. I am a baptized greek orthodox Christina. It doesn’t get any more old fashioned than that. I am also a Reiki Master. I have never charged for doing Reiki. I am only doing Reiki when I see someone injured or in serious pain. I have never seen a spirit, nor called upon one, nor do I get involved in any New Age nonsense. I am just the vessel for energy to flow to a sick creature in need. I am not a healer, nor do I wish to be that. I am fasting, praying and going to church. I believe God the Father has created everything, all the narrow minded individuals present on this thread, as well as the bright ones that are not going crazy over something they can’t grasp. God created mankind and also Reiki, as well as many other energy forms we know nothing about. Don’t speculate that Christ used Reiki, YOU WERE NOY THERE. Don’t assume Reiki is Satans work, unless you had a personal chat with the horned bastard himself. Don’t get all crazed about witchcraft, when you don’t know the truth. Again: anyone and everyone that is calling upon Gods and spirtis is doing schamanic work, that truly is dangerous and not from Christ. Reiki is just what it is defined to be. Life energy. Since the devil didn’t give any life and created noyhing, he is NOT IN CHARGE OF THIS ONE. Everyone here sounds like the damn fanatics in the 16th century. Sad that we can fly to the moon but can’t open our brains to keep such a simple matter straight. GOD GAVE ALL IDIOT PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET A FREE WILL. YOU CAN USE IT TO PRAISE GOD OR THE DEVIL AND HIS UNDERWORLD. IRONICALLY REIKI IS NOT THE TOOL TO PRAISE EITHER ONE. IT ISJUST AN ENERGY WE DIDN’T FIND ANY MEANS TO MEASURE YET. SO NATURALLY THE FANATICS ARE BANNING IT AS WORSHIPPING SATAN. GOOD THING WE CAN UNDERSTAND THE THEORIE OF LIGHT AS WELL GRAVITATIONAL AND ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS. EINSTEIN AND HIS PHOTONS WERE ALSO A THING OF THE DEVIL BEFORE HE GOT HIS NOBEL PRICE IN 1921 FOR HIS QUANTUM THEORY.

      • The Bible is quite clear on this and Jesus Himself said: “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other.” (Matthew 6:24)

        That means you cannot serve the God of the Bible who is the Father of Jesus and reiki which is the invention of Dr Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk. If you are a Christian and know and believe what the Bible says, you will know that Buddhism is idolatry and an abomination to God as it is serving other ‘gods’ other than the God of the Bible.

        Yes, reiki has power, as demons have given it power and the power that it has, no matter what anyone says, is not of God. If God had wanted us to use reiki, would he not have told us about it long ago, in His word? God is not a liar, what He has said in His word is true and he hasn’t kept back things he should have told us. He has told us what to do when we need healing. He didn’t tell us to go to people who – many with the very best of intentions – are effectually dealing with forces that they don’t truly understand. It is highly unlikely that most who practise reiki would pretend that they do fully understand what they are dealing with, because how could they understand? Even though they may have formulated explanations that work for them, that doesn’t mean that they are correct.

        The healing we get from God and those who serve him is free, as the example was set by Jesus who healed the poor and asked nothing in return. That is true no matter what Christian false teachers say and there are many of those. Reiki is by no means free, as people need to pay living, travelling and hefty training expenses. Check here for an idea of costs: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Reiki

        From the article being commented on now: “There is a grandmaster, the spiritual heir of the discoverer of Reiki (Dr Usui), Mrs Phyllis Furumoto, a Japanese American, who travels worldwide. She is not worshipped, nor does she have any power but she is respected, and she gives guidelines of how to practice Reiki. Despite having practised Reiki since she was a child, Mrs Furumoto blogs about her serious health problems and those of her cousin who also practices Reiki.” Can anyone explain that? Or the many thousands of people who have discovered that reiki was not what it seemed?

        A former Reiki master who has become a Christian wrote this testimony to Sue Bohlin: “I highly recommend anyone looking into reiki to just stop. Prayer is very powerful, and is our direct link to God through Christ. If we petition directly for healing, it may come. If we have faith that it WILL come, our chances are far better. As with anything we are to test, does reiki point either the practitioner or the client to Christ? No. Big No! It uses a Universal energy that is non-personal and can be manipulated. You can pray to God, to the ‘Earth Mother,’ to Mother/Father God, etc. But it in fact leads you AWAY from Christ.

        “It is all about what you FEEL in your hands, what you FEEL in your spirit, what the client FEELS in their body/emotions/spirit. In that regard it is very very real. My hands get hot, I hit a place of extreme peace and quiet, I heal people who feel a tingle or hot spot or whatever. Their headache, menstrual cramps, emotional distress, bruises, whatever, goes away. But is God glorified? No way. Is self glorified? Yes.

        “If it is so good and right, why do practitioners go on to other things once they hit Master level? The teacher who taught me was going on to acupuncture and other new reiki teachings. Always something else, something new, something you NEED to be a true master.

        “Sound familiar? It is like everything else in this world, but Christ. There is no lasting peace, no connection with the universe, there is a big void in your soul that is not going away. WE ALL NEED CHRIST! I told my wife when she questioned my stopping in my search for peace once I found Christ (she had followed my years of searching through New Age theologies, etc) that Jesus Christ filled the hole. All the puzzle pieces fell into place and everything suddenly made sense. For a long time after that I tried to make reiki fit into Christianity but it didn’t. I prayed a lot about it.

        “God firmly and solidly showed me in scripture how it couldn’t work. The two major things against it, regardless of how well it works, are (1) it does not point anyone to Christ and in facts points people away from a single triune God, and (2) it is no different than all the pagan rituals in the Old Testament that would have people pray to the rain god or fertility god, etc. They must have worked or people wouldn’t have kept praying to them, and God’s people wouldn’t have been attracted to them. But either way it isn’t what GOD has asked us to do. Everything we need is in Him. We can pray for any healing we need.”

        There other articles about reiki on this site which can be found through the search box, like this one: What is Reiki?

      • Karen Korras says:

        How where you attuned to reiki. I’m a Christian to , seeking Christian fellowship and attunment for this laying in of hands healing gift. Where do I go , how to proceed?

      • Karen Korras says:

        Thank you, thank you, thank you, my sentiments exactly ! I am VERY new to Reiki I am also a believer. I’m seeking to associate with other Christians in reiki. ( orthodox too or not) I’m in Dallas Texas. I’m seeking attunment. Any suggestions? Where did you go for attunment?

      • dave says:

        This is for – Truth in Reality says:
        24 Nov 2013 at 11:52 —
        Maybe Reiki is just a japanese name and it’s the same energy of the holy spirits. But that is not what I want to ask you … You always refering to the Bible; Do you think All asians buddhist will go to hell ? All the Jews that not believe Jesus is the son of god will go to hell too. Every muslims and Jehovah will go to hell ? No matter if they are good or bad people if they dont believe in jesus , they will go to hell ? Is that what you say ?

      • Flo says:

        Why don’t you just heal in the name of Jesus Christ?

      • noneother says:

        Finally thank you! I thought I was the only one believing that these people were going crazy. I really don’t see the logic in most of these arguments, especially in yours, “Truth in Reality”. You keep repeating yourself arguing that you cannot serve two masters. But YOU DON’T! Reiki energy has been around for thousands of years, possibly from the beginning of the world. Mikao Usui was only a human being who LEARNED how to “channel” this energy. He was a Buddhist himself, but Reiki is not a Buddhist practice. He did not invent reiki energy himself. Only the method of receiving it, and using it. If Reiki was a Buddhist practice, (or a religion) it would tell you to believe in it only and abandon any beliefs you had about other gods…IT DOESN’T DO THAT. It’d doesn’t give you any teachings or principles to live by except:

        1. Don’t get angry today.

        2. Don’t be grievous.

        3. Express your thanks.

        4. Be diligent in your business.

        5. Be kind to others.

        Do any of these suggestions conflict with what Jesus teaches? I don’t think so.

        Also, I am really not surprised in people…we haven’t changed much since Jesus walked the earth…How many of his OWN people rejected him? How many actually believed? Rejecting reiki, and any gift from Jesus is what we have always done…time and time again. We believe we have all the answers. We listen to our egos, instead of Jesus within us. I received my reiki attunement in 1st grade (yes, elementary school) I didn’t grow up in a christian household, but I knew Reiki was coming from God himself. I never once worshipped, or called on Satan, spirits, or demons. I am catholic and I go to church, receive communion, and pray daily. I have a great life, I am happily married, and I have everything I need. But I know I couldn’t have achieved all of that without Jesus, and God. Therefore, Reiki is only evil if you practice it in such way. It can be pure, innocent and from God.

        • A little research (as the Bible tells us to do) will prove that much of what you have said is not correct.

          What is more several vital things have been omitted. Such as Buddhism and anything that comes out of it is idolatry which “reiki” definitely does. So no matter what anyone might pretend, Buddhism and reiki which comes out of it, is an abomination to God.

          It is not whether we believe we serve two masters, but whether God considers that we do.

          One cannot subscribe to Christianity which says that man is sinful, Jesus is the only name by which we must be saved from our sins, and is the only way to God (and does not venerate Mary like Catholicism does) while at the same time subscribing to the belief in reiki which clearly says something else.

          “1. Don’t get angry today.” Anger is not sin in itself, it is a natural emotion but rather we ought not to sin because we are angry, but rather rise above it, channel that energy into doing something good about it, and forgive whoever made us angry.

          Neither can there be any justification for comparing rejection of “reiki” with rejecting Jesus – they are not even close.

          If Jesus wanted us to practice reiki, he would have said so. Actually Jesus didn’t mention reiki, so we can safely conclude that reiki is not the way to save us from our sinfulness (rebellion) and get back to God because the Bible tells us that our rebellion and sinfulness is what the problem is and doesn’t mention “reiki”.

          What is religious syncretism?

  10. AM45 says:

    Do you think a massage given at a salon by a person who practices Reiki or is a Reiki master dangerous if you are a Christian. Specifically if you ask them or tell them that you aren’t comfortable with Reiki and would like just a regular massage. I guess I’m trying to understand from your article if one is a Reiki practitioner in private, does that preclude them from a normal practice of Swedish massage or something like that?

    • Jami says:

      According to this site, the testimony he presented, yes it does preclude them from giving a normal non-reiki massage, because if you notice he felt the reiki flowing from his own hands after accepting Christ an d repenting up until his baptism. So yes they are an open portal or doorway for demonic spirits to access your life and just like a drug dealer they may innocently give you what you want at first and put a pretty package on it, but unfortunately it is a lie and it is sin and death. DON”T BE DECEIVED.

  11. The answer to that is, generally, most definitely yes. This is due to the possibility of the transference of spirits from one person to another. To illustrate, many who practice massage of any type will acknowledge that if the wrong person gives you a massage it can make you feel quite ill, without particularly knowing the actual reasons why, which would be due to the transference of spirits by contact. The Bible tell us to “Lay hands on no man suddenly.”

    • Babbs says:

      I notice that you omitted to add a reply icon to my observation on God not caring about mankind especially over Aberfan. I also note that you worded your reply similar to what I said in my posting that God has left man to his own devices> This is a cop out again; as I said originally if he is such a loving and all powerful God He should have stopped that terrible event – I actually was there digging those pitiful little bodies out from the slurry and I have suffered with the agony and trauma since – and let those little ones live a full life instead of sitting back on his big fat butt and doing nothing. Man may have caused the disaster but that doesn’t mean that a deity -GOD- could not step in and stop such terrible events from happening. But as with all zealots your way can only be the right way. Please take your blindfold off and see the truth!

      • Do you mean your truth, your way? That sounds like you are doing the very thing that you are accusing others of? So maybe you could consider whether it’s you who needs to take your blindfold off and see the truth?

        It would be interesting to find out how you came to discover that God has a big fat butt and does nothing? Of course, the answer to that is that we don’t know and we couldn’t possibly know.

        It’s obvious that the truth is the tip ought never to have been there. It was most likely there due to human negligence and greed, probably polluting the whole area. There may have been other safety issues besides that one.

        There are surely better answers but one is that the truth is we ought not to expect God to intervene because if he were to intervene on one thing – then everyone would be expecting him to intervene on their behalf and demanding that he does intervene, right or wrong, no matter what the circumstances, on just about everything. The end result of that would be chaos.

        Such as all the companies that act irresponsibly and pollute their environment would just say oh well it doesn’t matter, God will clean it up. We don’t need to regard the safety regulations because if anything goes wrong God will make sure no one is hurt. It seems ridiculous to think that way.

        The truth is the company making the money out of the mine got away with it due to a lack of safety regulations. The people were poor and powerless to do much about it, the companies involved too mean and greedy to pay for an alternative and governmental authorities didn’t do anything to stop them.

        People and animals all over the world suffer due to other people’s greed, selfishness, stupidity, laziness, apathy, complacency and indifference to suffering, etc.

        Then instead of taking responsibility and looking at the facts and tackling the problems that exist all over the world, and do something practical about them, it’s all far too easy to just blame it all on God. We know He’s not going to answer back and say “Hold on a minute …”

        People are often inherently lazy and due to their sinful nature, much of the time behave like entitled spoiled brats not taking responsibility and blaming others for any problems. Guess what, that’s not God’s fault either.

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  13. Alex says:

    Woah! I seriously cant believe what people are saying about Reiki! I have grown up in the Christian(Pentecostal) church, and I have to say at times I did experience bits of Gods presence but after becoming a Reiki Master (in under one year, and I paid less than $500 for 2 different attunements/meditation weekend retreats) I feel so much closer to God! Practising Reiki is so amazing. If any Christian has experienced that moment with Jesus, that peaceful serene moment when you feel like he is shining his love all around you, then you will know what Reiki feels like. Reiki is that feeling of peaceful unconditional love, blissful and surrendered calm.
    Why do things have to be seen in black or white? Why cant a Christian also practice Reiki?
    We were not created to all be alike, but we were created with the gift of love and compassion.
    One thing that I have learned and trust is this, God is Love, Love is Light. Fear is none of these. Fear, MisInformation, Manipulation are not from Love. If Jesus is in your heart, then Love is also in your heart. As you read or take in information from anyone or anything, work from love. There is a lot of fear on this site, I do not feel Gods love transcending from their words. I strongly recommend reading other material.

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      alex, you have not read the bible, christians can not do reiki firstly because it is pagan in origin and being pagan it goes against God.

      • Emeka says:

        Telling lies and being nasty to people, well, I’m sure that is not in the Bible and God probably frowns upon that behavior.

      • dave says:

        Joseph Krupa, that is what YOUR religion says. What about Buddist, Jews, Jehovah and all other good people that are not christians ? Will they all go to hell because they are not christians ? … I dont think so (if they are good) .

  14. There is also a great deal of ‘fear’ in the ‘real’ world that people need to contend with on a daily basis. As the Bible says, in the Last Days men’s hearts will fail them for fear. There are those who have their feet firmly planted on a fluffy cloud somewhere and are not connected to the real world that we live in, nor what it really says in the Bible. As the Bible tells us, the whole world lies in wickedness.

    Christians who say that practices based on New Age and Buddhist/Hindu beliefs are good, really do need to read the Bible a great deal more carefully than they have been doing. That’s if they have been reading it at all, as it seems there are many who call themselves Christians who do not know what the Bible says because they don’t read it or don’t read it often and/or carefully enough.

    In the Bible we are told that Jesus said: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the father, except through me.” (John 14:6)

    Reiki is a name and it doesn’t save anyone. If you believe you have been saved by reiki, you have been deceived, as simple as that. The devil and his demons are more than capable of deceiving Christians into believing that they have the Holy Spirit, it happens all the time, with reiki or without.

    “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

    As the Bible tells us, if we love God we will obey His commandments which tell us that we should worship and Him alone, and serve no other.

    There are some things we can be sure of, such as what Jesus told us in the Bible. Jesus said there would be one shepherd and one fold and He is that Good Shepherd and all the others are hirelings. So we can be sure that reiki and its founder and its practitioners – so-called self-designated ‘masters’ or not – are the hirelings.

    Anyone who believes that people aren’t sinful doesn’t understand the Bible and needs to take a good look at the world and the people in it, including themselves. The Bible tells us that there is no one righteeous, no not one. Even the best men of the Bible did bad things. Noah was one of the very best but he got very drunk, Abraham betrayed his wife, Jacob cheated his brother, Paul helped to murder Christians before he converted and then complained about how sinful he was, Peter denied Jesus three times, and so on.

    Only Jesus was without sin and look what the holy men of the time did to Him.

    • dave says:

      The bible … well, It’s not because I dont believe in a book that means I dont believe in God and do all my best to be a good man. what about Coran, Torah or other religions ? … Do they are ALL bad ? …

    • I can not help but notice, while you are denouncing and slamming religious beliefs, you are saying that this practice comes from Jesus Christ. Not aiming at any one response, but quite a few of the above posts, seem to be talking out of both sides of the mouth.

  15. Mary Miller says:

    You have got to be joking…. We are all here to clear our karma…. Being a true reiki practioner which dates back to 10,000.00 years ago in Tibet is only ever bringing in Gods pure unconditional love and healing through the eyes of Jesus Christ…. Jesus mastered his mind, body and soul in order to clear his karma completely that is why he was able to heal others through laying of hands…. Unfortunately a lot of things that is written in the bible has been changed by people’s fears, fears attract karma and is not inline with the truth nor the real unconditional love of God, The Universe or that of Christ himself.
    Why don’t you all try and clear up your built up calcification over your pineal gland first and stop judging or condemning innocent people that work towards clearing there karma and many levels of pains out of there body, mind and soul and that genuinely help others.
    If you don’t learn to forgive and learn to clean out the toxins from your mind, body and soul well you’ll always have some sort of pains, fears or doubts….
    Seriously now! Then you may be able to listen well and feel Jesus, God and The Universe because at the end of the day it is your own individual saying and doing that will determine your fate and how close you get to God.
    Work through what’s real and keep in the now…. 2014

    • Philip Bond says:

      Reiki works, I know this. Hate anger mistrust and envy are poisons which maligns the soul creating pungent bitterness. Heal thyself and live.

      • In the article itself and further back in the comments, you will see that it is made quite clear that whether reiki heals or not is not in dispute. Reiki most definitely does heal people. The question here is by what means and for what purpose? And what is the price for that healing?

        Realistically we are all sinful, reiki masters included. Nobody loses their sinfulness through practising reiki. That is according to God in the Bible, but then some do not accept that the Bible is the word of God.

        There are some interesting articles and videos on the New Age, which reiki is part of, and they explain why it should be avoided at all costs, as it is not of God but is, in fact, of the devil.

        Inside the New Age Nightmare

      • Avocadess says:

        A very good book for you to read is THE BEAUTIFUL SIDE OF EVIL by Johanna Michaelsen, who was the apprentice of a successful psychic surgeon — who really healed people. The book is out of print. Used copies are available, but I also hear that she plans to soon have it printed again, no doubt with updates. VERY enlightening book!

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      mary miller are you for real?have you read the bible? i would say NO.you are a pagan worshiper. any person who has read the bible would not make comments like you, the devil and you will get along fine.

      • Emeka says:

        Krupa the hypocrite, complains Mary does not read the bible and then makes the judgement that she will be sent to hell for being a pagan. Funny, doesn’t the bible tell you not to judge others less ye be judged yourself?

    • anonymous says:

      10000 years ago, there was no Tibet, not any other civilisation.

      • Victor says:

        Right on anonymous! History is a lie agreed upon. The time-line, events, persons, all screwy.

  16. Philip Bond says:

    My experience with Reiki is primarily with one (very close) person. A committed Christian whom found great comfort in her Church Religion and belief in God. From thirty years I ensured she attended her Church provided daily opportunity to hear bible readings and reinforce her belief and values.
    I believe ‘Jesus the Man’, lived and espoused life giving philosophy, much of the bible too is life giving philosophy and as Voltaire suggests, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”
    Unlike the ‘notable’ Richard Dawkins I see no value in denigrating another’s beliefs and follow the axiom, ‘if you believe it works therefore it does’. The person in question here came away from each Reiki session feeling significantly better – each and every time.
    And yes the reference to ‘Jesus the Man’ is deliberate as I found Barbara Thiering’s book of the same name, fascinating.

    • People do very stupid and terrible things on the basis of ‘feeling better’ afterwards, so it’s hardly a wise basis on which to decide whether to take part in something or whether something is right or not.

      • philipbond says:

        Subjective observation. However in my example the session offered a relaxed feeling as too church attendance. Again my attitude is, if you believe it works therefore it does.

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      if you believe it works therefore it does, man you are delusional

  17. Oh well fine, then, like serial killers believe that murdering people ‘works’ for them?

  18. Perhaps particularly when it comes to spirituality, feeling good really ought not to be the arbiter of whether something is right or not. The enemy is expert at making people ‘feel good’, and very often does – but at what cost later?

    Throughout the Bible we are told over and over again that man’s inclination is towards wickedness and sin, including creating and worshipping false gods, doing things which are a total abomination to God – which due to the connection of reiki to Buddhism, includes reiki – doing wrong of every kind, right from the beginning with the Fall of man, until the end:

    “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Proverbs 14:12)

    “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25)

    “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

    It goes back to one thing, whether a person accepts that the Bible is the word of God, or no.

    The Bible tells us: “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” (Jude 1:3)

    Many Christians do behave badly and put the Gospel to shame. That is not the fault of God, but of man who has always done his best to not listen to God and to ‘do his own thing’.

    If someone accepts that the Bible is the word of God, and reads what it says, and accepts what it says, which is that God hates idolatry, and God doesn’t change, then it is clear that however seemingly beneficial the New Age – including reiki – is not, in fact, of God.

    To understand this fully, one would need to look deeper into the Bible and also into the roots of the New Age, to see what is behind its facade. There is an excellent Youtube video series “Inside the New Age Nightmare” about Randall Baer, who was very successful in the New Age until he was shown that New Age practices and the New Age in general were most definitely not of God, but of the devil.

    Also there is an author called Warren B. Smith who was involved in the New Age for decades and is now Christian who now lectures on the subject and has written several good books.

    It is understandable if people who are in the New Age find this difficult to believe. The writer was partly deceived by the New Age for many years, believing the Bible applied to two thousand years ago, not now. The devil is an expert deceiver. People sometimes have to find out the hard way – such as through suffering when nothing in the New Age would help and things only seemed to stay the same, or get worse.

    Anyone who studies the Bible carefully can clearly see that most New Age beliefs and practices are non-Biblical and therefore non-Christian. The Bible itself warns us over and over about being deceived and everyone who is involved in the New Age is – to a greater or lesser extent – deceived. That includes those Christians who believe it is possible to mix the two.

    • Karen Korras says:

      Why as Christians are we not laying hands on the sick ,the dead ,the blind and the lame with powerful results? I am a born again water babtized Christian. And received the bqbtism of the holy spirit and my calling at age 22. 31 years ago. I would welcome a laying on of hands discipline that works so profoundly. Lets use this healing power for Christ’s sake. Take it back , and evangelize the pagan practcioners. Teach them where this power truly comes from. Not by might not by power but by my spirit says the lord. I wish I could find a Christian spiritual teacher to go around about with using the gift of healing to bring others to Christ . That’s how Jesus preached. And the apostles after him. The gift was given by the the laying on of hands. The apostles where sent after being initiated through the bqbtism of the holy spirit. I feel the church failed me 31 years ago.by squashing the gifts I received. Please young Christian pray about it. Pray the lord raise up one like this. Get to know the Lord . Be grounded in the comfort of the community of Christians. But don’t allow yourself to fall in to dispondancy like they have done.
      I want to explore reiki but change it make it Christian only with Christ as the hear or nothing at all! Through prayer things are possible a healing ministry! Of God? Given to us from Christ ? Though the holy spirit? WOW, what a Novak approach!
      over the past two weeks all this has come about for me . I was prayed for in an assembly of God Church for healing . of a disabled walking condition, my condition has improved greatly my walking has improved greatly! But felt no warmth or vibration. after this I realized God is healing me. so I went to a sports Gym to get a temporary membership as a resultand to begin functioning again physically. while I was there, I stop to get a massage and the massage therapist laid hands on me so I could feel the healing power of Reiki amazingly I did I was astonished I was fascinated I was impressed.first I felt nothing just like I felt in the church. but then I felt a warmth . Then a tingling like an electric shock down my left arm then my right arm then from the base of my neck all the way down my spine through both legs and to the soles of my feet .that was 3 days ago since that time I’ve been researching Reiki and this morning today I was supposed to go for my first attunement but I didn’t go because I have not thoroughly researched d Reiki according to Christianity I do not want to be bound by New Age movement because this would be a horrible sin. but I do want the discipline in the Christian community so this is where I’m at right now and why I am responding 2 your article on the internet. furthermore between the church incident and the Reiki incident I had a calling from the Lord to follow an ambulance pray for the for a child for the child’s healing the parents would not let me in the house thank me for my prayers send me away I prayed in my car and God healed a child. furthermore all of this is a result of my current seeking and asking the Lord for direction for the remainder at this time I feel I’m being called I want to be used of God . I want to be used of God. I am very curious of this healing touch. Jesus says , if my people are silent, God can cause these rocks to cry out! don’t think you have your father Abraham to fall back on. Then he takes up the gentiles. I will not be silent. 701-818-7141, P. S. I’m so glad you got saved.

      • Elly says:

        My daughter was 3 when she started talking about Jesus, soon after that, she started talking about Energy. A few months later, she healed me of wrist pain. She does it all through Jesus as she says. As for me, it is really hard finding a church or a group that will accept and embrace this gift God has given my child and I am sure many children around the world. It is only a matter of time before they grow up to become adults and use these experiences they have as children to talk about God and Jesus. Every single time my daughter heals someone, she talks to them about God and Jesus and how great heaven is. She tells people to be loving and kind. She knows stuff that I have never taught her or anyone else that she has come in contact with. It is truly amazing.

      • Jami says:

        I did not see this note of yours and so you will see a comment on your Facebook page that makes you laugh. When I was younger and a believer like you I used to ask why can’t we go in and use the devil’s tactics to win the lost but now as years have past and I have studied learned and lived a little it is like ; to give an analogy, trying to use a flashlight with no bulb to shine your way out a deep dark cavern. Jesus is the way the truth and the LIGHT. This imitation does have power but it is a false power. It can never give answers when it is the problem.

    • Eve says:

      The Bible was written by man. You have glorified this book as the only written word. You have made God’s word blasphemy and do nothing but bring fear and hate to the people. You do not practice the true word of Jesus. Reiki is a gift from God and anyone can do it. You have taken a beautiful thing and tried to make it evil. Your religion is based on nothing but hatred and prejudice and judgement. Jesus said love one another. Something you Christians have gotten away from. There is no demonism in Reiki other than what you bring into it. There is no Satan. All this was brought into the Bible when MEN decided what would go into the bible so that they could control their people and make them sheep. Do not question that which you don’t understand. Do research on how the bible actually came into being. IT WAS CREATED BY MAN!!

  19. Philip Bond says:

    Reiki satisfies Christians atheists and agnostics. Your interpretation is ‘its not of God’ yet it comes through her children, the ‘children of god’ therefore in my opinion, is of your God. Nothing I offer here will change your steadfast views nor do I care to. Your views are of your independent thought process and to be respected (maybe they come from God?). So too mine and those whom consider the practice of Reiki justifiable.

    As a parting gift, I’m reminded of a Napoleon Bonaparte ‘quote’: “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”

    Here endeth the lesson.

    • Doctors pay tons of money to learn their craft. Learned in a university that teaches “hidden knowledge”. Many of them do not give glory to god yet they freely ply their craft, in that sense are they also not evil and work in the boundaries of the occult? Sounds pretty crazy yet that is the same ideology stated here.

      Yes, people often open themselves up to demons for many different reasons, even when they put their faith completely in god. We are humans by the way. Even the most devout fail. Reminds me of Job and the elders conversations. Every one of them had their own version of what God’s word really meant yet none of them truly understood nor could they truly understand.

      I believe that any type of healing done should be done with god’s glory, and love. It should also be given freely and unconditionally from a place of abundance inside of your heart. It can be done.

      Going around demonizing everything and putting fear and resentment into people does not sound like any of Jesus’s teachings. It sounds like paranoid ramblings of someone that hides behind the guise of what they call truth or reality. The only conditions Jesus ever gave to anyone was to sacrifice himself so that we would have a chance to find true happiness.

      Therefore only God can judge mankind. God also gives us many gifts that we often use without us giving him proper praise and glory. fundamentalist thinking leads to the damnation of many and the salvation of only a few.

      There are many Christian sects that practice healing and laying on of hands during service. Are they all opening themselves up to demons? This article seems to say so. I know my thoughts and reasoning will not change minds, but healing is the art of helping others to feel better. If it is true healing then it will truly help.

      Napoleon wasn’t the only one who foresaw religion as a way to control the masses. Hitler, the inquisition are a couple of examples of the masses following others blind rhetoric.

      • Jami says:

        If you read carefully you would note any time this author spoke in regards to the Bible he cited where chapter and verse it could be found. Also, the Christian services where the gift of healing through the laying on of hands is performed always begins and ends with God, and usually Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as well receiving full credit for the healing not for the honor and praise of any man. If you recall the old testament pagans in Egypt copied many of the miracles of the ONE true God before they relented and the Jews were freed. When going head to head as they did then only one God was worthy of praise, honor and glory.

      • Flo says:

        Your argument that reiki is akin to medicine is spurious; doctors do not perform mystical rituals, such as invoking spirits or using foreign symbols. Medicine, as I’m sure you know very well, is based on a study of the physical body and it’s healing through surgery, prescription drugs or bed rest.

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      hi Philip Bond,reiki therapy has been debunked many years ago, it was proven not to work, it is not plausible and has no effect on any medical condition. mr James Randi still has and has had for many years one million dollars on offer to any reiki master that can prove reiki therapy works, no one has yet claimed the money, need i say more.

      • Emeka says:

        See, now Joseph you are telling a falsehood, also something the Bible says you should not do. Randi’s challenge was and quoted “The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge is an offer by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) to pay out one million U.S. dollars to anyone who can demonstrate a supernatural or paranormal ability under agreed-upon scientific testing criteria. Over a thousand people have applied to take the challenge, but none have yet been successful.”

        Nowhere in that challenge does it say anything about Reiki Practioners and proving Reiki works. For your ridiculous claim there is no proof, some hospitals and cancer centers use Reiki as a form of alternative treatment. If it was such a scam, they wouldn’t use it. Also, there is not one Reiki practioner that I have ever met that thinks they can cure cancer or any major ailments. The worst that comes out of a session is that the recevier gets totally relaxed.

        Not very Christian of you to be spreading falsehoods and misleading people now.

        • When Jesus healed he also cast out demons, and sometimes it seemed to be the same thing.

          Some believe that at least some types of cancer are caused by the demonic, along with other diseases and illnesses. Therefore it would be no surprise if reiki were able to apparently cure cancer, but nevertheless it is the soul not the body we ought to be more concerned with. There could be such a heavy price to pay that it is not remotely worthwhile. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36)

          If someone had cancer, they could pray to God and petition Him, cast out demons, get prayer, healing and deliverance from others, improve their diet and lifestyle, remove toxins of all sorts from their life, take herbs and other non-invasive remedies and supplements, but should NEVER turn to reiki and other similar New Age healing techniques.

      • dave says:

        Joseph , Science cannot proove God existance too. Science and holy things are incompatible. Science will never be able to proove any believes, any religions or anything spiritual like demons or satan too .

      • anonymous says:

        I used to be a Reiki practitioner and a Reiki volonteer… I volunteered to offer reiki in hospitals (I really believed it was good, and I was eager to help others…) and, before we went the first time, the Reiki Master told us he had to teach us something… What he told us, secretly of course, was that, in the case of patients of cáncer, we should NOT give reiki where the cáncer was located because it could “nourish” the cáncer…
        OK, in the end I did not go to the hospital…

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      reiki has been PROVEN to be a scam many years ago, all i can say is if you believe it works then you are delusional therby there is no hope for you.

      • Emeka says:

        One more thing, atheists have been issuing challenges for anybody to prove the existance of God and Jesus. An atheist could offer you $1 million to prove the existance of God and Jesus and what proof what you offer? The Bible? That is not proof, that is a book written by man over the centuries. All you can offer is faith and that is not going to claim a penny from anybody.

        Just to note before your rebuttal, I fully believe in God and Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. In my life of 50 years I have had 2 meetings with Jesus and in neither case has he told me or instructed me to give up Reiki. My messages from him were that he is always with me and the 2nd time he took my hand and told me to trust in him and not fear anything. If it was so offensive to him that I was a Reiki practioner, I’m sure he would have nudged me to give it up. How do I know it was Jesus you are sure to ask? Because the light and love that came from him I’m sure cannot come from something demonic.

        • It is very unusual for God or Jesus to appear to people to tell them not to do something they are doing that is wrong.

          That could be seen by some to be an infringement of their free will.

          So are you absolutely certain that the fact that you have found this article and are involved in discussing it, could not be God wanting you to see the truth about it?

          Someone who had truly given their heart and soul to Jesus, would not turn to be healed by a practice founded in a religion which does not honour Jesus as the Son of God, and Saviour of the World, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

          “Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.” (John 14:23)

          “Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.” (1 John 5:21)

      • dave says:

        * it not heals the body. it heals the soul. It’s just a feeling so nothing else to proove there.

  20. Reiki was ‘invented’ by a Buddhist, and so is rooted in Buddhism, which is a false religion. It is sometimes claimed that reiki has connections to Christianity or to Jesus, but it absolutely does not.

    The writer lived in a New Age town for several years and knew of so many ‘Buddhists’ who chanted and yet had serious problems including with drugs and alcohol. The Buddha is an idol made of stone, and ought not to be venerated in any way. In fact, even having a Buddha figure in your house or garden can bring about serious problems in a person’s life by creating demonic doorways.

    That is the reality whether people like it or not, and according to God’s word in the Bible, which so many people dispute without even knowing what it actually says.

    For many years the writer believed that Jesus was a good man, and then later understood He was the Son of God, and eventually realised He was the Messiah. Yet still did not believe that what the Bible says was entirely true, or relevant for today. It was only through life experiences which proved that although prima facie it may appear to be that the Bible is somehow ‘old hat’, that is a totally erroneous belief. Although that erroneous belief is one subscribed to by many people today, often using their logical mind.

    When one’s eyes are opened to see the evil and corruption in the world, and the sinfulness in people – the hypocrisy, greed, cruelty and selfishness, and so on – it is easy to see what the Bible says is absolutely true and relevant for today. Also many have come to realise that the Bible is the word of God as prophecies which seemed to be impossible have come and are coming to pass.

    Due to the extent of invisible mind manipulation that goes on through the media, especially films and TV, one can easily be very deceived as to the true nature of the people and the world around us without realising it, and that is what happens to so many people today.

    Reiki is also rooted in the New Age, which itself is rooted in a mish-mash of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, etc.

    Gods and Gurus of The New Age

    Inside the New Age Nightmare

    • philipbond says:

      I’m startled at your lack of tollarence, compassion. I’m reminded of a quote by Gandhi, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

      • Gandhi was a Hindu, a religion that – quite obviously – is not Christianity and does not accept Jesus as the Messiah. Hindus do not believe in one God, but in anything from three to many millions of gods.

        If one professes to be a Christian then we must believe in your heart and confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord. If people don’t read the Bible how can they know what they need to know, such as: “Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me.” (John 14:23-24)

        If you were to read the Bible more carefully than you have, you will see it is intolerance of anyone but God’s intolerance to any other God other than Himself. There is but one God, who is the God of the Bible, and you can’t serve two. If we say we are a Christian we really ought to know – or find out – what the Bible says, as it is the word of God.

        It is not necessary to quote a long list of Bible references here as there are so many articles on this subject all over the internet, so anyone can easily look this up for themselves. If anyone is in any doubt as to whether God accepts people believing in what are in fact false or demon gods, then they really ought to check and see if it is true, or not. The question of are we saved or not, is vital – it is not something that is done and dusted just because we once accepted Jesus as our Saviour and believed.

        “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Matthew 7:21-27)

        “Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.” (Matthew 7:24-27)

        If someone has problems with what the Old Testament says as some do – even though in the New Testament we are told: “ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”(2 Tim 3:16) – then we should at least read the parable of the Good Shepherd, where Jesus tell us that He is the only good shepherd, and ALL the others are hirelings who will flee when the wolf comes. Jesus did NOT say one thing and mean another. It’s sinful humans who do that.

        Once someone knows what the Bible says, then it is easy to see how Reiki, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and every single last one of all the rest of them, are ALL false teachings.

        • kkorras says:

          What? your statement doesn’t apply to me. I am a Christian and all that I do I do in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and my saviour.

      • Joseph Krupa says:

        oh for goodness sake get a life, reiki was debunked years ago

    • Lisa says:

      We are all same people. Do not blame others thinking. Every body has own believe and brain. This is what I do not like your Christ.

  21. The reply could be for anyone who has accepted Jesus as their Saviour but doesn’t realise that reiki is not of God.

    Do not ponder for a minute about the good sensations that you felt with reiki. Demons are absolutely brilliant at giving people good and pleasant feelings. Hence the huge number of Christians who have problems backsliding with drink, drugs, sex and rock and roll, etc. Surely they had absolutely wonderful feelings and sensations – at least they did the night before. How else would demons be able to tempt people? Why would people sell their souls?

    Anyone who doesn’t believe things like this really happen, just check the internet and especially Youtube. Demons are deceivers but they do have the powers and abilities to tempt and deceive people and that involves making people feel good. Just as a confidence trickster will be able to get your confidence and make you really like him and feel great about him and about yourself – otherwise how would he be able to trick anyone?

    If we know what it says in the Bible, or talk to people who have been down that road and survived, we will know that it won’t end well, so the recommendation should be don’t even think about going there. Avoid reiki – and yoga etc. – like the plague, HOWEVER good it makes you feel. The ‘feel good’ factor comes with a high price.

    • kkorras says:

      I practice yoga fitness but leave out the religion. Yoga helps me stretch and tone. I know reiki is ajapanese healing art. How does it call on demonic spirits? I would not do that. I belong to Christ.

      • Reiki is rooted in Buddhism and yoga is rooted in Hinduism.

        According to God (no matter what any man believes) there exists a great divide between Christianity and other religions which are false. Religions which do not centre on Jesus as the Son of God are not of God. That means any religion other than Christianity.

        “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” (Isaiah 8:20)

        That sounds pretty uncompromising to me. Is that because God is not compassionate? No, as the Bible tells us over and over, to those that fear (respect) and love him, God’s mercy endureth forever. It is because God is holy and hates evil and there can be no compromise of good with evil, as they are diametrically opposed. Evil is not what humans say it is, but what God has said it is.

        The devil is a liar, and a deceiver, and only comes to steal, kill and destroy.

        The dark masquerades as light and if the New Age consciousness of light is darkness, how great is that darkness.

        In the Old Testament, God complains about his priests and people who do not know the difference between the holy and the profane, the clean and the unclean.

        Syncretism, which is the mixing in of false religion with the true, is an abomination and made God more angry with the Jews than anything else. It breaks the first of the Ten Commandments which Jesus said contained all the other commandments.

        God’s view on false religions is that anything to do with them, anything that comes from them or is of them, or is rooted in them, is cursed by him. Having anything to do with a false religion, or anything that comes out of a false religion, creates a demonic doorway and gives demons licence grounds or legal rights to harass and torment, steal, kill and destroy, etc.

        “Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, LEST THOU BE A CURSED THING LIKE IT: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.” (Deuteronomy 7:26)

        Yoga is undoubtedly accursed and although it may seem to be beneficial and quite harmless, that is itself a deception and yoga is in fact dangerous. Check out Youtube vids about kundalini snake spirits.

        Is Yoga Harmless?

      • daintydecker says:

        You can’t take a practice steeped in demonism and “take out” the religion aspect of it. That’s laughable! If you practice Yoga, you are opening the door to demons in your life.

      • EX reiki master says:

        Reiki and yoga opens up your chakra channels whether you believe in them or not, that is the deception of satan. So if you allowing it you think its toning you and stretching you its opening the channels for demonic spirits to enter. I don’t believe satan exists but he believes in you. My dear, that is how he works. The breathing used in yoga and poses open channels you are allowing it and there for creating strong holds for demons you have free will. If you don’t understand the spiritual laws you are deceived easily more you learn the more you will realise what is truly happening and because your ego is hurt because you don’t want to be wrong because that was not your initial intention and its to late, then you get regret once you realise and have to fight your way back. Ego as you might learn holds you captive and this is what drives the “new age” thinking and purpose. I know was there, even had my own “Alternative Healing Center” owned by myself, reiki master, hypnotherapist, yoga classes and more. You found Jesus so stay where you are.

      • Joseph Krupa says:

        if you believe in reiki then you certainly cannot believe in christ.

      • dave says:

        Does all japanese are bad people ? … probably not.

  22. LESTER EDWARDS says:

    what i am course about is when the race of people we trying to build a tower to HEAVEN and GOD tore down the tower and sent the people in all directions speaking different languages if GOD sent them in different and made / or gave them different languages, was it a curse GOD put on them or was IT THE DEVIL. DID GOD GIVE THEM A DIFFERENT RELIGION OR DID SATAN. HOW COULD SATAN CHANGE THEM IN DIFFERENT COLORS AND RACES AND MAKE THEM SPEAK LANGUAGES, HE DIDN’T THAT KIND OF POWER. I AM A SO CALLED CHRISTIAN, WHAT MAKES THE WHITE MAN THINKS THAT CHRISTIANITY IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD , IF SO WHY DID HE MAKE ALL THESE OTHER RACES OF PEOPLE, WHY DIDN’T HE GIVE THEM THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. PLEASE EXPLAIN ,

  23. whisper2013 says:

    Ok this is what I have trouble with.. I’m Christian but not really religious or anything like that. I do believe in god I guess because that’s how I’ve grown up, with religious grandparents dragging me to church. I don’t necessarily believe in the bible when it talks about things that are bad at that particular time but in this day and age we know better and it’s just not like it was back then.. So I’m torn when it comes to the ‘occult’. I had a discussion with my nan about angels and spirituality etc. she had a guardian angel experience which is the only reason I really believe in angels. Are you saying that there are no good forces on this earth at all? Just demonic lies and pretending to be good energy? I mean heaps of people who are involved in spirituality do so in the name of god and love and light so if demons run from the name of god then how can they be doing both?.. I read about people having all these demonic experiences and then I know people that don’t have any trouble at all.. Which brings me to this discussion about reiki. I just had a distance healing session with shamanic reiki and then as I was looking online about getting into reiki as I’m told I have a strong ability for it I finally came across something that tells me against it. Now I’m freaking about demonic doors being opened! I already have a strong seeing gift which has I guess been active since I started reading and thinking about psychic stuff and it’s scary. Why do people have these natrual abilities then. We come from god so why does god give people these abilities if they are evil?? Every time I read something bad I want to get away from the psychic side of things but I keep getting drawn back to it because it’s so fascinating and intriguing. I guess I’ve always been weak when it comes to things I should stay away from. I also thought maybe reiki was just about the energy and no spirits but I guess I was wrong. Although on the other hand you have the people who disagree. All I want to do is bring love and positive energy into my life as opposed to the opposite that I’ve dealt with. I don’t know what to do really.

    • As a Christian, the answer is clear as we are told in the Bible to always to keep faithfully to what the Bible says. The Bible mentions angels more than 270 times indicating that angels are important. It is worth noting that many different types of angels are described but none of them specifically as female, but rather male, although Jesus described them as being neither male nor female.

      Sola scriptura is a belief that the Bible can tell us what we need to know and we don’t need another book. Although that is not to say we can’t read other books, just that we don’t need other books. Much has been written about angels, but outside of the Bible there is no real way of knowing how much of that is true, or not.

      There is some interesting information about what the Bible says angels at about.com. [About.com do use the NKJV which is not a good version of the Bible to use and is most definitely not an updated version of the KJV. There is an article on that subject on this site: “The KJV Bible and the New Age Versions”.]

      When Lucifer rebelled against God and became Satan, one-third of the angelic realm chose to go with him, becoming what we now call demons (although the Bible calls them devils) so that one-third of angels became evil. It is God through His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit (who will always glorify Jesus) who saves us – delivers us from evil – not angels. Although we are told that they can and do help us in many ways. We are supposed to turn to God through Jesus, as He has charge over the angels.

      There are many New-Age type angels, and one does need to be careful, as the “New Age” is a fabrication that consists of rehashed ancient Hindu, Buddhist and other pagan religions along with a hotch-potch of various other beliefs, and is not of God. There are many articles on the internet and videos on Youtube which explain the truth about the New Age and in particular “Gods of the New Age” and “Inside the New Age Nightmare”.

      Angels according to scripture

      • santos says:

        This a great forum, thank you, but the problem is that many people here are
        trying to say something one way and others are trying to say the same in other way,
        and that is why the disagreement, If some one here say ”I am a Christian” that person is giving JESUS the HONOR AND GLORY. Ro. 10;9 Ro10;10 1Jn 2;23 and many others,
        and of course we all are growing differently in our walk with GOD.
        The topic is very interesting, Jesus said Mr 16;18 ”they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” My point of view is; pray and lay hands on your love ones
        and your self and do it In JESUS NAME, if there is some healing energy you can be sure
        that GOD created it Jn 1;3 and if Jesus want to do a miracle He will, do not stop laying hands and praying for others, every time you do, Jesus is GLORIFIED.

    • Sean Jones says:

      Love is what life is all about! I’ve been working in the healing arts for 16 years if you are seeking or have any questions you can Facebook me my email sejmassage@yahoo.com. We as the collective are waking up out of the separation of duality, coming into our place of oneness with humanity.

      Sean Jones

    • dave says:

      I think the most important part of Wishper2013 is: “”Are you saying that there are no good forces on this earth at all? Just demonic lies and pretending to be good energy? I mean heaps of people who are involved in spirituality do so in the name of god and love and light so if demons run from the name of god then how can they be doing both?.. I read about people having all these demonic experiences and then I know people that don’t have any trouble at all”” .

      • Jami says:

        Think of it this way, You know when a recipe calls for an ingredient sometimes we substitute a replacement that seems to work or works similarly, like margarine telling us that it’s soooooo much like butter even the cooks and the critics can’t believe that it’s not. But in truth if it doesn’t point to God in heaven it is false if you thank Reiki then are you thanking God. NO. The spirit knows the difference and if you put the true product next to the “substitute” the truth is clear even your taste buds would know which had the high calorie, saturated fats and all. But I digress. Is it live or memorex. Can you tell the difference. It’s worth getting the true thing and not being hood-winked.

      • Dave says:

        Jami – I’m scared since I’ve read all this. Really dont know what to do now. I dont practice at all since maybe 15 years my second degree reiki but I tought I was on the good way to continue one day … But now I dont want to continue and I think I have lost my time. It’s really frustrating. I’m not sure of anything so I dont want to reject “my power” but I sure dont want to serve a demon. Who knows the truth ? … it’s hard to make a choice.

    • Flo says:

      If you have natural spiritual gifts it’s a case of the devil wanting you on his team. Astrology, tarot, oui ja and a whole host of other stuff are basically a lazy way for a person to discover what is really going in the invisible realms, however they are an abomination and the spirits that you invoke (who have the authority to tell you whatever they like eg. ‘I’m an angel/ your relative who died/ whatever else will gain your trust) ultimately want to control and destroy you. The good news is that by the blood of Jesus Christ you can be washed clean of all those things you have dabbled in – on the strict condition that you burn or throw away all books and related stuff, and never go near any of that filth ever again. The other good news is that then your natural gifts can actually be harnessed for the purpose God had for you all along. Blessings +

  24. Taknaud says:

    A little comment about the Bible, you guys know that the Bible has been rewritten by the church and edited?

    If you didn’t knew that, how are you 100% sure that everything in the bible is the truth and nothing but the truth?

    And about the money and church, many churches demands money from their church followers. Not to mention the Vatican and their wealth.

    Bad entities are always here, has always been here, with or without Religion, with or without Reiki. Yes, Reiki allows you to open the gate which why you will notice them more. If you stop with Reiki then it doesn’t mean automatically that the bad entities also stops with their existence. If you close the gate you will less aware of them. That’s all.

    Yes I agree. Reiki is dangerous if you’re not aware of the dangers of the spiritual world. If you don’t know the in and outs and not know how to handle with it, I recommend not to participate the spiritual world and Reiki.

    I see here a lot of Christian having fear for negativity and the unknown. Have no fear cuz fear attract the negative entities like animals. Your heart is your church so it’s no needed for holding the church like your life is dependent on. You can find God everywhere like in the nature. The Sun, the birds, the stars or your own children (I sound like a Hippie don’t I lol)

    I’m sorry for my bad English :p

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  27. In the bible it states…laying of hands…I am a reiki master and an energy healer. Haven’t charged for it. I have seen the results, and felt them. I am a Catholic. I am a nurse, and feel the eastern world and western world need to come together with medicines. Reiki included. Truth in reality…you are a real jerk. If I was a witch I would curse you. However, I am not. Karma will get you for what you are saying. You really are a hamburger short of a happy meal…oh, I don’t eat meat either. I certainly hope someday you will need this ….meaning reiki….and from what you wrote…I hope no one comes to your aid. Namaste’

    • Thank you for your comment which demonstrates such wonderful gratitude, love, and compassion.

      In the Bible – which Christians believe is the word of God – it states: “There is no other name by which men must be saved but the name of Jesus”. And “no other name” includes “reiki”.

      Btw did you realise that “namaste” is an anagram of “me satan”?

      • Roger Nobles says:

        Obviously from your words, you know absolutely nothing about Reiki, it is not a god nor a religion. I have no idea what put that incorrect thought into your mind, certainly not anyone who understands Reiki, it’s purpose, it’s history. Your credibility is severally damaged also by your assertion that Namaste has anything to do with a satan: Namaste is not an anagram for “me satan” for one to make that statement would seemingly point to a lack of understanding there are other languages in the world, most which predate the American version of English. For example; Kami is the Japanese word for God. – Dios is the Spanish word, Each language has it’s own word for God. Namaste is an old Sanskrit greeting still used in India and translates roughly as “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you.” So what does Hello mean? Remember English is not the language of the Bible,

        I will pray that the scales be removed from your eyes so that you may see clearly the errors of your ways. Our Faith, our relationship with God is a personal one, not your personal opinion – You nor anyone on this Earth has a right to tell me or anyone other that your self what the Bible means. You are not a judge, and humans are not worthless abominations – what is insignificant to you may be extremely valuable to another. The value of anything is not determined by the price asked, but rather what one is willing to pay. For those who do accept the Bible as the word of God I believe you will find just how much the God of mercy and loved valued all of His creation. Would you allow your child to die and protect someone you hated you with a passion? Think about it.

        Do you understand Congruence? Do you understand the 4 elements of our being, our wholeness – Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual? Doctors of Medicine look after the physical body, Psychologist, Psychiatrist tend to the mental body, clergy, religious and spiritual practitioners treat the Spiritual, our emotional body is often overlooked, although sometimes teams of representatives of the others fields will offer advice or medication. All of these may do a wonderful job, however wellness will not exist until the 4 bodies are brought into alignment, congruence, all working to together in Harmony – that’s exactly where Reiki, Prayer, laying on of hands, Spiritual and Energy healers, come in – They help instill, trust, confidence, and the will to be well.

        Remember also that spirituality is a personal relationship with the Divine, Religions are dogma, a set of rules often determined by a few for control of the many, and governed by an assembly that tells others what to believe and what not to, to interpret what their sacred writings should mean. Anyone who disagrees is evil, a demon. Demons are born from fear, not from understanding.

        Didn’t Paul tell Timothy to study to show himself approved, rightly dividing the word of God? Notice Paul never said – “this is what is written, but this is what it means” I understand that as my right and my responsibility to read and decide for myself the meaning. There are always circumstances and situations that are not served by absolutes. I don’t believe you nor anyone has the right to judge nor decide for me. Respect your self enough, trust your deity enough to never cast the first stone unless you are spotless and without fault, To do anything else is to say one thing and live another, in my opinion that is the mark of a hypocrite, not of someone spiritual.

        It seems there is no factual base at all for your claims, they are merely opinion, and an ill-informed one at that.

      • Whocares says:

        Did you realise that the word “hello” contains “hell”?
        Did you realise the word “God” is “dog” backwards?
        Stop demonizing every single thing that’s not in the Bible. That is not the attitude of a human. You might as well start demonizing electricity, tablewares, and your hamburger you just ate last week.

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      hi, susan reiki therapy is useless and not plausible and was debunked years ago. there is a mr James Randi in the USA who is offering one million dollars to any reiki master that can prove that reiki therapy works, this offer has never been claimed, need i say any more.

      • Emeka says:

        Just to repost for anybody getting down this far on the page, James Randi, never, ever issued a Reiki Challenge. It was a challenge to prove the paranormal. It was a suckers bet to begin with because even if you had say, somebody that could read minds and could read off 7 digit numbers out of Randi’s head at will, the skeptic would shrug it all off as mass, freak coincidence. Randi could have offered $1 million to prove the existance of God and he would still be $1 million in the bank today.

        Krupa has basically spent his time telling falsehoods and judging those who think differently than his beliefs here on this thread. Very unChristian and very not of the Bible if you ask me.

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      hi Susan, you are the jerk, if you are so convinced that reiki therapy works why havnt you accepted James Randi offer of one million dollars if you can prove to him that reiki therapy works? go on take on take on his challenge or are you afraid that he will show you up as the fraud that you are.

      • Emeka says:

        Joe, where in the Bible does it say its okay for you to mock people and call them jerks? Please give me the book, chapter and verse because I am dying to read it.

      • dave says:

        Joseph, we cant proove existance of God or the miracles of Jesus. We cant proove if all what’s inside bible is true or not too. Reiki never heals the body. it heals the soul and give peace in mind. It’s just a feeling so nothing else to proove there.

    • concerned christian says:

      yes. you have clearly shown us all the true love, wisdom, respect, truth & compassion that reiki offers…

  28. Kat says:

    This is the downright baloney. I know a TON of Reiki practitioners and have completed level two myself (no such thing as a Reikian!) and I don’t know any of them as all divorced and suffering from psychosis/breakdowns. Most are healthy focused spiritual people. WTF do you get this information? Where is the author get this tapping into evil or trouble? There is nothing ego driven about willingly being a conduit for a universal energy. Religious folks chase just such inner peace and the transmission of love/light to others on a different level. Downright horrific you could twist such divine compassionate well-intending work into something negative and evil and dirty!

    • We are free to believe what we want to believe and hopefully we are free to share those beliefs with others.

      We can also be deceived and if we deny the reality of evil, sin and sinfulness in this world, we are clearly not connecting our beliefs to the reality of what is around us and what is in the Bible. To the extent that we are disconnected from the reality all around us, we are deceiving ourselves or we are deceived.

      We are free to choose to believe in the God of Bible, or not. From the Christian viewpoint, the Bible is the word of God and so we know if as Reiki is founded on Buddhism, it cannot be of God.

      Many have had their eyes opened about false religions and New Age practices through experiencing the truth about them in a very real way, such as ex New-Age author Randall Baer:

      Inside the new Age Nightmare

      “Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Philip 2:9-11)

    • Shawn says:

      Writer, You seem to have missed this passage

      Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

      • The NKJV is not a new version of the KJV at all but is quite different and has been translated from the corrupted Alexandrian tests. There are many articles and videos on the internet that give details about this, such as: What is wrong with the New King James Version

        The KJV says: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12)

        That has NOTHING to do with reiki. How can we know that with 100% certainty? Jesus would simply never advocate doing something that went against God. Nor would Jesus honour any deity or deities other than the Hebrew God of the Bible. Jesus told us that He did not do His own will, but that of His father, so He could not and would not have done such a thing.

        Anyone who can think that anything in reiki is in any way, shape or form ‘greater’ than what Jesus did, needs to learn the truth about what Jesus did for us.

        The following is from an internet ministry called Let Us Reason: “How can anyone think we have the same power and abilities as Christ who is God that became man? Can we expect as sinful men to do miracles that only the sinless Son of God could do? We demote Jesus’ uniqueness when we say we can do the very same things He did. Jesus Christ is unique in both his deity and humanity, only “He is the image of the invisible God” (Colossians 1:15) “the express image of His person” (Hebrews 1:3). There is none like HIM. God can still use us to do miracles, as He leads and as we pray but there is no Biblical support for believers to do miracles equal or greater than the apostles today.

        “Now for what the phrase actually means. Notice John 14:12 does not say greater miracles, but rather greater works (Gr. miezon ergon).

        “Greater is the Greek word meizon – neuter of 3187; (adverbially) meaning greater degree: more.

        “Jesus says, “the works I do” works Gr. ergon, means to work; toil as an effort or occupation; an act of labor. They will labor greater in degree. Jesus saying “greater works than these” meant a more extensive ministry.

        “There are other words used for miracles – Semeion, a “sign,” i.e., an evidence of a divine commission; an attestation of a divine message (Matt. 12:38, 39; 16:1; Mark 8:11; Luke 11:16; 23:8; John 2:11, 18, 23; Acts 6:8, etc.); evidence of the presence of God.

        “Terata, “wonders”; events that evoke astonishment in those who observe them (Acts 2:19).

        “Dunameis, often used for the power to do Miracles “mighty works”; deeds performed by a superhuman power (Acts 2:22; Rom. 15:19; 2 Thess. 2:9).

        “And Erga, “works;” the deeds of Jesus, (John 5:20, 36.)

        “To use John 14:12, and claim we will do greater works meaning miracles, signs and wonders is completely removed from its context and intent.

        “The apostles and the church did do greater works – by carrying the gospel to the ends of the earth. Jesus saying “greater works than these” we will do meant a more widespread ministry. The book of Acts shows that the church carried the gospel to the ends of the earth from Jerusalem. The apostles went out to the Gentiles and people were saved in greater numbers than when Jesus was physically on earth. Jesus gave to the apostles and to us today is the commission and authority to preach the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation. The “greater” in quantity is in reference to the gospel. This is what we see taking place through the book of Acts “the Acts of the Apostles.” We can bring somebody immediately into a relationship with the Lord and they can have the Holy Spirit live in them, something that the disciples could not do at the time Jesus said this. We can do greater works, as in more abundant works, because the ministry of the Spirit is not limited to one person only (Jesus), or to one country, Israel, but now is preached throughout the world empowering all believers in His Church.

        “Jesus is NOT saying we will do greater miracles than He did but that our effect on people, our influence will be greater. Fulfilling the Great Commission IS the greater work Jesus spoke of. Their message was the death and resurrection of the savior, as they followed Jesus’ commission to preach the gospel, disciple and teach the people.

        “The apostles were given authority to do much that Jesus did, in a similar manner, but we see no record of them doing greater miracles than Jesus. Their ministry was considerably years longer than Jesus’, yet, it does not say of them that volumes of books could be written of all the miracles the apostles did, as it says of Jesus in John 21:25.

        “Many want first-century Christianity with its power and miracles to prove God is real. Some want it for selfish reasons, to make them-self famous. But Christ gave us commands for the practical work. They didn’t pray for God to meet their needs only through the supernatural means of a miracle but were carrying out His commands to help their brethren. In Acts 2:45 they sold their possessions and goods and divided them among all who had need. The fact is miracles recorded in the Bible were not as common as we are being told today, entire generations throughout history had not known signs and wonders as in the generation of Moses and the Exodus. There was no “miracle generation” found in history. Yet some say the last generation will have miracle-working power unlike any other despite the Bible’s silence on this. Miracles continue but they have increased or decreased in various degrees throughout different periods in history.

        “There is no greater work done than Jesus dying for our sin. What Jesus gave to the apostles and to us today is the commission and authority to preach the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation. The ‘greater’ in quantity is in reference to the gospel. We can bring somebody immediately into a relationship with the Lord and they can have the Holy Spirit live in them, something that the disciples could not do at the time Jesus said this. We can do greater works, as in more abundant works, because the ministry of the Spirit is not limited to one person only (Jesus) in Israel, but now is empowering all believers in His Church. Christ never went to Africa or to Central America (despite any Mormon claims), but we as His representatives can. Greater is in reference to number, not quality. Neither the apostles nor we can ever do a greater work (miracle) than a resurrection (especially of oneself), or have someone grow a new limb or make the blind see. Jesus is NOT saying we will do greater miracles than He did, although in our outreach it may include seeing miracles.

        “Miracles can still take place, but what is a greater work? Let me propose that to reverse the curse of Adam, to transform a life from being dead spiritually to alive spiritually, to have the potential of being raised from the dead and live forever most certainly falls in this category. To have someone walk with God who formerly walked in darkness is certainly a greater work. Fulfilling the Great Commission IS the greater work Jesus spoke of.”

      • dave says:

        You are right Shawn, I found this one all ove the internet: John 14:12 (I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.) — WHY ARE THOSE THUMBS DOWN FOR ? —

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      hi kat, my younger brother is a “reiki master”his marriage is falling apart and he is unemployed and a drug user and all this happened shortly after he got involved with reiki.YES ITS TRUE.

      • dave says:

        Sorry but it may be a coincidence; that is not a proof. I also have 2nd degree of reiki and not practicing since 10 or 15 years. I have a lot of troubles but not quite sure that is because of that. Anyway I pray and believe in god and always trying to be a good person. I’m still thinking it is just a coincidence; anyway that proves nothing. I dont want to start thinking that every asian buddhist including Dalai lama on this eart are all bad , invoking demons. That is totaly absurd.

    • Victor says:

      The article’s examples are no lie. You may not know any practitioners with these problems, but you don’t know ALL. I can’t go into details, but I know a messy one.

  29. Kat says:

    Plus no matter how many times you quote the Bible as the ‘word of God” you do realize it was written by MEN not God and re-interpreted, edited, translated, subject to individuals and agendas for thousands of years? Spouting quotes as truth is naive.

    • While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, they are not entitled to their own facts. We can choose to do our own research to find out whether the Bible is the Word of God as it says it is – and many people believe it is – or not. That is exercising our God-given free will and if we don’t like what someone says, hopefully nobody will attempt to force us to listen.

      • Andre says:

        These are the facts though. People have done the research and Constantine DEFINITELY compiled the Bible as he saw fit and introduced many Pagan ideas into Christianity.

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      kat, you obviously have not heard of the dead sea scrolls.

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  31. paula says:

    ‘Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity’.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Reiki is not a religion. It is simply movement of blocked energy in the body. I am a Christian, I have practiced Reiki for 15 years and have been blessed to have witnessed the healing benefits of this gentle, loving modality. I admire the skeptic who takes the time to learn and totally understand something. For those who simply attach negative names to things they don’t understand and therefore fear, are simply ignorant. Furthermore, as you sit in judgement of others, perhaps you may want to get out your bible and read Matthew 7:1-5 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.'”

    • As Christians, we have been asked to take as the final authority the words of the Bible. Not the words of Martin Luther King, or Mahatma Gandhi (who was actually a Hindu), nor any other ‘wise’ man or woman, however wise their words might seem to be.

      Some may not regard Reiki as a religion, but others do. Reiki certainly is a type of spiritual practice with the components of a religion, having a founder, a code, a set of beliefs and practices, and various rituals, sacred symbols and performances, with a heirarchy of dedicated adherents, priests or masters, etc.

      We know from the Bible itself that scripture was not meant to be used to deter people from using discernment and making rational and necessary judgments about what is to be accepted and what is to be rejected, what is good and what is evil, what is acceptable to God and what isn’t. In fact, we are repeatedly and emphatically told we must be discerning, throughout the Bible. We are warned to always be careful, be on our guard against deception, etc.

      “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” (Acts 17:11)

      God repeatedly condemns those who don’t learn to discern between right and wrong, between the profane and the holy.

      “Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them. Her princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain. And her prophets have daubed them with untempered morter, seeing vanity, and divining lies unto them, saying, Thus saith the Lord God, when the Lord hath not spoken.” (Ezek 22:26-28)

      “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.” (James 3:1)

      Why Worry About Doctrine – Here’s What the Bible Says

      The scripture that tells us to take the beam out of our own eye so we can see to take the splinter out of our brother’s eye means something to the effect that we ought not to criticize and/or condemn a fellow believer for his perceived sin, because we too are sinful. To use this scripture to say that people ought not to use their wisdom, judgement and discernment to identify false teaching and not follow it – and indeed warn other people about it as Paul did – is using scripture out of context.

      “As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.” (2 Peter 3:16)

      Reiki is clearly of Buddhist origins as its founder was a Buddhist. There have been claims that Jesus practised reiki or reiki is mentioned in the Bible, etc. but there is no truth in this whatsoever. We can know that with 100% certainty, because if that was so, the Bible would have told us.

      “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:8-9)

      The letters to the Christian churches in Rev 2 make it clear that even those attending Christian churches need to be discerning about which teacher and which teaching they follow as there are so many false teachers and so much deception. Jesus Himself told us that would be the case particularly in the Last Days. The words as you will see are harsh, and that is even within Christianity, let alone outside of it. It is clear throughout the Bible that any form of worship, dedication or supplication to ‘gods’ other than the God of the Bible, is against God and breaks the first commandment in which are contained all the others. It is idolatry and totally unacceptable as far as Christianity is concerned.

      “But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.” (1 Corinthians 8:6)

      This article is solely made up of KJV scripture and so can be totally relied upon. It contains only scriptures about false teachers and false doctrine, and put together they become very revealing:

      Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

      “And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, asked him, Which is the first commandment of all? And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. And the scribe said unto him, Well, Master, thou hast said the truth: for there is one God; and there is none other but he: and to love him with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love his neighbour as himself, is more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices. And when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly, he said unto him, Thou art not far from the kingdom of God. And no man after that durst ask him any question.” (Mark 12:28-34)

      “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

      “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was ONCE delivered unto the saints.” (Jude 1:3)

      • Emeka says:

        “As Christians, we have been asked to take as the final authority the words of the Bible, ”

        Who asked you to take that authority? Did God or Jesus come to you and tell you to your face that you had to accept the words of the Bible, even though its been proven that it’s been written and rewritten by man (some corrupt) over the centuries? Or was it a man in a church who told you to accept that authority?

        “I am sure if God wanted us to use reiki, He would have told us so, a long time ago, right there in the Bible.”

        Please point out in the Bible where it said God wanted us to use cars, fly airplanes, pain medicines that can get us addicted, psychologists, chiropractors, brain surgeons, etc etc. I can’t seem to find the books, chapters and verses where that was okay for us to use things like that.

        Oh it doesn’t say that in the Bible? Oh because Reiki is of Hindu and cars, pain medicines and such are not so it is okay to use them. I can tell you there is a good chance that oil that powers your car, makes up a good deal of your plastics and other household items probably came from the Middle East where it was drilled, refined and shipped by Muslims. So you are using items made by Muslims whose “Koran” talks about killing those that don’t convert to Islam. So we can’t use Reiki “energy” because it came from Hindus, but it is perfectly okay to use oil “energy” that comes from Muslim lands.

        Now your retort will be to say you don’t serve two Gods by using items from Muslim lands. Because I believe in God and Jesus and use something that is from Hindu does not mean I serve 2 Gods either. Reiki is not a religion nor is it a God that has been said ad nauseum, you want to force that as your narrative to declare it unholy. Then I say you using any items made by non-Christians puts you in the same boat.

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      hi paula, you say you have practiced reiki for 15 years and you say it works. mr James Randi who lives in the USA will give you or any reiki master ONE MILLION DOLLARS if you prove to him that reiki works. are you up for the challenge? err i didnt think so and i tell you why, because reiki therapy was debunked years ago.

      • dave says:

        Joseph, science cant proove existance of God nor the miracles of Jesus. science cant proove if all what’s inside bible is true or not too. Science and spiritual things or religion is totaly incompatible. Reiki never heals the body. it heals the soul and give peace in mind. It’s just a feeling so nothing else to proove there. ( I hope this is the last time you repeat it again, and again about this Randi 1 million damn thing ) thanks !!!!!!

    • Joseph Krupa says:

      well paula the only thing that gets blocked in my body is my bowels.

    • Flo says:

      A ‘modality’ – that’s a good one, try it with Jesus on judgement day…

  32. joile says:

    Thank you for posting this website. I have been healed by Jesus and the Holy Spirit passed through me. I was in a healing service in the name of Jesus. I can say that this was Jesus and I am so thankful. I was getting a massage when the persona asked it I wanted to have reiki, curious since I new this person. I said yes. I can say that I felt very light and happy after this silent treatment. But this didn’t last. I felt the lightness dissapte. I wanted to go back but felt a stirring in my spirit. I felt that it wasn’t Godly and did not honor Jesus my Lord and Saviour. He to me is the only source of life and healing. THe healing I received form Jesus was free and has never been taken back. THis I know is true. The Bible says and which I have confirmed in my own life is that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Holy Spirit is the only true source of life giving healing that lasts and is always free. There is something inherently not ok with having to pay to get knowledge to use an energy field or source as is required to become a Reiki healer. Anyone can seek God and with a true heart find Him. People give Bibles away for free all the time. Learning about Jesus and then getting saved, giving your life to Him, is free always. You do not need to go pay anyone to receive more learning, knowledge, transformation, healing order to speak or pray to Jesus. The keys to the Kingdom are in the Bible and in relationship to Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

  33. joile says:

    I want to clarify..when I wrote ” I was getting a massage..” I neglected to paragraph. The healing service, wherein I received healing form Jesus was in a church and specifically looked to Jesus for healing. The massage was years later in a place – a gym/spa, where this young lady worked and practiced massage and reiki. I did not receive healing from Jesus while with this woman/practioner.
    I wanted to clarify this. Thank you.

  34. Anon says:

    I knew a reiki master and I learned after a few years of just how deeply involved she was in satanism. I advise anyone to stay away from anyone doing reiki and if you are one practicing reiki but not realizing it is satanic get out of it! I know if you are not intentionally doing satanic worship than your mind has already prompted you to stop. Just get away!

  35. Anon says:

    I would also like to mention that I love Jesus Christ and I have always loved Jesus Christ. The lesson I learned by being temporarily duped (heavily duped) by a reiki master was a lesson I will not forget. Her words were so full of love and light; how could this be wrong? I would ask myself.

    I found the answer. You will find the answer too, unless you follow the demon instead of God. Reiki is satanism and nobody could every tell me anything else about it ever again.

    My prayers go out for those of you practicing reiki who are Christians but not yet aware of how you have been deceived. There is no reason for you to feel any shame – all of God’s elect knew that satan would do everything to deceive us – and satan is one “crafty” dude! Just get out!

    There is nothing wrong with you and everything wrong with this practice for a person following Jesus Christ. For the satanists duped and otherwise out there – keep up the good work of having delusions piled upon delusions in your life.

    • dave says:

      “”I learned by being temporarily duped “” It could be useful and interresting if you could share your experience with us. What happenned ? Dis you get initiation to reiki or a treatment ? tell us ….

  36. I am a Reiki Master and teacher…a practising pagan…and i work with Jesus in my spiritual healings. You have a lot to learn my friend. I could write a lengthy reply to all your points but my time dictates otherwise.

    Reiki opens your crown chakra and connects it with the Reiki energies. One of the side affects to this, is that it also opens one up to everything else. All energies and deities that linger in the shadows. So protecting oneself from these negative influences is paramount. So the trouble a Reiki practitioner COULD experience, is in relation to being more spiritually susceptible to ALL external influences.

    As a researcher of Buddhism, the Bible, Reiki, Witchcraft, and other healing modalities. I think it is important to be aware of WHY the Christian Church claims what it claims. Christianity, to a scholar, contains parts of many religions. Druidism, Paganism and Buddhism to mention a short few. The Christian ten commandments are a mirror copy of the Buddhist commandments. One of the early goals of Christianity was to regulate the power of individuals. Or to curtail the power and ability of its followers. So the Pagan, which meant ‘country dweller’, was created to be a negative term that turned natural empowered individuals into devils. The actual devil, Satan, being a carbon copy of Pan, the Pagan god of fertility. And many of the so called, ‘wicked spirits’ were actually Pagan gods incorporated into Christianity. Gods that existed for thousands of years before Christianity.

    So it should be made very clear, that the original Bible was forged as a means of control and repression of the human spirit. The last thing the Church, and now the Government, need, is empowered spiritual individuals that have the ability to shape their reality. That ability was saved for the oppressors. Sadly, many have fallen for this trick, still to this day.

    Jesus did say to his disciples, that he was not a god, he was not special, and that every single man, woman and child had the potential to become a healer as he was. So my question to you is, how is that possible? In a realistic down to earth sense that doesn’t just quote scripture.

    It is true that Reiki and spirits go hand and hand together. The very words Reiki, means Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy, whereas in the Western World, it is said to mean Cosmically Guided Life Force Energy. As the word ‘spiritual’ was thought to be too scary a term for a Western audience. So i ask you my friend, how does one physically follow a spiritual path in Christianity?

    It is very clear to me that you are a firm Christian by the choice of language you use. Whether you are (or used to be) an actual Reiki practitioner leaves much to my imagination. What is clear, is that you lack an open mind. A truly opened mind is free of all thoughts, free of all human created mental constructs, and free of self accepting thoughts and feelings. There is more scholarly evidence that suggests Jesus was actually Buddhist, NOT Christian, as the religion was merely a copy of the most popular traits across various religions at the time. However there are important spiritual messages and truths in Christianity. Sadly, most people have lost sight of these truths amongst the corrupted input into Jesus’s spiritually pure teachings.

    So for me, i am pro-Jesus. And anti-church. You must be aware of the abuse, the corruption, the evils and the repression caused at the hands of the Christian Church? If not, i shall pray for you. xx

    • There has been corruption in the Roman Catholic and Christian Churches from the outset. We ought not to be surprised about the extent of the apostasy as that was prophesied in the Bible all that time ago. There are many articles on the internet about the churches in the End Times, or Last Days, and some on this site, including an excellent book by Milton Green: ““The Great Falling Away Today”

      Whatever anyone says, there is nothing about reiki in the Bible and Jesus did not practice or advocate reiki or anything like it. So if Jesus did not practice reiki and he mostly certainly was not a buddhist, nor was He even anything like a buddhist at all, in addition to which he told us to keep away from pagan gods, then to say that Jesus practiced reiki is – not to put too fine a point on it – a lie.

      As Christians, we can be sure that if we were meant to use ‘reiki’ or anything like it, the Bible would have told us so. We know that we are to check everything against the Bible and to try the spirits to see if they are of God. The Bible itself tells us that if something does not fit what the Bible says, it is false.

      “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:8-9)

    • Sean Jones says:

      Well said brother of light! 🙂

      Sean Jones

  37. Raul Marin says:

    There are two sides to a coin. There are varying degrees of “faith” in both the practice of Reiki and Christianity. The bottom-line is that whether what is practiced has “positive” results in one’s Life. “Love” is universal, and Love conquers ALL (God is Love). Didn’t the Bible command to “love thy enemy”? There is no “judgement” in genuine Love, in which if we practice it, we accept each other’s “faults”. Let’s leave the “judgement” to God and His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. The World will be a much “peaceful” place to live in, if we ALL just keep things SIMPLE, and just learn to get along with one another no matter what “Faith”. The Goal here is to live in Peace & Harmony, and in Good Health!

    • According to the Bible, the two sides of the coin here are good and evil. There are numerous scriptural references to man’s tendency towards evil, such as “the whole world lies in wickedness”, “there is no one righteous, no, not one” and “all our righteounessES are as filthy rags”.

      Many people have their own assessment of the situation, what the problems are in themselves, with other people and in the world, and their own ways to resolve them.

      Everyone has an opinion but it must be true that in the final analysis, God’s opinion is the only one that really matters. “yea, let God be true, but every man a liar;” (Romans 3:4)

      According to the Bible, we need to be saved from sin, and a mediator is needed between God and man. God has ordained Jesus – the only man (or woman) without sin – to be that One.

      We are free to either accept Jesus as our Saviour, or not.

      • criticalthinker says:

        Evil is an invention of man to control the actions of other men and is always perpetrated by those claiming to be “good”. Therefore “good and evil” don’t exist. Love and life however do exist. It is truth from the Divine light (insert Jesus here if that’s what works for you) and therefore can never be wrong. Your divisive, imperialist article is actually what’s demonic (by your own definition). You need much more prayer (or meditation if that’s another’s preferred term). Peace.

  38. Theo says:

    Judging a non-religious practice (yes, non-religious despite its Buddhist roots) by the religious standards of one particular religion (like in this case Christianity) cannot possibly be taken seriously. Some monotheists have always have the habit of demonizing the competition by using their own ignorance and propaganda.

    It is true however that a lot of reiki institutions have reprehensibly overcharged people despite the fact that it says “Earn your money in an honest way” in the original reiki ethics. It is also true that fantastic claims have been made in order to attract students. I’ve been a reiki master for years and I never believed for a minute that we do what Jesus did because if we really could we’d be able to walk on water, raise the dead (Lazarus), make the blind see, the crippled walk, turn water into wine and multiply bread and fish but… we can’t!. Reiki is good, it’s positive but there have been some major exaggerations in its properties.

    However, I am 100% positive that there is nothing at all demonic about reiki and I speak from my own experience. The translations of the mantra’s offered here are incorrect by the way.

    For example: hon sha ze sho nen doesn’t mean “from my Buddha to your Buddha” . On the Japanese language Buddha is “Hotoke” or “Bukkyou”. Instead hon sha ze sho nen means “no past no present, no future” as it is a timeless bridge from one person to another over a distance, independent from time and space because yes, you can also heal the past.

    Another common misconception that I’d like to address: Reiki does not mean “universal life energy”. In Japanese “rei” means “spirit” or “spiritual”, not “universal”.

    • Truth in Reality says:

      What you say about the exact meaning of the word ‘rei’ and the translations of the mantras may well be correct. As posted somewhere after the article, it was originally written in another language and went through at least two translations, one of which was ours from pidgin English which was so bad it took about two days to translate it without losing the spirit of it. It is an excellent testimony by someone who clearly has extensive experience with an in-depth knowledge and it has helped many people to see the truth about reiki.

      When you say you are 100% positive there is nothing demonic about reiki, that is a statement that cannot be possibly be correct as the demonic is involved in everything. Even the best of Christians and the churches have to deal with the work of the devil and people’s sinfulness greed (amorality, greed, corruption, and etc.) Just ask them, or people who have information about them. Only Jesus was without sin.

      There are people in all organisations who have good intentions, and are well-meaning, and then there are those who are exploited by others. Everywhere there are those who don’t have such good intentions, and exploit people, sometimes without realizing what they are doing. The Bible says if you don’t serve God, then you are by default serving the devil.

      An impartial look at the world around us tells us that far from the New Age fluffy beliefs, there is a great deal of evil in the world and things are not going well in many respects. It’s not about being a fear-monger, but too many people do need to wake up to reality and stop living in cloud cuckoo land thinking everything in the world is hunky-dory when it so obviously is not. Look at the facts. For example due to the losses caused by the work of GMO companies such as Monsanto, many farmers have committed suicide: “Between 2017 and 2021, nearly 53,000 persons engaged in the farming sector died by suicide. Of these, close to 28,600 (55%) were farmers. The 2021 report showed the highest number of farmer suicide since 2017.”

      Many Buddhists chant regularly and take drugs or get drunk regularly as well. In Buddhism there is a great deal of name-dropping and reverence of the dead, and certain names are revered. Where there is worshipping or reverence or serving in any way of false gods – that is not the God of Israel, the God of the Bible, the Heavenly Father of Jesus Christ. Then we are automatically dealing with demon ‘gods’. What is more it is idolatry which is an abomination to God. How can that be true? Because it is, because God said that is the case in His word, the Bible. Then it comes down to whether someone believes the Bible is the word of God, or not.

      The Bible tells us “The whole world lies in wickedness”, we are all conceived in sin and “there is no one good, no not one”. Only Jesus was without sin and there is no other name by which men must be saved but the name of Jesus. Someone either accepts and believes that or they don’t. People can and do see the light, but not until they do.

      There is no halfway on this. You can be 100% convinced that is not true, and be 100% deceived, but for those who are able to listen and to hear what the Bible is saying, it is 100% clear.

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  40. Christy says:

    Hmm, strangely, I am absolutely unafraid of demons, Satan, and God’s wrath. I don’t work with any entities, and I am not deceived. I practice Reiki without any so called symbols and it works fine. Now I am going to try to deliberately summon these ‘Reiki Demons’ and have a good talk. If God is interested, perhaps He will join as well. I love Jesus!

    • Those who have been deceived only rarely know that they have been deceived. Usually people are oblivious to it.

      “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” (Proverbs 9:10)

      “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” (Proverbs 1:7)

      “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” (Psalm 111:10)

      Good sense is shown by everyone who follows [God’s guiding principles].

      “The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.” (Proverbs 8:13)

      “Ye that love the LORD, HATE EVIL:” (Psalm 97:10)

      “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15)

    • Jami says:

      Just because you are unafraid doesn’t mean that you are in the right place spiritually with this topic or issue. And the frivolity you use in claiming to summon demons for any reasons just indicates the level of immaturity you have towards the dangers that lie in the spiritual realm for believers and non-believers for their very souls their ETERNAL Souls and yes even yours. God is interested but would he look on with pride as you have served his one and only son or claimed another as your healer. Shame on you re-read your word humble yourself and seek His face for forgiveness.

      • anonymous says:

        Christy, some years ago, I could have signed your post as if it was mine…
        Not anymore…
        If you “summon” something throught reiki and meditations, in my former experience, what you’ll see is brilliant light and light, and beings with lovely smiling faces. Don’t expect horns, darkness…
        A trap used for hunting that works is a trap the victim/game believe it is not a trap.

  41. Elly says:

    When my daughter was 3 years old, she started talking about Jesus and other stories from the bible. About 6 months later she started talking about energy. A few months after that, she healed my wrist when I complained of pain. My daughter is 7 years old now and still continues to heal people around us. She gives all the credit to Jesus. When I ask her who tells her this stuff, she tells me that she was born with it. How is this evil? Why would a demonic presence influence my child to talk about how wonderful God is. How great the sacrifice when, as my daughter puts it, Jesus saved the world. I can not agree with this at all as before this happened with my daughter, I had no faith at all and after my whole life has completely changed. I am not sure what GOD has planned for her in her future, but I am pretty sure it’s not to lived “possessed” the rest of her life.

    • Do you believe what your daughter does has something to do with reiki?

    • Christin says:

      What your daughter is doing is not Reiki, nor any Energy healing. She is telling you that she seems to have a special kind of Energy in her body that Jesus gave her. Have you heard about TB Joshua? It is my belief that God still raises prophets to show the world That He is Jehovah Rapha. Please see Emmanuel TV. Your child is blessed with special anointing from birth. Praise God.

    • Flo says:

      No one said healing is demonic – or are you saying that your daughter is a reiki master?

  42. debra says:

    glad im not a christian

  43. joe says:

    hi to all reiki masters, James Randi is offering ONE yes ONE million dollars if you can prove that reiki therapy works. any takers? i didnt think so now you know what to do with your reiki.

    • Truth101 says:

      Basically, they can do the same thing with their Reiki that you can do with your Jesus….

    • Emeka says:

      Can you stop reposting this lie!

      James Randi is offering $1 mllion based on “Past claims have included: psychic or mediumistic powers, ESP, dowsing, magnetic humans, astrology, faith healing, etc. Read through the JREF forum for a list of previous applicants if you’d like to see whether or not your claim has been tested before. A partial list can be found at: ”

      That is from the Randi website. There is no challenge based on Reiki alone and its not even mentioned on his site. Faith Healing is you know, the Holy Spirit coming down and curing a sick person during controlled conditions, not Reiki.

      In fact, I found this quote on another forum

      “James Randi is not interested in healing modalities such as Reiki. In fact he won’t touch homeopathic medicine.”

      Talk about a hidden agenda, if you’re going to make up garbage posts like this, at least try to back it up with anything you can hang your hat on instead of pulling your “facts” out of thin air.

      • joseph krupa says:

        well EMEKA, at least i have the courage to post under my real full name, reiki healing comes under the heading of phsycic healing, mr James Randi offer does apply to reiki masters, people who practice reiki are deemed by the catholic church as unchristian, i do not support reiki practice because i AM a christian, there is a video on youtube where mr Randi talks about reiki in relation to his offer, google randi shoots down oprey. to date no reiki master has accepted mr Randis offer because it was debunked many years ago by a nine year old girl–emily rosa experiment, to date there is NO scientific evidence to prove reiki therapy does anything.i am not talking about anecdotal evivence which is useles i am talking NO scientific evidence.

  44. marklarMarklar says:

    I have witnessed in my family and relatives that are deeply spiritual and believe in Jesus that it does not give a good life. They are worse to fix their situations than other people. They raise their kids badly or not at all and they don’t have any sense at all. They do not take their life as their own. Responsibility is missing, they cannot communicate, they cannot do anything and their life is in a mess even if they praise the lord.

    I do think the bible is written by a man to loose a real god and universe. To get the chuch to control people and pay taxes. There is a living proof

  45. Dannie says:

    I don’t understand why Reiki is needed when you believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For the people who believe in Christ as the Son of God and the only way to God and also practice Reiki – why? Isn’t the healing power of the Holy Spirit alone sufficient without all the training and mantras?

    • Emeka says:

      I don’t understand why Doctors are needed Dannie, when all you need is to believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For the people who believe in Christ and the Son of God and the only way to God and also use doctors, why? Isn’t the healing power of the Holy Spirit sufficient without all the training and degrees? Why look at all the children saved every year by their devout Christian parents refusing to take their very sick kids to the doctor or hospital and instead relying on miracle healing instead. Oh, some of them die? God’s will or is it stupidity of the parents..

      See, nowhere in the Bible does it say for people not to go to healers. There are all types of healers. Let me ask you this question, if a member of your family was hit by a car and the only surgeon who can do a successful operation to save that family members life was a Muslim or an Indian Hindu, would you allow them to operate? After all, they are not Christians. Since anything non-Christian is pagan or evil as has been the focal point of the anti-Reiki crowd, would you allow a Hindu to operate on your loved one and allow their demonic religion access to their body to save them?

      If you had to think about that for more than a second, you really need to reevaluate your soul. Just saying.

      • Dannie wasn’t saying anyone ought not to see doctors. Many ‘Christian Scientists’ refuse to use doctors and surgeons, but ‘Christian Science’ although based on Jesus, is regarded as a cult, as are many other Christian denominations.

        Even though now there are estimated to be upwards of 50,000 Christian denominations, the New Testament tells us not to be part of denominational churches and sects, etc. “For while one saith, I am of Paul; and another, I am of Apollos; are ye not carnal?” (1 Cor 3:4:)

        Also Jesus tells us: “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” (John 10:16)

        The Truth about Christian Denominations and Sects

        Most do not believe someone’s religion strongly impacts how good a surgeon or mechanic or anything else they are. Personally, I would rather deal with Christians in any aspect of my life but would certainly not object to being operated on by a Moslem or Hindu surgeon if they were expert at what they do. I doubt whether there is anything unusual about that. Many Hindus may prefer to deal with Hindus, Moslems with Moslems, etc.

        It would be true to say that if Christians had the true Holy Spirit – and the Bible tells us all about the Holy Spirit as listed here The True Holy Spirit – they wouldn’t feel such an attraction to occultic practices such as reiki and yoga, etc. to get peace, wellbeing and healing. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t need to see a doctor, but then medicine is not an occultic practice based on a false religion.

    • Thank you, that’s an excellent point.

  46. Joseph Krupa says:

    hi Dannie, nobody needs reiki, its a BUSINESS, the reiki masters take your money and in reality give you NOTHING, it was proven years ago that reiki therapy does not work.

    • Emeka says:

      Says who Joe? The skeptic who says Reiki never cured cancer? Only a con-artist would make the claim that Reiki can cure anything and everything. A real practioner would advise their client that the worst thing that comes out of a Reiki session is that the patient would feel totally relaxed. Like after a good massage.

      Hey, before I had my first Reiki session years ago, I was a skeptic of the hands on too. I had stomach pains for years that were so bad. I had every test that could be done to see what was wrong. For years, doctors did their tests, gave me pills to take and raked in a lot of insurance money and copays and checks from me covering what insurance wouldn’t pay. You know what? Did nothing, still had the pains and the only thing that would help temporarliy was more pills and prescriptions. What scam do you think was being run there Joe?

      I have a friend say she will do Reiki on me, even though I am a skeptic of it. I get a session done, heat coming from her hands and no, she did not warm them up or put ben gay or anything like that on. I feel these surges or energy flow up and down my body. Two days later, the pains in my side are gone. Not repressed or milder or lessened. GONE. I spent a ton of $$$$$$$ going to doctors for nothing but one 40 minute Reiki session for free and I was pain free.

      Hey Joe, there are 1000’s of people like me who have had similar results. I became a practitioner because of it. My marriage is stronger than ever, my finances and job are fine. My relationship with God and Jesus is stronger now than ever before. Just like many Reiki practioners. I don’t charge for my helping people. Do some people charge for their services? Sure, some people make it a business. Do some overcharge for their services? Sure, just like lawyers, doctors, accountants, sanitation services, etc etc.

      By the way Joe, are you a Christian? From reading all your snide put downs, rude comments and so forth, I have the feeling your not. But hey, I could be wrong, doesn’t hurt to ask!

    • As has been pointed out several times in the article and in comments and replies, reiki may indeed heal someone. The same way people may receive healing from a quack doctor due to the placebo effect which is acknowledged by doctors and scientists to the extent it is commonly used in drug trials.

      The Bible tells us that demons have the power to heal. People who believe reiki is a good thing are deceived. Demons deceive, and if anyone believes something which is founded in a false religion such as Taoism, Buddhism or Hinduism, they are deceived. Most religions contain some elements of truth – in the same way many lies do – as that is the best way to deceive.

      “And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. And they shall pass through it, hardly bestead and hungry: and it shall come to pass, that when they shall be hungry, they shall fret themselves, and curse their king and their God, and look upward. (Isaiah 8:19-21)

      • criticalthinker says:

        You’re wrong in assuming Christianity is the only way. The word “christian” never came from Jesus’ mouth. It was added to scripture much later by MEN. He became “love, the way, the light” after studying with eastern mystics. And since you’re so interested in being a perfectly sinless human, you might want to stop celebrating Pagan Christmas and Easter. You’re welcome.

  47. joseph krupa says:

    well Emeka, you strike me as an ill mannered person by the fact that you call me KRUPA , its obvious that i have a christian name it would be polite to call me JOSEPH or JOSEPH KRUPA but being called KRUPA has a tinge of bad manners, explain how i was nasty to ALEX , you judged me and called me a hypocrite regarding MARY MILLER but you were soon proven wrong by truth in reality, you must realize that every one who posts here has a right to express his or her opinion,just because someones opinion does not agree with you doesnt mean that you should accuse them of spreading falsehoods ( lies ) i certainly dont agree with your opinions but you dont see me being rude and accusing you of spreading falsehoods ( lies ) if you think i am lying provide some concrete evidence to the contrary

  48. joseph krupa says:

    Emeka, on a final note,my brother is a reiki master and he has friends that are also reiki masters and they have assured me it is GOOD BUSINESS and all i can say to them, good luck to you.

  49. joseph krupa says:

    hi Emeka, you were quick to point out the fact that i called Susan Cleveland a jerk, but up till now you have not chastised Susan for lashing out and calling “TRUTH IN REALITY” a jerk, i simpl;y replied to her post using her style of language

  50. joseph krupa says:

    In 1996, the James Randi Educational Foundation offered $742,000 to anyone who could demonstrate an ability to detect a ‘human energy field’ under conditions similar to those of our study. Although more than 80,000 American practitioners claim to have such an ability, only one person attempted to demonstrate it. She failed, and the offer, now at $1,000,000, has led to no further takers despite recruiting efforts, including a direct appeal to Dr. Krieger” [Founder of Therapeutic Touch]. (Article: Why Therapeutic Touch Should be Considered Quackery). well Emeka, this little clip talks about the energy field that reiki therapy is based on, you called me a liar, well according to this clip randi will pay one million dollars to a reki master if proven to work and as reiki is based on energy field, because without the energy field there is no reiki.

    • dave says:

      Oh GOD NOT AGAIN WITH THAT CRAP of Randi James ! pleaaaseee !!!! science cant proove spiritual things nor miracles , bibles, demons or satan. Science and religion or spiritual things are INCOMPATIBLE. NOT C.O.M.P.A.T.I.B.L.E. (I really hope you ll not comeback with this damn crap again ! )

  51. joseph krupa says:

    My apologies to Mr randi for refering to him as Randi in my last post.

  52. I was naive and stupid to pay for reiki. The minimal benefits that did not last were not worth the demon possession. I am a Christian and had to repent of reiki, yoga, and other occultic activities. Then I had deliverance and the demons came out of me. Anybody who does not believe this is blinded by the devil. Even Christians can be demonized and the demons have to be kicked out. They made me sick, caused pain, anger, bad luck, sexually molested me, pushed me…and no I’m not a nutcase. After they came out of me I feel peace and lightness. The King James Bible is the word of God and we are commanded to cast out demons. There is no point discussing this with non Christians, they are totally clueless about the spiritual war going on around us, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places!

    • joe says:

      hi Gabriela, you are correct, i can not believe there are so many anti christians, it is pointless to try and help them, the day of reckoning comes to all of us, the other thing i cant believe is that they tell us that reiki is linked to jesus, that to me is unbelievable, there simply is no evidence in the bible that jesus was linked to reiki.

      • dave says:

        Reiki is just a name from japanese. Usui invented nothing ! It was already there and use by Jesus. You can also call it energy or holy power or whatever you want to call it. The name is not important at all, this is the same thing. Jesus was the most powerful of all. He was the master. All we can do is trying to follow him but we will never be like him. But we try. We have good intentions and believe in him. it is just like a knife. You can use it as a good tool or kill someone. The knife is not good or bad.

    • gfunk79 says:

      The King James Bible was rewritten to back up the sovereignty of the English Crown (a decision made in the parish church of my own hometown in Scotland at the start of the 17th century) and is a completely bastardized version of an already hacked up and bastardized series of scriptures that were altered to provide power to the few and control over the many. There is clear historical evidence for this. Anybody who refutes this is a deluded fool and anybody who poisons a child’s mind with this crap is a child abuser. The so called Christians on this page are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have ever seen in my life, you don’t even follow the laws of your own made up holy book, you just pick, choose and twist the bits that you want to judge others. Give me Reiki any day. Fools.

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  54. sean jones says:

    Im a Reiki Master teacher and spiritual healer for many years, God has been working through me healing hundreds of people over the years with injuries, diseases, and depression, this article is a scare tactic and far from the truth.


    • An earlier commenter made the point that everything was fine for him too until he started questioning the healings, and that is when his problems began.

      • sean jones says:

        No challenges all love brother! Ive been with God for over 16 years in the healing arts and not one bad experience. Ive witness many miracles and have the testimonies to back up Gods work through me. God is not in a box or confined in a “Holy” book of words. God is here and now within that unconditional space of the heart.


    • joe says:

      hi sean, my brother is a reiki master, his marriage is falling apart, he can not stop using drugs, he has real problems, i can assure you that my God is not working with you.

      • Kri says:

        You cannot blame Reiki, you cannot blame anything on what your brother is going through. Maybe he is realizing he is not happy and going through a rough time? There are TONS of addicts who pray to GOD everyday, how can you tell WHICH GOD in fact is not the right one?

      • criticalthinker says:

        As if this never happens to Christians? Oh right, then those are just “tribulations” or “demonic attacks” right? Ridiculous hypocrisy. I’m sending love and light to your brother and his family as his “christian” brother clearly has condemned him to hell. So mote it be!

  55. sean jones says:

    Theres only One God the same God Our God or by whatever name he or she who calls Him. Im deeply sorry to hear about you brother. Reiki has nothing to with drugs and everything to do with the power of Gods loving energy thats ever present from our hearts. Im not writing this to challenge you or prove anything to you, I only speak from my person experience. I work with Christ Angels and The Ascended Masters over many years and weather you call it Reiki, spiritual healing, Source energy, or holy spirit its all the same, not separate. God made everything and everything was One in Divine perfection . I heal from my heart and let Gods love do the rest.

    Its simple its beautiful its love.

    Christianity vs Churchianity

    Christianity is the original teachings of Jesus from “The Heart of God” of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, and non-judgment.

    Churchianity is what the followers have made as an interpretation of Jesus teachings from the bible, acting superior over every other religious and spiritual belief, that their way is the only way to heaven. Churchianity also believes if you are not “saved” in the church through Jesus Christ that when you die, all your sins will take you to a fiery place where the Devil hangs out with a pitch fork called “Hell.”

    Jesus was crucified only once but his teachings are crucified daily.
    Since then millions who claim to be Christians are noT, using sayings like, you are “Born in Sin” and “The Fear of God.” We are not born in sin, we are Divine beings made perfect in the eyes of God. We are not to fear God but to respect Gods all knowing, never changing, all loving presence that is eternal.

    Churchianity falls into a place of massive egoism and man made rules, saying my God is better than your God.

    This is NOT the message of God or Jesus.

    Separating from the Truth, there is only “One God,” the same God that every religious and spiritual practice prays, meditates, and connects to.
    Our God can called by many names, I Am, Spirit, Universe, Source Energy, Allah, Beloved or from a sense of Beingness by which whatever name he or she who calls “Him.” This is universal Truth.

    God is LOVE, PATIENT, GENTLE, and KIND. Jesus message through God was LOVE and ONLY LOVE. As to love your neighbor as your yourself. This is the essence of The Christ message spreading LOVE and ONENESS with God to the world.

    SImPLy LoVE,


  56. joe says:

    hi sean, this may come as a shock to you but God ( jesus christ ) is in no way connected to a buddhist belief known as reiki. nowhere in my Gods bible is there any connection to reiki, love can not cure any medical ailments, reiki has been proven not to cure any medical ailment, the thing is that God alone dictates when a miracle cure will occur and he is not to be dictated by me or you or anyone as to when a miracle should occur, practicing reiki is downright useless for any medical ailment and to assume that reiki is connected to God is downright anti christian, tell me where in the bible that it says reiki is connected to God.

    • criticalthinker says:

      Ok then…let’s talk about what Christianity IS connected to, shall we??? Like your hateful, divisive attitude. See what your bible says about zealots and hypocrites Mr. Perfect. I thought so.

  57. sean jones says:

    Hi Joe,. I write from my personal and mystical experiences. Im not attached to any religion or buddhism as you judge your own brother with your word from your response. You need the bible to know God, all I need is my heart! I work for God everyday using different types of massage and healing methods that has helped and healed many for 16 years. God must be doing something right through me. I pray that you may be open to the Truth bc Ive been set free…

    • joe says:

      hi sean, you are wrong when you say that i judged my own brother,i was not judging him, i was pointing out to you that he has problems, and as a reiki master he is not able to help himself, so how on earth is he going to help others.reiki was invented by a buddhist monk, so if you practice reiki you are actually practicing buddhism and i am pretty sure that the christian God had nothing to do with buddhism, so in actual fact you are not working with God but with buddha.

      • dave says:

        “”i am pretty sure that the christian God had nothing to do with buddhism”” Are you saying that all other religions are bad and all those people will go to hell? Sean tried hard to explain that there is no good or bad religion (except for satanism and those things). All good humans pray for love whatever you are hindu or christian or anything you pray a good god, the only one and the same one (no matter the name you give to him). A car in english is a “voiture” in french but it is the same thing. understand ?

    • Jon says:

      sean jones, you are in open rebellion against Jesus Christ who came in the flesh. That is the single difference between the Jesus we honor and submit to and any Jesus you are referring to. That. Is. Your. Choice.

      • dave says:

        it reminds me some muslims fanatics that wants to shop the head off to everybodies that dont agree with them. Hey , it’s ok if it is good. You dont need Torah, Bible or Coran to know what is Bad and what is good ? Dont you … If you act good and help and love humans, you are ok … I’m sure god will appreciate good actions.

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  59. deven says:

    how can you speak of something that you never experienced?????

    if you never ate am orange then HOW WIL YOU BE ABLE TO TASTE IT OR EXEPERIENCE IT???

    READ IT WHOLE AND SEE HOW MUCH YOU ARE FULL OF NEGATIVES,trying desperately to grab anything just to show you being superior

    how sick you people are!!!!

    compassion is far fetched for you,pity is far also.

    try experience something before having the gut to speak of it Robot

    • How could anyone tell if someone only known via the internet had – or hadn’t – tried reiki? The writer has tried reiki. Or rather it was tried on them when they were not well by a friend for several sessions. It did nothing to help whatsoever. That doesn’t mean people can’t ‘heal’ people with reiki, as demons can and do ‘heal’, but there is a high price to pay, and many of the comments here, as well as the original post which is written by a long-time reiki practioner, make that clear.

      • dave says:

        Yes that’s right Deven, you have not read that he has 30 years in Reiki. Dont be so rude. What is on that site is maybe not so foolish because I’m 2nd degree and even stopped practicing since maybe 15 years, I got a lot of troubles. I’m still searching the truth but not sure of anything yet.

  60. joe says:

    wow deven, what a negative outburst, is it because you are a reiki master? i mean if you are it would explain your outrage, reiki masters dont like to be exposed as the frauds that they are, other than that, i think your over reacting.i mean the truth can really hurt.

  61. It would seemingly be a good idea to remind those people who are angry about this post and/or comments for whatever reason that the original post was written by an ex reiki master and many who have commented are ex-reiki practitioners.

  62. Niko Bellic says:

    In my many years of research and study, I have found the bible is not the so-called “word of God” but is a man-made book of witchcraft, hence all of the numbers therein. This is used liberally by top Jews in power to enslave the world. Jewish ritual murder subliminally ties into the Christian mass/service where the nazarene is the child sacrifice; “eat me and drink me” “this is the body of christ…” This son of jewhova, sacrificed by his father…i.e. murdered. In addition, the entire mass/service focuses upon the Jews, Israel and their fictitious history, creating a further subliminal tie. Believers are under a very powerful spell.

    Most of us here know Christianity is a hoax, but to what extent is another matter. It is a hoax of catastrophic proportions. A study of Medieval Paintings reveals a cry for help. Many of the artists of the period left messages in their work. There are quite a few paintings- all of Christian religious matter (this was not an option of the artist as the Catholic Church had total control, and nearly every work of art during that period had to be of Christian religious themes, lest the artist be charged with “heresy” which meant torture and death) that reveal flying saucers hovering over the nazarene and other signs that this foul religion was a hoax and the people knew it, but were severely oppressed. Grey clouds obscuring the Sun in the painting “Calling of the first Apostles” by Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1481, reveals a dismal atmosphere that indicates a sad occasion and says plenty. Carlo Crivelli’s painting of the Annunciation in 1486 blatantly reveals a UFO hovering over the virgin and beaming a stream of light into her head. Many artists alluded to flying saucers, by painting lenticular clouds in the skies of their works.

    Leonardo’s famous “Last Supper” painting displays the apostles of the nazarene in four groups of three, indicating the signs of the zodiac and the implication is- he knew Christianity was a hoax. Many other paintings of the period have hidden messages in them concerning the hoax of Christianity, if one takes the time to study them.

    There have been several reports of which I posted links with the details at the bottom of the page, of the Smithsonian Institute dumping barges full of ancient artifacts into the Atlantic Ocean. Many of these were Egyptian in origin and found in the United States. Anything that disputes the Christian religion comes under intense scrutiny. Since the Jews, Christians and Muslims claim the world to be only approximately 6,000 years old, there has always been a conflict with the truth in promoting this lie.

    Anyone with even half a brain knows there were no “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq. In spite of hundreds of worldwide protests against the invasion and the U.N.’s giving Iraq a clean report, George W. Bush pushed relentlessly for the attack on Iraq. Of course, it is just fine for Israel and the USA to have all the weapons of mass destruction they please with no outside interference whatsoever. We all know Mr. Bush is a “born again” Christian.

    The real reason behind all of this seems to point towards the destruction of important ancient relics and documents that prove Judaism, and Christianity are lies. Saddam Hussein believed himself to be the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar. With this belief, he spent some $500 million dollars during the 1980’s attempting to reconstruct Ancient Babylon, the capitol of Nebuchadnezzar. Over sixty million bricks were created to replace the walls of Babylon with the engraving “To King Nebuchadnezzar in the reign of Saddam Hussein.” ¹

    There were many ancient temples and relics buried beneath the sands of Iraq that were proof of the origins of humanity. Whether they are still there given the invasion is unknown. American and British GI’s were given the go ahead from the top brass to destroy and/or loot whatever they pleased from the Iraqi museums.

    Saddam Hussein was also working on restoring the Ancient Ashurbanipal Library, which was the earliest known collected and catalogued library in the world. The texts therein originated before the flood. British archeologists in the mid 19th century at Nineveh excavated some 25,000 cuneiform tablets assembled by King Ashurbanipal which nearly all of are now in the British Museum.

    In April of 2002, the Iraqi archeologists asked the British Museum if they would allow casts of the tablets to be made. Though copies were made in the past of certain tablets, this would have been the first time any significant number would have been made available as copies.

    The proposed reconstructed library at Nineveh would have held copies of all of the tablets from the British Museum and was planned to be a center for scholars and a tourist attraction. Next door to the library was to be a center for cuneiform study. Plans were also made to excavate one of the wings of King Ashurbanipal’s Palace in Kuyunjik Mound where it was hoped that thousands of other buried tablets would be found.

    There are some 10,000 archeological sites scattered across Iraq and most of them have not even been touched. According to archeologists, thieves have broken into the Iraqi Museums repeatedly and have stolen Sumerian artifacts (This occurred before the war as well). Expensive gold jewelry and ornaments were left behind. What they went after were the ancient records in the form of cylinders and cuneiform tablets.

    U.N. relief workers and foreign diplomats were several times accused by the Iraqi government of smuggling these artifacts out of the country. In summer of 2002, an Iraqi landlord was cleaning a vacant Baghdad apartment that was formerly occupied by a foreign diplomat. The landlord found two cartons of archeological fragments. The Iraqi government never named the diplomat or his country.

    “Saddam assuredly knows that the release of documentation proving Judaism and Christianity as derivatives or copies of an ancient Sumerian religion could have a devastating effect on global affairs.”²

    “When George W. Bush stood before the Washington Monument in January 2001, during his inauguration he borrowed a surprising image from the past. Referring to America twice he said: And an angel still rides the whirlwinds and directs this storm.”

    Throughout the ages after the manifestation of Judaism and Christianity, every attempt has been made from mass murder to the destruction and razing of entire cities and the genocide of entire peoples to keep the lid on this lie.

    • Hanna says:

      Okay so I first heard aboutrakei from my mum who is a Jehovah’s witness because she told me just recently in fact that dad used to perform rakei on me or some shit while I was still In her stomach. I do not think my dad is in to things like this anymore but I do know that he extremely loves Buddhism which really says something doesn’t it?
      When I was just a little kid I had extremely bad behavioural problems. Im fourteen now and no longer do fyi!
      But when I was little my behaviour apparently got so bad that for a couple of months I even got put into respiratory care. I don’t like writing about this.
      The thing is they performed an exorcisim on me and It worked, you don’t have to be smart to know what I am talking about.
      But I want to know is it possible that rakei had something to do with this?

      • concerned christian says:

        Sorry, Hanna, but surely it was related… Your dad, for sure, did not want you any harm. He did not know what was truly doing.

    • Rosy says:

      I agree with your comments on the lie of the origins of mankind and Artifacts in Iran etc . The translations of the Ancient Summarian clay Tablets answered my questions re the Old Testament in particular. I now believe only in the power of Divine Love or energy if you prefer. All indigenous cultures tell the same story of mans creation and are worth reading. To connect with Divine Love a blessing. To love all those who cross your path
      a blessing and if you do that I do not think it matters what name you give to Love. In peace people 🌺

    • criticalthinker says:

      Unfortunately you’re preaching to those “without eyes to see”. But good on you for trying. Peace.

  63. Niko Bellic says:

    I don’t have to ‘seek’ God because that power already dwells within. I don’t have to testify what is clearly seen by anyone who has real discernment and clearly, this person does not have it. Sorry.

  64. You have been deceived.

    • Niko Bellic says:

      Bearing false witness… You have no God in you putting out such flagrant lies.

      • joe says:

        you are entitled to your opinion.not polite to call anyone a flagrant liar.

      • Niko Bellic says:

        The point is that having “faith” in something as far fetched as this story is a fine example of people being gullible, and the reason for that is because EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS require EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE. If you’re gullibly believing such tall tales and nonsense based upon no evidence whatsoever, and based upon the contents of some book alone, which cannot be verified as “historical” non-fiction, then you’d better re-examine your belief, because you’re not using intelligence, logic or rational thought. If you cannot find some proof of these ridiculously insane stories being true than there is no reason to believe in them, period. No GOOD reason, anyway. Which is why so many Christians say “I don’t need evidence because I have faith!” “Faith” is their EXCUSE to believe, in the absence of any GOOD reason to believe, which is, of course, ludicrous.

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  66. Ezio says:

    I am a Reiki Master and have been practised alot in past 12 years. All you have wrote is nothing I have experienced. It changed my life and change people in better sense. They become more happy with the healing I have done. What I experienced is truth. Whatever your christians or bible cannot cure me, I found myself.

    • joe says:

      Ezio spoken like a true reiki master, i am tired of asking people like you, that if you think reiki works and you say it does,why dont you take up MR RANDIS offer of one million dollars if you can prove it works? go on prove us all wrong, take the offer. all you can offer is anectdotal evidence which counts for nothing.

      • Niko Bellic says:

        Reiki is a Japanese technique of holistic healing for stress reduction and relaxation. It is one of many different modalities of “energy healing.” Reiki is NOT connected with the medical field, it is spiritual healing and a Reiki practitioner is NOT a doctor or a medical professional. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Being quite similar but much more gentle than acupressure or acupuncture, Reiki Masters work with the chakras and meridians of the energetic light body (aura) It is administered by “laying on hands” (but touch is not necessary it can be done either directly on the body or just above the body and can also be sent via long distances) Energy healing is based upon Einstein’s scientifically proven fact that we are all made of nothing but pure ENERGY. We are all bodies of light. Nothing is solid. Everyone has an aura. It’s also been scientifically proven that our aura changes colors when our emotions change, and as we go thru our day. Positive energy breeds physical wellness. Positive thoughts and positive energy literally heals physical illnesses. If one’s aura contains too many negative vibrations, or if we think too many negative thoughts, then we are more likely to get physically and mentally ill or feel stress, and if we are high in positive energy and positive thoughts, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. What I do as a healer is remove negative energies and replace them with positive energies. I also remove blockages in the flow of energy through the chakra system.

        Reiki is a simple, natural and safe and everyone can learn it and use it. It also promotes spiritual/personal growth and recovery. As a person who was once very alienated from people, depressed and generally stressed on life, I can attest that it has completely changed my life and has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I feel that Reiki has saved my life. It also works in conjunction with and is a very nice compliment to all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

        When applying Reiki people often tell me that my hands feel like a heating pad, and they report tingling sensations and a very comforable state of relaxation. Reiki treats the whole person including body, mind and spirit.

        Many have reported miraculous results:

        One example of my personal successes was when I had a co-worker who had a shoulder that hurt so badly that he couldn’t raise his arm above his head. He was like this for one full year and had been seen by medical doctors. I casually did Reiki on him for about 15 minutes one night during a slow period at work. The next day he came into work waving his arm around above his head and told me there was only very minimal pain. 15 minutes of Reiki cured a 1 yr old shoulder problem that the medical doctor was unable to fix.

        Another example is a life long friend of mine, Steve, who had suffered from severe back pain. He had been to doctors for years and was taking pain medications daily. Nothing was helping. I talked him into coming to my free Reiki circle, and he came hobbling in like an old man limping. It took him much effort just to get onto the massage table. He was a hurting unit. I did a full one hour treatment on him for 3 consecutive Sundays, and by the fourth week he was giving me credit for “curing” his back pain. He is now a very serious Reiki Master and goes out playing basketball, does yard work, etc and says that Reiki has been a miracle in his life and changed his whole perspective. (He is available for his testimony if anyone who reads this has doubts about this story.)

        Reiki’s use is not dependent on one’s intellectual capacity or spiritual development and therefore is available to everyone. It has been successfully taught to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. Anyone can learn it and use it!!

        Reiki Masters tune into the energy of the aura and use intuition to guide their healings. Different Reiki Master’s have different psychic gifts. Some are empathic and feel people’s energy, some are clairvoyant, some clairaudient and some just have an inner knowing about things. Everyone has psychic gifts, it is just a matter of unlocking them by ridding yourself of negative energy (baggage) from the past. Negative energy and stored pain from the past blocks intuitive abilities. That is why many of us had experiences as children with psychic abilities but no longer have them. As we grew older the baggage began to accumulate and the abilities started to dissipate. The more you purify your aura, the more you let go of pain from the past, the more intuitive you’ll become once again. We can all develop these abilities and awareness, it is a gift from God.

        While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is NOT a religion. People from all different walks of life and religions practice Reiki. It has no dogma. There is nothing you must believe in order to learn and use Reiki, however if you are a skeptic and are closed off to the possibility of it producing results, that can hinder or perhaps even prevent it from working at all. Just be open minded and all is good.

        Although Reiki is not a religion, it is still important to live and act in a way that is as peaceful and harmonious as possible. Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder modern Reiki, created a list of ethical ideals which are good ideas and ring true in most if not all cultures.

        • There is a grandmaster, the spiritual heir of the discoverer of reiki (Dr Usui), Mrs Phyllis Furumoto, a Japanese American, who travels worldwide. She is not worshipped, nor does she have any power but she is respected, and she gives guidelines of how to practice reiki. Despite having practised reiki since she was a child, Mrs Furumoto blogs about her serious health problems and those of her cousin who also practices reiki.

    • Laurent says:

      Just try the prayers and see what happens ?
      What are you afraid of ?
      10 minutes job.

  67. You said: “My personal definition of ‘God’ is that God/Goddess is a ………………” The problem with that is people’s personal definition of God has absolutely nothing to do with the way God actually is.

    Throughout history, zillions of people must have had their own personal definition of God, but that doesn’t change the way God really is even one iota, as God is not made in man’s image.

    There can only be one God the Creator – and Christians believe that is the Hebrew God of the Bible – not many. We are told that God’s letter to us is the Bible and people choose to believe the Bible is the word of God, or not. Some even people dismiss the Bible after having only just flipped through some pages, and some even dismiss it when they haven’t even really read it carefully, which is not wise.

    The writer believed in the Bible from quite a young age but for some years believed it did not hold all the answers to life today. Like so many others, having searched elsewhere, found that could not have been more wrong. The Bible does indeed hold all the answers we need today. We just need to be willing to study the Bible and what people say – always checking that against what the Bible says – to find the answers.

    Unfortunately, some have good intentions but they do not realise they have been deceived. People so often underestimate the Enemy and his power to deceive. Sometimes people’s intentions are not so good – and many are even deceived themselves as to what their own true intention is. Due to sin and corruption and we can see the clear evidence of that all around us. If not love of money, or power and control, drawing followers to ourselves, it could be sex, or self-glorification, or some other motive. Anyway to ignore the existence of sin and corruption, selfishness, cruelty, etc. in men’s hearts is to be totally unrealistic.

    Man cannot be a pure channel because he is not pure. Everywhere you look in this world there is evidence of the seven deadly sins, viz. wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony, and of course stupidity. Reiki is not going to resolve the problems caused by ignorance and wickedness in men’s hearts, which is why we need to be saved. That is something no other human being can do for another – not for any amount of money – it has to come from God.

    Salvation is the province of God who sent His Son and we are saved by believing in Him, and doing what He has asked us (His burden is light). People have free will to believe that or not, to accept or reject God’s free gift of salvation, or to reject it on some random basis or another. We owe it to ourselves to at least make an informed choice.

    • criticalthinker says:

      Literally everything you say is “scripted”. No independent thoughts come from you at all. Where is your God-given self? What demon has washed it away in favor of divisive rhetoric? You’re wrong to say “good things can come from evil sources” when your own bible says that can never be. But you’re not interested in scripture which doesn’t serve your purposes are you? You must be right at all costs. So “godly”. Not.

  68. Niko Bellic says:

    Everyone is fully capable of channeling healing energy through their hands. Most people in the United States and in the west simply have not heard of Reiki, energy healing, or the concept of laying on of hands healing. It is really a very simple process and anyone can learn in a matter of minutes. Developing a talent for it can take time, but learning how to channel the energy is quick and easy.

    My personal definition of “God” is that “God/Goddess is a genderless, omnipotent, pervasive life force energy of pure unconditional love that permeates through all things. God/Goddess is all. All is God/Goddess. You are God/Goddess. We are all one with God/Goddess.” As a matter of fact, I don’t even refer to is as “God” I refer to it as “The Love of the Universe.” My personal “God” is LOVE. The universe is all one body of energy as was proven scientifically by Einstein, and “God” is LOVE, which is great because there is no dogma to follow. Simply follow your heart and do what feels right. If you’re coming from LOVE you can’t lose. In the battle between the head and the heart, the heart always wins. When you are following the most LOVING aspect of yourself, you are “God” in human form and you are being you in your most divine form. We all have “God” within us, and we all have the capacity to heal. The most powerful form of energy in the universe, the greatest healing energy that there is, is LOVE. Therefore all healings are coming directly from “God” through you.

    • Violetsoul says:

      Is amazing how humanity talks themselves out of their highest good because they are afraid of the truth. Science has emphatically proven that Reiki is a reality. It’s even more ridiculous how the Bible is used to discredit everything by quoting scripture that leads them astray. Not one so called Christian on here will mention the greater works we will do. They would rather call on the spirit of Jesus to do everything for them. My God, when will we rise up in consciousness?

      • anonymous says:

        How has Science proved Reiki to be real?
        Wait, I’ll tell you: in any way. Not Science.

      • I read something the other day, ” A Reiki practitioner, is a lazy massage therapist.” A Christian relies on a “Higher Power” whereas you rely on an “energy” that passes through your hands, unseen. How can you discredit a Christian, when that “unseen energy” is all you have to throw in the pot? Ahh, because you can feel it, guess what, a Christian can also FEEL that “Higher Power.” Seems to me that we are saying the same thing, that we feel a life force of energy, when engaging in these activities. The difference being, that I don’t have to go through any rituals, and talking to dead people, I just call on God. I know he is always there.

  69. Lisa says:

    YOU’re a self-imposed Pharisee…those who do not understand the esoteric SYMBOLOGY that is contained in the scriptures. The Pharisee misunderstanding of literal interpretation. The letter of the law kills [literal interpretation] but the Spirit/Source Energy/Creator that is omnipresent and omnificent Presence IS IN EVERYTHING…IS WITHIN YOU…the intent of your heart that is a powerful action…gives life. If Jesus were here today doing and teaching what he did then, YOU’d be saying that he was demon possessed…fact.

    John 8:

    42 Jesus said to them, “If God were YOUR Father, YOU would love me, for I have come here from God. I have not come on my own; God sent me. 43 Why is my language not clear to YOU? Because YOU ARE UNABLE TO HEAR what I say. 44 YOU belong to YOUR father, the devil, and YOU want to carry out YOUR father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. 45 Yet because I tell the truth, YOU do not believe me! 46 Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don’t YOU believe me? 47 Whoever belongs to God hears what God says. The reason YOU do not hear is that YOU do not belong to God.”

    48 The Jews answered him, “Aren’t we right in saying that you are a Samaritan and demon-possessed?”

    49 “I am not possessed by a demon,” said Jesus, “but I honor my Father and YOU dishonor me. 50 I am not seeking glory for myself; but there is one who seeks it, and he is the judge. 51 Very truly I tell YOU, whoever obeys my word will never see death.” (How is this working out for YOU?)

    52 At this they exclaimed, “Now we know that you are demon-possessed! Abraham died and so did the prophets, yet you say that whoever obeys your word will never taste death. 53 Are you greater than our father Abraham? He died, and so did the prophets. Who do you think you are?”

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand. How can satan cast out satan?”

    I could go on with a LOT of bible verses in an attempt to help you see the hidden truth that took me years of deep diving into the bible to start seeing after multiple readings through. Until you remove your blinders you will not see the truth. I was where you are most of my life and I am SO VERY THANKFUL to finally now see and understand!!! I wish the same for YOU for YOU are very far from understanding. Reiki is about loving intent and LOVE is the only true religion.


    Reiki Practitioner

    • One of those links doesn’t seem to work and in the sense of claptrap badly put together, the other site is one of the worst we have just about ever seen. Further than that won’t say, but someone else may care to elaborate.

    • joe says:

      spoken like a true reiki practioner,reiki was debunked years ago GOOGLE EMILY ROSA EXPERIMENT yes a nine year old girl debunked therauputic touch which is the same as reiki because both claim to use universal energy, i would not mind if reiki practioners only claim to rest and relax patients but i get angry when reiki practioners claim they can heal medical ailments, this is complete and utter nonesense, i believe here in AUSTRALIA there are moves to be made to prosecute reiki practioners that claim to heal people with medical problems.i went to your links and i agree with “TRUTH IN REALITY”

    • dave says:

      Sorry Lisa but your website is full of crap ! I tried to get the “meaning” but it’s messy and I have no time to loose with some dogs and cats pictures lol anyway …

    • criticalthinker says:

      High five!!

  70. reiki man says:

    we are not gods ,reiki can not heal but reiki can help people we never pretend we can heal but by people facing their fears or habits they become free of the bonds that they themselves tie
    so so sorry that you have this problem with reiki people just as normal people yes there are bad reiki masters but also some great reiki masters

    • joe says:

      yes the problem is that a lot of reiki masters claim to heal medical ailments, beyond rest and relaxation there is nothing else a reiki master can offer and lets face it i can rest and relax at home for FREE,as i said i dont have a problem with reiki practioners that dont make claims of healing people with medical ailments and i dont have a problem with people that want to pay for rest and relaxation.

  71. There are serious problems with people who use reiki in that because of its close connection with idolatry – worship of false gods – it comes with demons. That sometimes not be perceived until – as we have seen in the comments – someone wants to give up reiki.

    There is no doubt that reiki is playing with forces that we do not understand and that is dangerous, in the way meditation is. This seems obvious even if one doesn’t believe in what the Bible says. To say that everything is love and evil does not exist, or is not really dangerous, is not realistic. Even if someone doesn’t believe in the Bible, one could still appreciate that it would be wise to listen to some of the warnings in there: “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” (1 John 4)

    Reiki is also closely connected with the New Age which is very deceptive. In part due to all the corruption in Christianity, the writer was caught up in the New Age for many years and used to wonder why Christians left tracts in New Age bookstores, etc. but does not wonder anymore.

    If you do not already know the truth about the New Age, please see here: New Truth about the New Age

    Inside the New Age Nightmare

    • joe says:

      you are correct, but what i am saying is that apart from the fact that these reiki masters are breaking the first commandment, they also put themselves above god by promising to use god like powers to heal people, i find this repulsive, if they are getting any powers, then it must be from the devil.

      • Correct. That is the warning we can see on this thread posted by many people who have experienced this for themselves.

        Reiki is part of the New Age and people who are not sure may wish to research about the New Age and perhaps watch some Youtube vids like “Inside the New Age Nightmare”.

      • Poonam says:

        Lol.. calm down. Reiki is not evil n reiki practitioners never put them above God.. God is supreme.. No one is above him

    • dave says:

      worship of false gods — When I was practicing Reiki, I concentrated myself on Christian God and Jesus just like I do when I pray. I have never thought of any other fake gods or spirits nor angels or archangels. Only the father and son. So I still ask myself, how a demon can go with that when we know it goes away with prayers and the sign of the cross ? that is hard to believe when it’s all about peace and love.

  72. dodge says:

    If Reiki is somehow evil, then I denounce it right now in the name of Jesus Christ. I ask the Lord remove it entirely from me.

    • We need to do our own part and separate ourselves from it. As with other such things – often but not always – relationships that have made with people who still practice or advocate reiki may constitute some sort of soul tie that may need to be ended. Any equipment such as clothes, books and etc. will be cursed objects and are best thrown away, not given away or sold.

      • dave says:

        I have done the short prayer. Even I am not 100% convinced, if it is bad, it will go off me. I’m french so I had to traduced all the “short” prayer to say it loud in french and understand each words (it was a big job) lol I had a feeling when I did it. A feeling similar to the reiki passing through me. I dont know what is the meaning of this feeling but it was a good feeling. I ‘ll try the long prayer too. If it is bad it will get off and if it is not , it will stay. that’s all. I have nothing to throw out, no equipment. Anyway, thanks for those prayers.

      • anonymous says:

        From my personal experience, cut off any ties with reiki, crystallotherapy, Bach Flowers and so on… And if some time later, “casually” you meet again with any person who is still on this, don’t criticize, just excuse yourself and go away (as fast as you can…)

        Maybe you’ll be having strange dreams, in which you meet this people and they ask you why you left, or asking about your actual life… Don’t be scared, just tell nothing.

    • criticalthinker says:

      Dodge – what’s demonic and evil is an OP who believes spreading divisive, christian rhetoric is somehow godly. The bible says healing and resurrection can only come from divine source energy which is what reiki uses. It can never come from an evil place. Just trust your God-given voice and you’ll be fine. Peace be with you.

  73. john says:

    I have read the article but have not read all your comments. I do not know all of the bible nor do I know everything about reiki. But I know quite a bit, and am just writing this to share my experience. I am a former reiki master. I never doubted the existence of God but I made a foolish decision to get involved in reiki thinking it would get me closer to God. Long story short, reiki dragged me down into a type of spiritual hell. I became a reiki/seichem master, I received shamanic initiations, I did other various attunements and reached a point of having a big kundalini release. But none brought peace of heart or soul. In fact it all brought me further away from God than ever. Luckily after almost 4 torturous years, during a prayer to God my pain was instantly healed. I immediately made sense of the previous years and how I was lead down the wrong path so I gathered up every “new age” book and burned some, binned some and unfortunately gave some away. I should have burned them all !! Anyone who is going to delve into reiki out of curiosity, I encourage you to at least study the bible and search for God in an equal amount to what you will study reiki and your search for “enlightenment”. And let nobody con you that they are the same thing.

    • criticalthinker says:

      But apparently someone conned you to believe an elderly couple with no carpentry skills built an enormous boat by themselves and managed to load pairs of every animal on planet earth onto it and feed them successfully for 40 days and nights. Right…keep letting organized religion do your thinking buddy. Peace.

  74. L.Ram diwakar reddy says:

    Something going wrong with me if you prove me what is going wrong with me who why and how with evidence then I believe what do you say if not i will feel that everything bad due to some christians only what I am revealing do you understand I think with your prayer you come to know what is going wrong with me and give me with evidence a satisfied solution. Then only I believe christianity with my experience we have no enemies except acquaintances with christians. If you do not prove with proof I never going to believe christianity. YOU PEOPLE KILL ME THAT’S ALL.

    SEEKING FOR FINAL HOPE IF YOU PROVE IT. If you do not answer I will think you people spoiled my life. So you can also kill me no problem.

    • dave says:

      L.Ram diwakar reddy — That’s not very clear. Do you really have some problems ? Are you in Reiki ? … Tell us what is going on .

    • criticalthinker says:

      I think he’s saying Christians would kill him for being a non-believer…and he would be correct. Peace to you L.Ram 😀

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  76. Mike says:

    I read the article and comments. I am somewhat caught between my experiences with having healing done and finding my way back to god. I have had healings done on me in the name of Jesus by a Reiki practitioner and I was helped by her. I was raised a Christian and now I struggle with dogma and finding the right path. When you have a bible translated from ancient Hebrew to Greek to English and thousands of years of Churches , different doctrines proclaiming power , I have doubts which version is the true word of god or if parts of it are missing or have been added to. Anglican churches don’t pray to Mary but Roman Catholics do. If Jesus spoke to me and told or showed me that Reiki, Yoga or similar things are evil then I would of course follow him totally and with full heart unquestionably but so far all I see is various combinations of Christian doctrines , various forms of new age doctrines and paths. Who dos one believe ? which word of god dos one believe ? Are tribes of the Pygmy lost in the jungles dammed because they have no idea of Jesus ? there are a few questions there I ask.

    • criticalthinker says:

      Christianity is man-made and therefore very flawed. That’s all you need to know. Follow the God within and you’ll be fine. Peace.

  77. brenden says:

    I have come to learn just from this site, Christianity is definitely anti spiritual and anti evolutionary. out of all honesty Christianity sucks and your wasting your time putting your salvation in what you call jesus! you should have learned in adolescence that the only way to be saved is to save yourself! how stupid and primitive to think on Christian terms. they say occult is evil, however the entire bible is built from occult operation! now reiki is evil! might as well say bathing is demonic as well. oh yeah and botany that’s the work of the devil! SMH

    • dave says:

      Christianity is not only a religion, it is also history. Withness of men that where here many years before you and me. Don’t spit on them. Just stay open. I am a 2nd degree Reiki but I’m not sure if it is really a good thing. I had some good but some bad experiences too. It’s good to search the truth and asking questions. Good luck

      • criticalthinker says:

        Follow the “God” within you. Man-made mythology will never replace the light of truth that dwells within us all. You don’t need an organized religion to know this. Peace.

    • Jami says:

      The word religion means to re-bind. For most Christians there is a surface level of things they do and they don’t stop to ask why do I do this? Or where does this come from? But Only through relationship with Christ can one truly experience Christianity or becoming Christ like. We are still flawed in our nature at the root but each day we submit our efforts and our thoughts to be pleasing to our heavenly father and to becoming more like his perfect sinless son Jesus Christ when we get a massage or stretch in the morning it is for God the father’s glory and not any other name entity or organization. Jesus came and died so that we could be free from the laws of sin and death. And not bound to the services and needs of Reiki, Horoscopes, Drugs, or any other idol that we can create. Life these days may seem to be harder than in Biblical times but we still ask the same questions, Why am I here? Does anyone love or need me? And so on. I have found, that Jesus really is the answer. Whether it is for the gift of healing or relief from pain, or SALVATION of my eternal soul from damnation. I have seen and experienced his healing and witnessed many miracles from Him and Him alone. If you are looking for a deeply spiritual connection you can have it in Christ Jesus. If you want something that is constantly changing and Evolving you won’t God is the same yesterday today and forever. He never changes. His word is true. In fact Christ is the LIVING Word. He won’t change his mind on you and leave you in the lurch. He loved you Brenden so much that God the father orchestrated everything in the universe and time to bring his only son into existence and have him lay down His life for YOURS. I hope that you will not walk away from this site or comment and think that Christians don’t love their fellow man. Remember we a people like you only saved by His grace and we repent and recommit every day.

      God Bless You. Feel free to message me at Facebook Jami Kyeema Kelsey.

      • Truth in Reality says:

        Excellent reply, thank you.

      • criticalthinker says:

        “…they don’t stop to ask why” – that my friend is known as “cult mentality”. Welcome to Satan in sheep’s clothing…peace be with you.

    • anonymous says:

      Maybe botany not, but here in Spain reiki is sending many people to psychiatrists and, later, to exorcists… The Pope has appointed eight new of them, just in order to clear the damage reiki is doing here…

  78. Jessie says:

    This is just my opinion but how do you know what’s really true? I mean in every single religion there is slightly different theories and in every churches its bible is almost always often slightly different .
    Everybody has different ideas and meanings on life. If we didn’t then we wouldn’t be human!
    What’s my theorie?
    I think God is real , I don’t think you need to be born again or some Shit like that to see the truth you just gotta know where to look and stop ignoring it.
    I think demons (sometimes called spirits) were cast down to earth and that’s when Shit started happening.
    When people or religion say everything happens for a reason. I don’t necessarily think it is true. A five year old kid dying in his fathers arms. There’s no reason for something like that to happen. I think horrible things like that happening like war and all that Shit there should be no reason behind it. Demons are on this earth with us you don’t notice it because you may not know or maybe you aren’t looking the right way.
    Imagine a thin sheet of glass , but what reflects off it is mirrors going behind it but all we can see is that first layer because truth is we aren’t looking but once you look into that other mirror behind it that’s when you realise our world is like a fake illusion inside another world.
    I know this is getting off topic lol
    I reckon reiki is a group of spirits or demons or my be its just one I agree with this web site completely.
    And for all those people who are into reiki I recommend you take a hard long look at your life and work shit out.
    Sit down and actually dig a little deeper into the origins of reiki and shit be for you start laying your hands on people again in what you call the healing process.
    But this is just my opinion reply back if you agree : )

    • criticalthinker says:

      Good for you exercising your god-given ability to think critically! And you didn’t even need a man-made book or religion. Keep up the intelligent thinking 🙂

    • anonymous says:

      The founder of Reiki died not so many years after of teaching it, of a heart attack. (a health issue)

      Its successor, Hayashi, killed himself in front of their disciples… Usually, you’ll find different explanations, I’ll offer you another:

      I think that Hayashi actually believed Reiki was a good thing, but, I don’t know how, He discovered in what kind of thing he had gotten himself into. It came hand on hand with discovering “not-so-spiritual” uses that the disciples were giving to Reiki (just plain old-fashioned manipulation of people/weather/situations)… So, he talked to them and killed himself. From that moment, a whole bunch of the disciples disappeared from reiki: these people not even wanted their names appearing anywhere near reiki. And we are talking of the third levels of the time, the “top of the top”… They asked their names erased.

      Not so long after that, Japan was the only country in the world attacked with not 1, but 2 nuclear bombs.

  79. Jessie says:

    Also fyi it is not God who lets Terrible
    Things happen it is Satan and demons they are on the earth with us.
    In the beginning when eve ate that piece of fruit and agreed to Satan’s idea.
    They were kicked out of paradise to live mortal lives have children and then in their old age die.
    Satan hates us but he is also cunning.
    God loves us and he will step in soon.
    God gave us free will , Satan knows he is running out of time and that’s why Shit has been worse lately which means things are about to go down but it will get better I promise.

    • Emeral Dust says:

      There are a lot more Christians in this world than any other belief system other than the Muslims.

      I think these are dominant groups of spiritually, and others need to take hard long responsibilities for the condition this world is in. None us are helpless in this. Humanity can care and should more caring about humanity in the sense that creates good community. Heal yourself through your knowledge.

      • criticalthinker says:

        But these dominate religions are man-made and not divine at all as they like to tell us “sheeple”. Organized religion must be rejected in every form in order to reach a loving, peaceful state of utopia…dreaming I know. Peace.

      • sean says:

        @criticalthinker in comment below. You are a fool. have you ever even looked into Christianity ? How can you say it is man made ? It is the only religion made by God himself! God created Judaism and then from that sprung Christianity. And in your previous posts you say it is not spiritual ? It is the most spiritual religion of all, afterall we converse with Almighty God and who said of Jesus “this is my son, listen to him” and therefore we listen to him.

  80. wow says:

    so much white man delusion rubbish… know so little, write so much rubbish. well, if your soul don’t get to go to the recycling bin, enjoy laughing at this idea here when you look back…

  81. Jane says:

    Reminds me of the inquisition!

      • People who understand about these things would tell you that Catholicism is corrupted Christianity. Some would say it is not even Christianity.

        Certainly, the Catholic leadership and many things about the institution of Catholicism are idolatrous and corrupt.

        Although of course there are very many within the Catholic church who are ‘good’ Christians.

        A Catholic might say there is much good in the Catholic church so it is like a garden, don’t look at the dirt, look at the flowers.

        A Christian deliverance minister would tell you that there is so much darkness and demonic activity in the Catholic church, in so many ways, to keep away from it at all costs.

        There is no doubt it’s a long list. The veneration of saints and relics and so forth which constitute cursed idolatrous objects, false antichrist doctrine (especially in that the Catholic church claims to be the mediator between God and man and the Pope claims to be Christ on Earth), the grisly torture murder of hundreds of thousands, some say millions, of non-Catholics – including Jews – in the Middle Ages during the Catholic Inquisition and the list goes on, and on, and on.

        The Secret Truth about Roman Catholicism

        We would say the latter is closer to the truth.

        Mission To Catholics

      • Jane says:

        10 generations of healers were killed due to the inquisition, in the name of Christianity. For what reasons? Fear, greed, hatred, untruths…

  82. Jane says:


  83. Jane says:

    There is no religion affiliated with reiki. Reiki is energy, simple. We are energy, everything is energy. There are no demons involved, only intention. No harm can be done with Reiki, only good.

    • David says:

      1- There is no religion affiliated with reiki. — true 2- Reiki is energy, simple. (but from where ? from who ? we just dont know and reiki masters dont know too ! ) 3- There are no demons involved, only intention. (how can we be so sure about what demons do ? 4- intentions means nothing but results yes. I can do something with good intention but ruin everything because the result is not what I expected! 5- No harm can be done with Reiki, only good. ( at first degree yes. But how can I be sure all the crap I got since 10 years is not a feedback from reiki. Or maybe a demon is enjoying turturing me ! — So, the point is : We just dont know !

      • anonymous says:

        In my personal experience, it’s very common that Reiki users have lots and lots of not-easy-to-understand problems. At the same that they say that they feel excellent, ok, alright… I used to be one of them.

    • sean says:

      Reiki is a religion in and of itself. Is any belief system not the same ? They reference other religions and cherry pick words from the Bible to create a broad umbrella to gather people in to deceive them and lead them away from God. They tell people who are not open to it that they need ” to let go of their fear of the unknown” and to “only think positive and don’t listen to fear”. I think fear is sometimes there for good reason. And when we read the Bible we can see that there really is nothing unknown about the “unknown”. It is the reiki people who have closed their minds and been deceived by familiar spirits. Turn to God and he will show you the truth.

    • Laurey says:

      If God is involved in reiki, and God is love, why would someone need a reiki master to heal them? Is Love a limited energy or abundant? If love is abundant and can be generated from within ourselves why do we need a reiki master to heal us? It makes no sense. You know what it does do….feed the ego and generate money.

      • criticalthinker says:

        You don’t need reiki to heal yourself but you also don’t need organized religion to reach God (as they tell sheeple). At least reiki gives people actual tools to peace and happiness instead of just creating mouthpieces to spread their dogma. This whole article is scripted Christian rhetoric.

      • Sharon Burton says:

        Excellent point!

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  85. Lenny says:

    I don’t reikians is a word… I’m pretty certain that the word you were going after is “Reiki practitioner/s” 😕😒

    • Why not? says:

      If you believe in God IT IS BECAUSE OF THE DEVIL……..! (work that one out if you can)

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  87. Reiki Master attunement costs $200 in Bulgaria.

    According to you, probably the mantra of the Heart symbol from Karuna Reiki is calling the deamon of the Heart …

    The attunement for RaKaMa Reiki is just a prayer to God !

    (but you don’t know these things – you’ve made the three steps to the Reiki Master level and think – that’s it – I know everything about the world of energy)

  88. Bluzulu says:

    You’re an ignorant imbecile. Firstly…there is no laying of hands upon people in Reiki. The hands never even touch the person. Secondly…there is spontaneous healing going on all the time in the world. What do you think happens when you cut your finger? Your body immediately starts to heal itself. When a person’s energy is blocked because of trauma either past or present and they are suffering from depression…you are telling me you’d rather have them take pharmaceuticals rather than have someone NATURALLY assist them by way of Reiki to get their energy flowing again properly? You’re sick, and talk about “Satanic”. You can’t get more Satanic than Big Pharma baby. An industry hell-bent on poisoning the whole world and leaving people mindless zombies. And yes…we are wrestling against the physical as well. That is why we are spirit, mind AND body.

    • Sharon Burton says:

      I have heard it said,a Reiki practitioner, is a lazy massage therapist. Hince, the no touching….

  89. Prudence says:

    I agree with a lot of this as I have experienced the darker side of reiki as a reiki 2 practitioner. I do not practice anymore and I refuse to let anyone practice on me, as a spiritually sensitive person I could actually feel a demonic or otherwise nasty presence coming through me by way of practioners who were spiritually unclean. However you make discriminating points between what reiki teaches in relation to the church and how these particular excerpts from the bible pertain to the correct response. But I ask how can you tell that you yourself are not being deceived? In your church with your beliefs? You could easily take reiki and spiritism out of the equation and those excerpts could also pertain to misled Christians as well. And I’m not saying you and yours are indeed misled this isn’t a confrontational statement it’s actually a honest question and one I’ve been struggling with: How does one know that one has found the lord or is imbued with the Holy Spirit and not a false teaching, spirit or entity? How does one discriminate between the light of the lord and others who intend to deceive?

    • The Bible tells us the answer: “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” (Acts 17:11)

      Such as there is no other name by which men must be saved – and ‘name’ would include the name of a person or a system such as ‘reiki’.

      This article comprising KJV scripture on the subject of the Holy Spirit helps to discern the true Holy spirit, which will always glorify Jesus.

      The True Holy Spirit

  90. JC says:

    I read your comments about Reiki and found so many downright lies, it made me wonder if you ever thought of the words Jesus said, judge not, and you shall not be judged. Anything a person practices, with the intent for the good of everyone involved, can become dangerous to those who choose, to judge people that are doing what they know is pure. Even prayer Said with good intentions, in jesus name, backfires when religious groups begin to criticize each other’s beliefs. I was personally guided to Reiki after my personal Christian re- birth in our Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve come to realize that any spiritual thing we do, around others is going to create judgment within groups. I would rather practice prayer and Reiki, for the benefit of others inside a closet with my door closed, than with a group of people that contains one judgmental person. I’ve experienced the effects of being judgemental and have witnessed the effects that come to others when the goodness of God is being judged. Loveing the lord Your God, and others like Yourself, does not include being judgmental. That is why so many of us fail at following Christ fully and why some monks go off to live by theirself or take the vow of silence. It’s not what goes into the mouth that can hurt you, but what comes out of the mouth.

    • Manisha says:

      Absolutely agree…What you think you become is the key to everything…The world is built by thoughts..So even if you think your are right, you are right and even if you think you are wrong, you are right! Faith and good thoughts are the key to happiness and peace.

  91. I am sorry you feel this way about Reiki. Allow me to just say a few things here.

    1. I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher for just over twenty years. I never paid money to learn Reiki. Most don’t. Only the greedy charge for this- just like greedy ministers on television.

    2. I have also been a member of the Christian clergy for quite sometime. I don’t see were Reiki cannot be part of a Christian mindset.

    3. Dr. Usui WAS a christian himself. You can even see this in his own writings. Maybe you should have done a bit of research yourself before penning this article.

    See, we all bring our religious faith to whatever we do. If one is into the New Age movement, they are going to bring that into Reiki with them. I do not agree with the New Age movement, however, it is out there.

    We also must understand, that Reiki is a power for good. We ask ourselves, what would Jesus do? He would tell you not to judge. That is up to God alone.

    • criticalthinker says:

      Uh-oh. Don’t go using scripture which doesn’t suit the sheeple’s purpose. You might reveal the true demonic agenda of organized religion or something 😉

  92. Amde says:

    I was invited to receive a reiki healing by my friend, no way am I going, I’m a Christian of Catholic denomination. If it’s not of God or Jesus then I don’t want to know. Now from the outside it looks like I’m so closed minded, but one thing you have to remember is where in a culture of do everything and anything, do what you want or what thou wilt (The evil many Crowley saying).

    I don’t argue that reiki doesn’t work or heal, It just weird that in these times anyone can heal a person, In the Bible Jesus healed the sick and cured, as well as raised the dead. He then gave his powers to cure the sick etc to his disciples. But not everyone in the world was cute the sick and heal? Also where did the Buddisht monk
    get his inspiration or instruction from? The Universe?
    You see the problem is many who don’t believe in God, Jesus don’t believe that the devil exists. So you hear many who are ‘spiritual’
    say the ‘universe’. Do good and the universe
    will reward you, give out good thoughts and
    the universe will give it to you back. No mention of God, God is replaced by the
    universe. I was on a forum and someone
    mentioned pantheism, I never knew such a
    thing existed.
    Also those who are spiritual in my opinion take different religions and deities, Buddishim,
    Hindu, Tarot, Ancient Egypt, all except Christianity. Like you support different football teams and don’t have one fixed team, also it’s like still forever searching getting different practices and still not fully being satisfied.
    Energy, Universe, Chakras, Third Eye, these are not of God.

    Sadly today many don’t Believe Jesus Christ a the true Messiah and that the Devil exists, that Satan decieved Adam and Eve, Was throne out
    of heaven him and his fallen Angels and had dominion and influence on the world and put many images signs and symbols praising him.

    • criticalthinker says:

      Spoken like a true sheeple spreading organized religion’s demonic agenda. Wow.

      • anonymous says:

        “Organized religion’s demonic agenda”???
        Well… do you know what a psychological projection is?
        The truth inside us always tries to express itself. When a person has been unknowingly saddled with an encrusted “Vow” of secrecy and silence, the truth will try to go out, anyway… Did you not know?

      • Sharon Burton says:

        For one who keeps repeating, “sheeple” “closed mind” judgmental is exactly what you, yourself appear as…

    • SWD says:

      If I were you I would get out of catholocism, it’s full of idolatry, eg. Mary worship is an abomination unto God

  93. Leonard says:

    Our Health is what we aim for ‘Treasure it’

    You should never promote something that you can not clearly explain and prove!

    Nikola Tesla once stated,

    To understand the Universe you must think,

    “Energy, Frequency & Vibration”.

    There is a Healing system called Reiki.

    How do you promote it as a Value and explain that this something that you call Reiki really does work and then “Prove” that It works.

    That is what we have to do when trying to understand and explain as to what is this system called Reiki and, then how do we prove that it really works.

    Unfortunately too many people use stories and alleged examples that claim to heal as proof about the system works for the benifit of an individual.

    The system of Reiki is not Spiritual.

    It really is about increasing the Energy, Frequency and Vibration within the Energy Centers of the Mental/ Emotional Body the persons “Chakras” (Energy Centres) that are connected to every organ within our bodies.

    So lets get rid of all of the mystery and created mystique that people have created around this System of Reiki and look at what it really is.

    Understanding as to what is the system and to offer some “Proof” is not easy as there are many who make claims that the system exists but do not offer any supportive conclusions with any logic and unfortunately evidence other than many comments being made that are focused on the alledged results.

    There are 2 questions that should be asked about this System called Reiki and they are;

    “What Reiki really is” and

    “What makes it so”.

    So do you really want to know what this system that is called Reiki really is and the Truth that is behind it.

    Ever since a japanese Buddhurst Monk had a vision about Healing many have tried to explain what it was that he was able to do. Even though his memory has been given the credit for the concept of the system, but that is maybe not what in the conclusion really happened as it was one of his students who has to be given the credit for the way that the system really works with the introduction of the symbols that is to-day recognised as the basis of the system.

    Simply put is that there were 4 recognised symbols that are associated with the System of Reiki, each hold individual vibrations and when they are written as a sentence ( called an Attunement) and applied through the Physical into the Mental/Emotional Energy Centres (Chakras) as energy, that sentence creates a 5th symbol and it is that sentance that raises the vibrations of the Energy centres.

    At the completion of each of the recognised Levels (1, 2, 3) the vibrations of the flow of energy into Chakras that is reversed from Receiving to Giving Out.

    That change of direction can be tested by the placement of hands over the Crown or over a proxy (Teddy Bear or Pillow as with distant healing) and a sence Warmth/ Heat, a tingling or a ‘no’ entry into the client, if however there is a sence of entry into the client then the reversal has not been applied and the applied vibrations do not hold.

    So we have a brief explination to the question, What is Reiki, the answer to the rest of the question, Why is it so takes a more in-depth explination.

    Where does this vibration originate from or “What makes it so”.

    Within the system of Reiki there are 4 recognised symbols, chokurei, seiheiki, honshazeshonen and daikomyo. They can be seen as symbols or as single words (describe as Switchwords with no spaces, puntuation or gaps). The symbols have been also been associated with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each of these symbols no matter how they are written hold individual vibrations.

    Depending on how a sentence is written during an attunement and providing that only the 4 recognised symbols are used, and they can be written in 6 different ways. Simply put, if the sentence (Attunement) is written as 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4, 1. the resulting 5th symbol is “unconditional love”,not as many claim (“universal life force energy”). if however by writing the sentence (Attunement) and by rearranging 2, 3, 4, the results create different 5th vibrations these are “father mother source” ”situation” “satisfaction” “vitality” “youth”.

    So now we have answers to the questions,

    “What is Reiki and What makes it so”.

    Simple but complicated, confusing but not Spiritual and teaching but not taught, from the Physical into the Mental/Emotional and the end result is better health and a developed sence of calm.

    All of this however is only the start of the journey, a journey that will involve the rest of your life working with your living systems. Just remember what it was that Nikola Tesla said, To understand the Universe you have to think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration then you start to understand and work into the Universe.

    So read on and enjoy.

    • criticalthinker says:

      Wonderful explanation but unfortunately you’re addressing individuals who’ve had their egos completely erased (brainwashed) in order to spread the demonic agenda of organized religion. But thank you for trying anyways. Peace and light 😀

    • Frankly, that seems like gobbledygook. Truth is simple. God knows better than we do and we ought to listen to Him rather than make up our own theories which are often unnecessarily complicated. They rarely account for the sinfulness which is undoubtedly universally manifest in mankind. Nikola Tesla could have meant something else entirely other than your interpretation of his words.

  94. Billybsbuster says:

    Wow, next thing I’m waiting to hear is Yogananda is the devil because meditation is the devils tools if it’s not done within the walls of a place of warship.

    maybe the gods and angels be with you and light the way to the real teachings of Jesus Christ.

  95. 2gsmd says:

    👼🙏🏻❤️🃏 The Father Our Heavenly Father I give thanks to! In my troubles and seeking the aide of our Father Jesus Christ the only God, I have found this reading. I am so thankful! I have been deceived by my own ignorance. It is by my own ignorance and my heartfelt love of life that I fell prey to be victimized. I too am forever grateful of my intelligence I’ve been blessed with that enabled me to further seek truth! Thru the power of our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ our God has opened my eyes for my mind to see what my heart and soul feels! I have prayed the powerful pray to be released from the demons that were within me and that for the spirit of our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ the only GOD to enter and fill me full with his spirit. For the door of enemy to be closed to never be allowed to enter again! I prayed to be forgiven that I was lost and deceived. It is by my faith and belief in Jesus I KNOW I have truly been released! I want everyone to know my experience when I prayed this pray I prayed speaking the pray not only in my mind heart and soul but also saying it aloud. When doing so I felt YES felt the demons struggle in trying to make me stop in every possible way meaning they tried to have thoughts enter my mind they tried to have another intervene thru interruption none of which the glorious powers and love of our Father allowed! I felt him enter me! I was breathing heavy, shaking, all the while sweating profusely. To my delight I felt a sudden calmness and peace! Hallelujah! I have learned many lessons in my life and by the Grace of God I have learned there is no good to come if you have taken the seat of the throne! I can’t control this vehicle it’s much to complicated! I can learn and I give the drivers seat back to the rightful owner who needs to have the bright lights on to see!! I can do this… See I am a too for light for Jesus to shine and thru me he shines! a lessened learned if your lights are dim go to our father he can recharge them to be and remember let it he to be in control and your light will shine bright never to run into a ditch! He is the Only that has the right key!! Oh I thank you Heavenly Father for allowing me to learn and giving me the knowledge to see truth. You know I am stubborn and you never really left and you knew to when to slam on the breaks to sling me off the throne so that I would give it back to thee! I am sorry Father I will never dare again the curiosity had finally been satisfied! And by the way I didn’t like it even when it seemed good it never showed to be a true satisfaction And never gave any peace in my soul! Whew! I feel good now and what a mess I have to clean and it’s all good I accept the truth of my hard head ways and feel empowered by yet another lesson learned now I can continue and spread the word to others! Happy Happy Happy lol! True! Bless you Father for Blessing Me! I love you! Amen. Peace …..

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  97. author: this article is full of lies,just for start, the bible is the most manipulated sacred text in the whole history of the human kind and you base all your speculations on bible passages! oh my lord!

    • Joshua Mahoney says:

      My “LORD” is the Lord God and Father of Jesus Christ. “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.”

      You are warned in God’s WORD of the curses of leading others astray through false teaching. Unless you confess of false teaching, repent and cease this lie of Reiki you will spend eternity in Hell (separated from your Creator).

  98. Tina Velez says:

    I was blessed with the ability to heal by laying on of hands & through prayer since birth. I don’t want to be labeled as a “Christian Healer” & people be turned off by it. People judge ‘Christians’ harshly for believing in Jesus as Lord & Savior..I am taking a Reiki Course just to have a piece of paper with my name on in to let people know that I am here for them & want to help them in their suffering without wanting any money. Jesus didn’t charge to heal, so I will not be receiving compensation for it. I actually don’t use the symbols to heal because I was born with this beautiful gift. It comes to me naturally. Christians tend to point out other people’s wrong doings more than most people out there. Are you going to sit there & tell me how “wrong I am for wanting to help people with out having them be turned off by labeling myself with a religion?” I am a spiritual person with a strong relationship with Christ…I am also Native American. Yes, Indians know that Jesus Christ died for our sins & having him live in us by inviting him in is the way to eternal life. Before the Bible came, indigenous tribes lived all over the world, using plants as medicine & prayer to heal. My culture has been lied about & mis-taught by the US Government, my people slaughtered to almost extinction by so called “Christians”. How was the love of Jesus shown there? Anyway, whenever someone comes to me for help & healing, I ask that God forgives me of any sin I have committed consciously or subconsciously, then ask for the Holy Spirit to guide me in helping this person that God has sent to me & to use me as His healing vessel so that He may receive the glory & that other people can come to know Him as our Lord & Savior by increasing faith, & ask for protection before beginning any laying on of hands. Then I praise God in my head the whole time I’m being used to heal…

    • Read this article and comments to find out why it is definitely not a good idea to get into reiki.

      Based on Buddhism, there is no doubt that reiki does conflict with Christianity, as Buddhism is idolatry, breaking the first commandment.

      The Bible tells us God abhors religious syncretism.

  99. Lumina Trail says:

    Reiki truly is amazing!

  100. ellis white says:

    Its long been debated that jesus was a reiki practioner himself and that he learnt the art during the 12 years of his life the bible fails to account for. there is no evil or malice in reiki only in a website telling you who to hate wake up to proganda people

    • Debated by whom? We are told not to take away from what is written in the Bible nor to add to it. The Bible does not mention reiki.

      If that truly was the case, the Bible would definitely have told us so.

      The Bible tells us that it is Jesus who saves.

    • SWD says:

      that’s a lie, he NEVER% [ractised reiki his power came from the Holy Spirit of God, Jesus was God in flesh, he and the Father are one.

  101. Alisabethe Jergens says:

    Thank you! I am visiting an old friend who just happened by Divine protection for me to mention she was into teiki!
    I knew it was not of God thus before visiting I am fasting and praying that yes I will be protected. Y the Mae and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ but that she too may see the truth of Jesus as God and the only way to Heaven!
    Any other assistance you can give me I would appreciate as it would be a blessing to have her eyes open to the Truth not a truth!
    Thank you

  102. anonymous says:

    Hi, I don’t remember Jesús being shy… If he had been taught Reiki and using it, he would have said so. But he did not.
    When you’re attuned to 1st Level of Reiki, to 2nd Level of Reiki, and 3rd Level of Reiki, nobody tells you which Price are you going to pay for the use of all this energy… Have you been told, yet? No, I suppose not, because you could start running as fast as you can.

  103. Jessie says:

    Wow, how brain washed are you! I send you love and light and pray you wake up.

    • anonymous says:

      Please, do not send NOTHING to me: I have not asked… Do you know the meaning of RESPECT to others?

  104. Desiree Green says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m afraid to even read your site it’s so dark and fearful! May God bless you and protect you. I’m glad you have found a new path.
    May the God of Hope fill you with all joy as you trust in Him so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you will abound in hope. Did you ever practice reiki in Jesus name?
    Reiki done in Jesus name is really lovely and has been a beautiful practice in my prayer time. I have always used it as a way to honor a person and their beauty, to go honor the treasure they are to the God of Heaven and Earth. I’m not trying to be “master” of anything. I serve one Master. He is happy to use the channels established by reiki practice. His healing has been multiplied and magnified in astonishing healings. I don’t see Biblical precidence for a demon healing or blessing anyone. It’s not there.
    The information you present here is not true. I hear the experience you had, and hear you want to warn people. I hope you will pray about it again.
    The dark things of which you speak will not disperse because you spread fear. It’s OK to be afraid. Stuff is really scary. You are right that all good lies hold lots of truth, that’s where the danger lies. But darkness does not heal. Darkness enslaves and spreads fear and scarcity. The thing you are afraid of is not reiki. It is real, your experiences were real, but it is not reiki. I don’t know who attuned you or what the origin of your attunement was, but there were dark things involved that are not reiki. Using the name of Jesus inside of your reiki creates safety from what you fear. Would you be willing to ask Jesus about it? If what you understood to be reiki was really reiki?
    There is one Jesus. One and only one who will walk right into hell with you and come out with the keys. He is my King and yours. I’m so happy for you!! Love to you and wishing you many blessings!! I don’t doubt you should probably stay away from it. But you may be discouraging others unnecessarily.

    • There is one true Jesus, and many antichrists (anti means “against” but also “in place of”). 2 Cor 11:4 says: “For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.”

      Also Acts 4:12 tells us “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” That must by definition include the name of “reiki”,

    • Would you define the term you have used “demon healing”, as you understand it?

  105. SWD says:

    Anyone buying ionto this reiki rubbish I highly suggest you read the bible from cover to cover but ask God to give you undertstanding beofore hand seek God NOT useless demonic things like reiki that will only j\keep you side tracked and away from the narrow path Jesus spoke of.

    • Name says:

      People people… 🙂 If you all know these things for sure in your hearts why you bother with so much talking? 🙂 what do you WANT to achieve and to prove?everyone seems to be highly educated here so i sugest to you…forget education for second and have a look at this…Christian or no,Reiki or no,Muslim or no and so on you all have something in common that i already wrote above…YOU WANT!!! In truth with this rooth idea of wanting so much people consume the world and destroy all in their path just to achieve something that is ilusionary product of their minds.Can someone prove to me existance of God? 🙂 Yes,no? Left,right?Up and down? God n devil?We all breathe same air we all hear same things and we all eat,sleep,feel,see things…stop wasting your time and start being alive and you will face God i guaranty you that…oh yes and LEARN how to.rest your minds as much this sounds easy and than you will also discover THE devil. 🙂 peace to all of you :**

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  107. Manisha says:

    I am a Hindu from India, a reiki healer, who has studied from a Convent school and therefore prayed to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary in school, studied Chinese language and culture out of interest and curiosity as it is an ancient culture. My parents never forced any religious thoughts upon me nor did they criticise any religion or human being. I have therefore been lucky to pick up the good from all the people and all religions and believe in only good and bad. Religion is only a God’s channel to teach us good moral values and establish kindness, virtues and harmony in the world. Since I have experienced the good in all religions as well as Reiki, I wish to throw light on some of the facts mentioned here.

    First of all, Namaste doesn’t have anything to do with ” Me Satan”. A person who believes in God will never logically infer anything like that. You think and infer according to what primarily drives your mind and I can only see “fear”, “ego” and “ignorance” driving this thought here. Namaste is derived from Sanskrit and it means “bow to you”. It has the essence of bowing down and respecting one and all. Every religion teaches you to respect people.

    Now about reiki. We are all ignorant human beings and we all live in our own bubbles. We create the world through our thoughts and hence it is our first responsibility to control our thoughts towards ourselves as well as others and create a world where all of us can live in peace and harmony. Reiki diverts this universal consciousness towards the same. Since we are ignorant species I would like to believe that God is Universal consciousness and He is looking to create a good harmonious world through various tools. Reiki is one of them. That God could be any God, Jesus or from any other religion. They are names given to the Supreme power by different religions. Reiki doesn’t encourage bad thoughts, it’s about kindness and compassion towards all. God’s love is within us and we get lost in the negativity of the real world. Tools like reiki and other meditational practices help us find the God within us. We are all born out of the same Universal consciousness. Love connects, hatred divides is all I have seen and learnt.

    As far as religious practices go, they too preach love and kindness towards all which is the very essence of reiki. I was in great trauma and almost had suicidal thoughts. Reiki saved me. Hence I believe it is a channel of God. If it were satan’s tools I would not be alive today and I would not be experiencing peace, kindness and bliss.

    About the great Buddha and other spiritual forces that we have had on this planet. We are inherently spiritual beings. If you observe you can think good about some external force or energy only when you are detached. Lets say for eg: if you are a corporate employee, you are attached to your position and will have natural feelings like jealousy, anger, hatred etc. This applies to every area of human life. We are humans inherently exprience negative feelings inspite of our beliefs in God. This is because we are attached to our people, families, nations, Gods, cultures and so on. Buddha meditated and freed himself of these ordinary feelings and hence he attained enlightenment and so did the other spiritual greats of all times. If you observe their lives, they experienced some kind of trauma which led them closer to God.

    God is Univeral consciousness. Disease happens because of ill-feelings and because virtuous human beings are able to escape the world and generate good thoughts and feelings, they get the power to absorb the outcomes (disease) of the bad thoughts of ordinary humans and become the Supreme. We, the ordinary reiki healers are only channels chosen by the Universal consciousness to heal some part of it. I was healed by my Reiki Master but he charged a nominal fee and never forced me into any beliefs, thoughts or practices. I still think rationally and independently.

    I respect all human beings and religions. We can win over any negative feelings only by bringing in love and compassion into our lives. Any God or religion teaches us just that.

    Love & Light to all,
    An ordinary human being who loves God and His creations and wishes well for all.

  108. concerned christian says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Important!!! When someone becomes a Reiki Master, in some cases they are told that the “Spiritual Beings” that are “moving” and taking care of the Reiki energy (and that you call and give permissions by using the symbols) are the SPIRITS IN MOUNT KURAMA (Japan). I found an article, absolute non-related to reiki, that explains historically what truly is Mount Kurama and what are those entities… UNBELIEVABLE!!! (The neighbors called it “The Dark Mountain”…)

    Check for yourselves and think by yourselves.


    Each day I am more and more happy of being a Christian…

  109. concerned christian says:

    Sorry, for those who do not know yet, Mount Kurama is where Dr. Mikao Usui went to fast and meditate for 21 days, in order to receive guidance… and what he received was Reiki and Reiki symbols…

    I’m shocked to realize that this man went to receive “divine guidance” to a mountain that, traditionally for more than 1000 years, every japanese knew to be a prison for ghosts and demons, I did not know that. How can you go to preach and meditate to a mountain full of ghosts, receive some symbols and happily go putting them into people??? Not one Reiki Master is explaining this fact to the people they attune!!! They say that Mt. Kurama is a “Holy Buddhist Place”, or a “Holy Shintoist Shrine”. They forget to say that japanese used shrines to stop and cage evil forces…

    I think that I now understand the true reason why his successor, Chujiro Hayashi, committed suicide in front of all his Reiki followers and, after that, more than a third of the 3rd levels of the moment asked their names erased of each and every register of Reiki. (This is an historical fact: between the names of Reiki practitioners who paid tribute to Mikao Usui, and the real registers of people who atended the school, there is far, far more than a third of them lacking, and with their names erased). CREEEEPY!

    • concerned christian says:

      you forgot the main point:
      Mount Kurama = prison for devils and ghosts = place of living of the reiki guides (and this has be en confirmed by many ex-reiki másters worlwide)
      so… what are then these “reiki guides”???

  110. Randall says:

    I weep for the future of Christianity when people can make such hateful statements about something they clearly know nothing about and receive cheers from others.

    • Mary says:

      Agree with Randall.

      Please point me to the scripture where God condones any of the medical practices and pharmaceuticals that are so widely accepted. Chemo pumped into your system that destroys all the good cells along with the bad? Radiation that fries every cell in atemt to “cure”. Meds that treat one symtom but cause 5 others???

      If you shun one form of healing then I trust you also don’t visit a doctor and consume pharmaceuticals.

      God is so so so much bigger than all your arguments about what is wrong or right. Look at a snowflake, look at the power a simple blessing has on a water molecule?! I really wish more love and tolerance would enter every heart so we can really start to experience the amazing power and love of our creator. Keep looking for the darkness and you will surely find it. How very sad.

  111. Concerned Christian says:

    I would like to thank this page, and all persons who have helped and offered their opinions, all of them. This page, this information, has been truly important to me in delivering myself from reiki.

    For 14 years I was a practitioner of Reiki, with the best intentions and believing that Reiki was what I had been told: Universal Light, Universal Love, Healing that can not do harm,…

    Sadly, I discovered by myself that this is not the truth. Nobody influenced me in seeing that, just that some things happened and I started to THINK about it: about how it had affected my life, about the people around me who did Reiki and how their lives went,… When I started to think about it, I realized that the words and the facts did not match, in any way.

    Even then, I still thought that maybe it was a problem of how people used it, but maybe the TRUE Reiki was a good thing. I persevered in not using it whatever happened to me, even in accidents and illness, I persevered in no using that. As a result, I discovered that there is not any True Reiki hidden elsewere, waiting for good intentioned practitioners to discover and use it: if you do what Reiki masters teach you, the first thing you are doing is breaking your own safety and opening it to any evil influence around you… and there are many. What you think you are “Channeling”, ends up being (mostly) some “entity” (or whatever) that is having some fun with you, and/or ends up attaching itself to you and trying you to live their thoughts, instead of you yourself living your life.

    Christ wants us free, responsible and happy, making ourselves our own choices. He never comes and tries to impose his will upon us, nor force us to do things that only can bring unhappiness.

    My sad experience with the whole “New Age” thing, is that is truly, truly, truly deceptive, manipulative and dangerous for the practitioner.

    And yes, this page, information and testimonies has helped me to see clearly what Is good to me, and what is not.

    Thank you.

    • Manisha says:

      I agree there is something wrong happening here on this planet which is why there are so many wrong people in powerful positions.

      Check out this link on Illuminati:

      Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL “Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings”

      But, how do we protect ourselves from it? How do we work on making it right? Can’t there be white magic just as there is black magic? What if God is actually channelising his energy through us? Who are we to stop that? Should we all just be sitting ducks doing nothing about it? I personally feel if we are not throwing out wrong harmful intentions there is nothing wrong in practising reiki.

      I am not a reiki master. I have done just two levels and I practise reiki on myself and my family and am here to find out more as I have a limited knowledge of it.

      I respect you as you are senior and would like to ask you a few questions if you may help.

      1) Have all the people you practised reiki on recovered? I have seen miraculous recoveries for myself and my family as well. I do not practise it on others as I have just half knowledge of reiki.

      2) Do you think there is anything wrong in sending good intentions like world peace, protection of children, protection from wrath of nature, etc?

      3) Have you ever done anything wrongful or sent out wrong or harmful intentions to anybody?

      4) How do you feel after giving reiki to yourself?

      5)What has been your overall experience about reiki? Because reiki is something you have experienced and I am sure it hasn’t harmed you or anybody around. I want to know what made you think? The internet stories are just what we read, reiki is something that we have experienced. Am I right?

      Let’s just put egos, religion etc aside and think about this.

      As for Mount Kurama I need to research, I don’t know how much you can trust this article link that you have posted. Believe in what you think, see or experience than what you read or listen is all I can say

      • The Bible tells us clearly that demons are able to provide healing. World peace unfortunately is particularly dangerous ground which is used to great effect by the demonic. As is anything that does address the inherent sinfulness in mankind and does not glorify God and His Son Jesus. That is an inescapable fact.

        “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.” (Jeremiah 6:14)

        The devil has countless ways of catering to people’s perceived spiritual needs which circumvent God and Jesus, and none of them, no matter how seemingly appealing, are acceptable to God because He knows they will never work. The aim of the demonic is its survival by any means and the Enemy has something for everyone.

        The Bible says there is a way that seems right to man but the end of it is death. God says that His ways are not our ways and so we need to understand that even though something may seem right to us, that doesn’t mean it is right with God. That is what we ought to be concerned about rather than opinions of ourselves or others, as God knows much so better what we need and what is good for us and our eternal happiness.

      • Manisha says:

        @ Truth in reality – With due respect and concern, I knew you would like it, because your mind is more attached and attracted to demonic powers and such things than the power of God to heal itself.

        The reason why bad rules the world is we are quick to acknowledge satanic powers but remain in doubt even when God manifests Himself in various forms to help us. God has always been ridiculed in history and never acknowledged. It is because of our limitations of our own minds.

        It’s all in the mind, FEAR, BELIEF, FAITH, So whatever you feed manifests. We really need collective consciousness to stay away from these things and strengthen and direct our mind and thoughts to making things right rather than fearing things created by other people. The only way we can do it is by accepting and encouraging only good thoughts and intentions so that they actually manifest. The only difference between the good and the bad is that the bad are generally brave and so they are successful in getting their things done while the good always has reservations, fears and self-pity instead of a strong belief in self and God.

  112. concerned christian says:

    the trap with White Magic vs. Black Magic is that any kind of magic is an energetic manipulation. You are crossing the natural path of life by using energy to force a result. This, of course, is going to come back and explode into your face. Yes I’ve known also many practitioners of “White Magic”, well intentioned. But, as the person goes on doing these things, something inside them changes, twists, and step by step, they become unable to truly differentiate good from bad, helping from controlling. Is like any other addiction: the person goes on, until the addiction is what is driving the car, not the person.

    When the bible says not to touch this kind of things, is not for you to OBEY ME, BECAUSE I’M THE POWERFUL ONE HERE. Is more as God saying, I love you, so I’m telling you do not touch this, because I do not want you to get hurt, seriously hurt.

    And yes, I’ve seen recoveries with Reiki… in the short term. In the long term, the person ends up well worse. But for them, it can be too late… I’ve seen very creepy cases… and, many times, who ends up with cáncer, strokes or dead, is the father/daughter/husband of the Reiki practitioner. This, I have seen, it was one of the things that made me wonder if Reiki would be so good as told…

    And yes, I have not used Reiki to harm anybody, but I have been the receiver of Reiki sent with no good intentions… Do you know, these things you are told that “Reiki can do no harm.”? Well, erase that. A group of people reunited to send Reiki to a person, for this person to do what they want, is no different from a coven of witches doing the same with another name.

    And, sorry, Manisha: but as long as you do not see it by yourself clearly and make your choice by yourself, freely, you are entangled with that. It’s not so innocent as you think, and whatever is behind does not want to loose “customers”… it has its own agenda, that is not yours and does not look for your good, nor for the good of your family and those to whom you, with the best intentions at heart, are giving reiki to. Each time you give them Reiki, you’re passing them “energies” that you do not know nothing about. They tell you this is “Just Energy”. I tell you that throught that bridge you open with your hands, many things can cross that are not “Just Energy”, and by no means have good intentions.

  113. concerned christian says:

    1) Have all the people you practised reiki on recovered? I have seen miraculous recoveries for myself and my family as well. I do not practise it on others as I have just half knowledge of reiki.
    ANSWER: Maybe you will see recoveries… in the short term. Later on, it gets worse, or something awful happens suddenly, or they get another illness/problema that is even more dangerous.

    2) Do you think there is anything wrong in sending good intentions like world peace, protection of children, protection from wrath of nature, etc?
    ANSWER: “Sending good intentions” – to whom are you sending these good intentions, that truly are petitions of help? This good-intentioned energy, where are you sending it? Who is receiving and brokering and using all this energy? Are You just throwing it into the air? Or using reiki symbols and reiki energy to ask for it? Who are you asking help from? Do you know which Price is going to be asked of you in exchange for these ‘favours’? (No, nobody has yet told you. You think that you ask and, as it is for the “general good”, it’s going to come without repayment… Well, no!) Jesús does that. Everybody that revolves around Reiki, from Reiki masters to Reiki guides, want something in Exchange: money, attention, energy… even if you are not aware of it.)

    3) Have you ever done anything wrongful or sent out wrong or harmful intentions to anybody?
    ANSWER: No, not me that I’m aware. But if you go ahead with Reiki, you’ll be taught some ways to use Reiki as if it was Magic. And, Manisha, be clear about that: anything you can achieve through “magical” means, will be not good to you, even if it looks like it. You’ll be messing up with your own life and path, you’ll be becoming your worst enemy because using these kind of things, is truly dangerous, for the person and those around the person. Even worse, because the person becomes unaware of that danger that surrounds her/him, and keeps going on until something stops her/him.

    4) How do you feel after giving reiki to yourself?
    ANSWER: When I did, I felt anesthesized. I felt good, as someone who’s high on drugs feels good. Better questions would be: How is your life? Are you more and more into Reiki people and New Age people? Are you more and more into that, and less into the real world?

    5) What has been your overall experience about reiki? Because reiki is something you have experienced and I am sure it hasn’t harmed you or anybody around. I want to know what made you think? The internet stories are just what we read, reiki is something that we have experienced. Am I right?
    ANSWER: MY OVERALL EXPERIENCE WITH REIKI IS THAT IS THE WORST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I’ve seen it harm people around me, YES. I’ve seen people use this as if it was a tool to hurt and dominate others: YES. I’ve seen people use this to get someone to “LOVE” them: YES. (Of course, if there was some kind of relationship, it was short, hard, and usually ends bad.)

    Last words: Everybody has free will. A drug-addict chooses to take another dose of cocaine, he could choose otherwise. This is no different. You can go ahead with reiki, it’s your life and of those you love that you’re putting in harm’s path, not mine. Ah! And whem someone who’s still in Reiki comes to a fórum like this, and starts wondering about, should be prepared to make a fast decisión about it… Those “reiki guides” that theoretically are helping you, are not very happy for you to leave the sect. Mark these Words, Manisha, because are the last I’m offering in that.

    • Manisha says:

      My doctor was a reiki practitioner. He said he left practising reiki because one of his friends who was a reiki practioner told him it is not good. He said the same things that you have said and so I am trying to understand the source from where it came. So I started the research to understand why some people feel it is not good, when it is actually giving good results. This is because we humans also have a brain to deal with other than heart 🙂 I don’t have complete knowledge of reiki and so I understand I should be doing it properly if at all. I am into my own profession which is not connected to reiki in any way and I practise reiki only when it is really needed for bringing in peace, more than happiness. I don’t intend to practise reiki as a profession as I am not a deep meditator nor am I inclined to practising it on other people or events. So I haven’t gone further. I am a normal human being leading a normal human life, not into New age or anything of that sort. My curiosities on philosophies on life that intend to make life better, human evolution, keys to a better life, death, disease have probably brought me so far and my quest for knowledge and wisdom thus continues with all humility towards God and human consciousness. I am a righteous person committed to good moral values and good intentions.

      I fail to understand how something that is doing so much good to you can be bad. I have never cheated, never lied, was innocent with good intentions, but I had a miserable life with frequent emotional breakdowns, I was in trauma, depression and reiki healed me. It brought me out of the influence of some mysterious dark energy. It was a miraculous recovery. I started believing in God even more. So how do I show distrust in something that healed me which no medicine does? How can I stop believing that may be God answered my prayers of healing me through reiki? Why should I not believe that even though I do not know anything completely about reiki, at the end of it it has brought peace and happiness into my life? I also felt this experience should be shared to help other people discover their own inner strengths. How is it that only demonic powers can heal you but not God????

      Also, when we were doing reiki meditations we were told to meditate upon our Gods that we worship irrespective of religion. Reiki brought us closer to God, we were not asked to be atheists in any way. I think it also depends upon who initiates you with reiki. I am a simple human being and not a great meditator, so yes many questions on life will still be unanswered like any other human. I am not in touch with my reiki master or his association after the attunements. No one tried to extract money or any other kind of consideration from this process of healing.

      Thanks for taking the time and effort and honestly answering all my queries. But I am curious to know exactly what went wrong in your life and what made you leave praying on good intentions? If not on the forum, you may mail me at msxuexi@gmail.com. Thanks again for the concern and inputs. God bless you.

    • Manisha says:

      In India, we worship and respect Sai Baba, who too was a healer. I am trying to find connections in all religions and they all have same teachings, same experiences. Sai Baba is worshipped by many Indians and people from abroad too. He was an enlightened soul too who preached the path of goodness and righteousness. He loved everybody irrespective of their religion.

      I have read stories about instances where when he healed, he took over the disease or injury onto his body. You could see the injury on his body. So yes the suffering is shifted and only the truly great can bear or survive the shift. It is not easy to be God. Reiki is good but only if you do it the right way with right knowledge. It is a spiritual practice which needs to be done with knowledge, utmost care and sincerity.

      People need to give lots of reiki to themselves first, inculcate good thoughts and values in them, remove all fears, instill self-belief, before they can go on to heal others, which is why saints and sages are more powerful. They are not into the material world which makes it so much easier for them to harbour good thoughts and intentions towards others. I am a normal human, not so powerful, I understand my limitations. But yes, I do like to use whatever I am blessed with in a small manner whenever it is required to make things right, the ones that are within my capacity to do it. Still a lot of things to learn and research though!

  114. The Bible is clear that all power and glory belongs to the one true God of the Bible, not to any sinful human being. That is in the Lord’s Prayer.

    The Bible also tells us that all our righteousnessES are as filthy rags before God. We ought not to make up our own ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, but to find out what God’s view is.

    God’s ways are different to ours. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.” (Isaiah 55:8).

    • gentleasadove says:

      Hi All
      There is and has been so much argument and discussions regarding the paths of reiki, even the word reeks’ havoc. “God’s word stands true” – these assaults at Christians and God’s final word will come to naught! For the gates of hell shall not prevail…

  115. peaceful twilight says:

    I have been involved in reiki since 2006. all that I have experienced is good. my son was deaf. and they were wanting to do surgery on him when he was two years old. so I looked for a way I could help him heal. and it was my ANGEL guides that showed me reiki. and guess what after doing treatments on my son every night for a month. his hearing was back and better than normal. I have seen many wonderful things in my years with reiki. I am now a reiki master and I have only seen good things and healing people who needed healing. I only feel love from the source. all that you stated about demons in reiki and the names of the symbols being names of demons. give me a break. if you are searching for the devil and his demons you will find them. leave reiki in the peace you found it. and go beat your drum somewhere else. and before you start bashing something you don’t understand get a clue. because this website gives bible thumpers a bad name. And rule of thumb. If you are searching out evil and all his friends he will find his way into your life. so beware. but any Christian would know that right. and oh what is it they say about holding judgment over another. what was that? let God be the judge. so I guess you need to pray more to understand what your role is in this life and how you can spread peace love and joy. instead of hate, fear and lies.
    Peace and love.

    • ex reiki master says:

      Where there is no reverence, there is no holiness and where there is no holiness there is no God.
      I have been to many reiki meetings, and despite some of them claiming to love Jesus, what they really mean is that they love their idea of Jesus but not who Jesus is. There is zero reverence for Jesus in reiki. I would go as far as to say that most people who practice reiki secretly hate Jesus and are trying to manipulate people who do love him. It is a trick of the devil. Reiki will separate you from God and from Jesus. It is deeply rooted in new age and occult teachings and tries to deny sin. It is satanic to the core.

  116. knowledge seeker says:

    I am a Christian. I have a major problem to resolve. Can anyone out there tell me why an innocent man (Jesus Christ) had to be nailed to a cross to save the world? In my opinion a father who sacrifices his son to save somebody else’s children could not be of a sound mind. Although Jesus Christ was resurrected, thousands of his followers were tortured and murdered in the Roman coliseum and elsewhere. I feel these people were brainwashed and died hoping to spread the word of love. But the message of love could have been spread without any bloodshed or unnecessary deaths. Why did God have to select this evil path to spread the word of love? I am having trouble distinguishing between the work of God and the work of Satan. In pure scientific terms (dimensions, portals, wormholes, soul farms, grey aliens, reptilians etc.) can anyone please explain how the crucifixion saved humanity or was there any hidden agenda?

  117. manyanstarr says:

    I generally skip over statements that are made by people who comment about things that they really have no idea about. Reiki is not Spiritual or Natural. It is a creation of Energy/ Frequency & Vibration that with the use of Language and or Symbols, (to some they are Language) when written as a sentence is applied to Selected Chakras (Energy centers within the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Body) and retained.
    Each person has been given a name, that name is a first step in removing dis-ease within the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional before it becomes a disease within the physical

  118. Bebe says:

    I learned Reiki about 6 years ago, but don’t practice it often. When I do, I don’t use symbols….because personally I don’t find them necessary. The energy still flows. What I have found is that Reiki brought calm, and peace when I used it. It’s simply energy, it is not a religion. Therefore Reiki practitioners aren’t Reikian.

    Also, I haven’t seen you answer this. The Bible talks about the gifts of the spirit, and one of them is the gift of healing. Jesus himself said that we too could do as he did.

    So why would energy healing be evil? It is a gift from the spirit…..if you are open to it.

  119. Sandi says:

    There is nothing I can say here that has not already been said. Reiki is an opening into the spirit world that will expose you to things you don’t need or want to see. I have been there. The first couple of years I would have defended Reiki too. It gets worse. I saw a Reiki master who was so sick with Lyme disease she could barely walk. That was my first clue. Physician heal thyself. My life took a complete nosedive. At first I had some nice experiences. That’s how Reiki reels you in. I will never, ever delve into spirit world & only follow Jesus and the Bible teachings. It is not worth it. People don’t need me or anybody else to “heal” them. Go to Jesus

    • Thank you Sandi. I had some strange experiences while trying to learn Reiki. I suspected right away it was demonic. I vomited, I think it was a few days after taking a “class”. I was praying a lot too because it seemed a bit hokey to me in a spooky way. I am ready to receive a healing from Jesus.
      Perhaps I will begin to enjoy my life once again and be surrounded by people that care about me. I feel like I have been hated by so many people for years. My only consolation was that Jesus too was persecuted.

    • Carol says:

      Fortunately I was blessed to come across a healer that was able to help me learn to keep the darkness away. She said you become a bright light in a dark forest and everything will be drawn to you. Reiki is a lot to handle, I only recommend it for the pure of heart.

      • That would not correspond to what the Bible says which is: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? (Jeremiah 17:9-10 KJV)

        It is very dangerous to underestimate the power of the devil to deceive and to steal, kill and destroy, and if people worship demon gods, they open doorways for this to happen.

  120. Stephanie says:

    This is so full of its self…I love God and praise Jesus…and I’m a level ll Reiki…this blog..is so judgmental and COMPLETELY false…may God forgive you..

    • rian says:

      Hi Steph,
      I used Reiki for almost 15 years. I was a III level and a fervent defender of the absolute goodness and harmfulness of Reiki.
      Until I sat down I started to think about it in earnest.
      Until I realized I was dealing with dead people and spirits (Reiki masters and guides). Calling them, invoking them, asking them for favors, worshipping them.
      Until I realized that in 15 years I had never known anybody cured of a cáncer through Reiki.
      Until I started to see how the lives of the other long-term practitioners fared.
      Some (fewer) fared well (apparently)
      The whole rest… Oh, Steph, big big problems lie ahead.
      And when you start to think, and try to get away from Reiki… difficulties arise. Because what has you in their clutches, does not want to let go their food.
      Because this is what Reiki practitioners are (I was one of them) for the things that lurk behind all those visions of light and smiles. FOOD.
      Good luck in your path, Stephanie.

    • Ever hear of wolves in sheep’s clothing? Deceit!! I have been confused by false teachings for far too many years. I feel like I should have know better, but I was intrigued and curious.

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  122. I was raised a Catholic but for some reason have always seemed to be drawn to the unknown, things which I didn’t realize where considered witch craft. Jesus, you are enough for me and all I shall ever need, please cast out any demons that may reside in myself and loved ones and fill us with Your Holy Spirit.
    I am sorry that I was ever drawn to fortune telling or anything else that doesn’t come from You. Please release us of the bondage and hopefully my pain, fatigue, and depression will flee from me too. I have had a sense that these things were not from you. I realize that I need to read Your Word, grasp it and hold on to it. I hope that I may be an instrument for you to warn others and direct them to Your Most Sacred Heart.
    I hope that I will soon be living the life you intended for me. I have made so many mistakes, suffered financial problems and job loss and found myself in a very deep depression for close to ten years, along with fatigue and pain since being exposed to Reiki. I suspected that Reiki was wrong when I was trying to learn to practice it. I know that all healing comes from Jesus so I knew it wasn’t right and I was actually terrified. I only want to help people heal if the healing comes for Jesus of Nazareth.
    I denounce all of practices of witch craft. Please forgive me for not understanding the harm I opened myself to. Jesus, please restore me whole and anyone I am close to that may have been affected by my ignorance.

  123. Lori James says:

    You do know that the creator of Reiki was Christian.

    • People also say that Jesus taught reiki without calling it that, but He most certainly did not. The Bible tells us that the devil is the father of lies.

      • Pam says:

        I was intrigued with Reiki but suspected right away that it was demons or unclean spirits. I’ve been ill with fibromyalgia for several years. I hope that by rebuking those demons and sharing my experience that I will be filled with the Holy Spirit and be healed. All healing comes through Jesus Christ! If it is not of God then it is against Him. Praise God!!!

    • Cl says:

      Reiki! Changed my life. I had a very deeply entrenched spirit attachment. I couldn’t date bc the thing would attack my boyfriends.
      I had a release done by a reiki master and I am so glad.

  124. This reiki chick says:

    Omg wow, stumbled across this…..my goodness I dont even really know what to say. So much bullshit here. I love reiki, I am going for my level 2 tomorrow, up until this point in life I have had a million curve balls thrown at me. What i really want to write could take so long that I’m not going to waste my breath. I can only hope that anyone that reads this heap of junk on this website realizes how ludicrous it all is, and understand that reiki is the universal life force energy that has and always will travel through each and everyone of us in our lives, how you use that energy is up to you. I am not religious at all, but do to believe id spiritually and reality. And absolutely cannot stand rants of a crazy person which is alot of what I have read here, and especially one so in the comments from so many people. The bible is all a facade written by man and has little truth to it now that it has been re written so many times. Good luck to all of you religious freaks out there. Yup…I know, I said it, and also, meant that. Religion is what Is and always has been wrong with our world for so many centuries. Religion is what has caused all the wars. Get your heads out of your asses people. You are all a bunch of sheep following each other with your mind trickery and stupid rants and ravings. Ugh…I gotta stop. You are driving me nuts haha. I can only hope one day you see the real light.

  125. Casey says:

    Terrible grammar. In 15 seconds I had closed out the page.

    • The reiki master who gave this testimony spoke in a form of what is sometimes called ‘pidgin’ or broken English which made parts of it difficult to follow. The testimony itself was so good it was worth translating but for some reason that turned out to be quite difficult to do without changing the gist or spirit of it. The translation could possibly be better but its message is clear for those who want to hear it.

  126. martin says:

    After reading some of the comments here from those supporting reiki, I see the same delusional, logic less mindset, which is so so common with people deceived into and fooled by other occult practices also… witchcraft, spiritualism etc. Yet they think they are enlightened. But then such is the nature of the beast and his deceptions.

  127. martin says:

    Manisha says:
    “27 Apr 2017 at 08:58

    In India, we worship and respect Sai Baba, who too was a healer. I am trying to find connections in all religions and they all have same teachings, same experiences. Sai Baba is worshipped by many Indians and people from abroad too. He was an enlightened soul too who preached the path of goodness and righteousness. He loved everybody irrespective of their religion.”

    Sai Baba, the fraudster, conman, sexual molester of young men and blackmailer – one of the many exposures of this evil man, this one by the BBC https://vimeo.com/18821750

    Through all your posts here you make excuses and paint a picture of wisdom, spirituality and enlightenment… but then such is the nature of those deceived by and into satans spiritual realm.

    Such is your delusional nature you worshipped a fraudster, conman, sexual molester of young men and blackmailer, as a god.

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  129. Jenny Foster says:

    Surprised and shocked to learn about the origins of Reiki because I was led to believe that it was just a harmless system of spiritual healing and didn’t realise it was so firmly rooted in eastern mythology. Also reading some of the testimonies, it is shocking to see how many Christians have been deceived into believing it’s ok.

  130. Cristian says:

    This is such a great information about Reiki! I don’t think I need to search more about this topic! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

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