Prayer for Release from Reiki

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I con­fess that I have sinned against you and your Word by learning and practising reiki.

[Also name any and all known occult and New Age beliefs and practices.  It’s best to think of these beforehand, to write them down and renounce them out loud in your prayer.]

I renounce and repent of my involve­ment in this / these and any involve­ment in the occult that I may have unknow­ingly entered into.  I ask you to for­give me for my sin, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus, I repent and renounce all level 1 reiki attunements, agreements to receive imprinting of occult symbols and spirit ceremonies. I reject all symbols, glyphs and geometry used to attune, align or awake my emotions, health or spirit.

In the name of Jesus, I reject and renounce the use of any ‘keys’ to open the higher mind, energy pathways or chakras. I renounce and reject all awakenings of my consciousness, and all calls and prayers for this awakening. I reject and repent of any acceptance of the master symbol or any symbol for power and the opening of the third eye.

In the mighty name of Jesus, I repent and renounce all level 2 reiki attunements and spirit ceremonies. I repent, renounce and cancel the following symbols that I have either received onto myself or have traced on another:

1. I renounce the ‘cho-ku-rei’ symbol of power and the ‘key’ or spiritual marker placed on me that opens the door to the spirit realm, and which summons demonic assistance.

2. I renounce the ‘sei-he-ki’ the guiding spirit symbol for the mind and emotions, the ‘key’ to the universe and activates and opens the Kundalini.

3. I renounce the ‘hon-sha-ze-sho-nen’ the contacting spirit symbol for distance and false claim to the inner buddha/christ/divinity nature.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I repent and renounce all level 3 reiki attunements and spirit ceremonies. I repent, renounce and cancel the following symbols that I have either received onto myself or have traced on another:

1. I renounce the ‘tam-a-ra-sha’ symbol of balance and unblocking energy lines.

2. I renounce the ‘dai-ko-myo’ the principal demon ruler symbol of the master and master rank that brings false enlightenment, peace and knowledge through divination, and that grants access to the soul and spirit of another.

Father, I repent and renounce the use of all reiki spir­its, Tjoko-Rei the principal spirit, energy spirits, raku, fire­-dragon, Bar-Jesus, spirit guides, legions and per­sonal lifeforce demons, and the spirit of fear.  I com­mand these spir­its and any others with them to come up and come out of me and go to wherever the Lord sends them in the precious name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Father, please for­give me for being used as a reiki chan­nel.  I repent and renounce all connections to reiki and  com­mand all demonic spir­its attached to me as a result of my involvement with reiki, to come up and come out of me and leave me now.

I ask you Father, to cleanse me and wash me clean in the precious blood of Jesus and remove all demonic spir­its out of my mind, body and spirit, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.


If you have prayed this prayer aloud and are serious about your commitment so that you want to be set free from reiki and reiki rituals and initiations, etc. you can be set free. Our recommendation is to search for and pray to be guided to find a good Holy Spirit led church or fellowship, for help and spiritual growth in Christ and to find and follow the guidelines and prayers, to be set free, in Jesus’ name.

If there seems to be nothing suitable near where you live, search carefully on the  internet, attend Christian meetings in your area and nearby areas and ask around.  It is not always easy to find Christians that understand or are willing to help, but sometimes it just that we don’t search hard enough.  [This is what happened with the writer – I thought I had searched hard but really hadn’t searched enough.]

When it was the right time, I did meet the right people, they were living not too far away and I found a good church.  When I realised it was time to move on, I went and found a better one where I stayed a long time. Smaller – even very small congregations in chapels – can prove to be better than the mega churches, known as seeker-friendly and hyper-grace churches which are to be avoided even if it means not going to church at all.

Most important of all is that we must learn to look to what it says in the (KJV) Bible first, rather than what any church or church leader, Christian author, famous preacher – or anyone – says. The Bible tells us the devil is the great deceiver, who walks around like a raging lion seeking who he may devour. There are many demons and humans who serve him and so in this corrupt world, there are more false teachers than true. Having said that, there is no one who gets everything right, so the most important thing is to turn to God and Jesus first and learn what the KJV Bible says, so we can learn discernment and not be led astray. Derek Prince is a reliable Bible teacher but not infallible, as no one is.

Pray for God to send you someone to help or to lead you to the right place or people at the right time.  He knows what we need and it is not always what and when we think it is but He knows better than we do.  We need to learn to have faith in God, to trust Him because he does know many things that we don’t know. So keep turning to God through Jesus and pray in the name of Jesus. Do not rely on men which the Bible tells us will put us under a curse due to the sinfulness that it is in everyone.

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;” (1 Timothy 2:5)#

Be assured of your salvation then, through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and get baptized as soon as possible. We recommend to walk the path of a faithful reborn Christian, get yourself filled with the Holy Spirit. Stop any involvement with reiki, stop any occult healing practices, etc. and get rid of all objects in your possession associated with it and other occult and idolatrous beliefs and practices, including literature and clothing, and stop seeing reikians as unholy soul ties can provide a demonic doorway.  There are prayers on the internet we can say to renounce unholy soul ties.

Dispose of – do not sell or give away – any possessions connected with reiki, or the occult and New Age generally, including literature, clothing, any paraphernalia, jewellery, etc. Carefully go through all areas in your home, office, garage and garden, and throw away anything found in this list. Do not be tempted to keep anything, due to sentimental or other value, as it simply is not worth it. If in doubt about this, then read through the scriptures at the beginning of the list for confirmation from the Bible.

The Occult and Cursed Objects List

Join up with your brothers and sisters in Christ. They will be your spiritual family. Don’t reopen closed doors nor explain what you are doing now, until you are going to be strong enough to deliver others. Get out of these false beliefs and practices completely.  There is no half way out, no mixing possible – that is called syncretism which is clearly referred to in the Bible as an abomination to God.

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” (2 Corinthians 6:17)

Humble yourself before God. Be totally open and honest with Him, take time with prayer and the Bible, to establish an regular intimate relationship. With godly, sorrow, confess and renounce all the sins you remember and forgive others.

Choose to forgive everyone who hurt, rejected or offended you, not except but especially those who injured you the most deeply, which is an act of faith and obedience.

Ask God to forgive, redeem and cleanse those who hurt you.  Desire – by faith – their salvation and spiritual wellbeing and ask Him to touch you as well.

Speak out against Satan and his demons declaring you are out of agreement with them and they no longer have any place in your life. Their legal grounds have been removed and they must now leave your life and not return.

Stay away from all sinful practices, avoid any environment which will lead you into temptation. Avoid the companionship of persons who could lead you back into sin, or back into reiki or other occult or New Age beliefs and practices, or forms of false Christianity.

You don’t mingle or argue your experiences with fellow reikians, if you want you can just give your testimony and leave. Give the glory to the God and praise the Lord Jesus about what He has done in your life.

Commit the totality of your life to the absolute lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ and commit to learn about Him and do what He says, which Jesus Himself said those that love Him will do.

Begin daily Bible study. Don’t be concerned if you don’t understand everything in the Bible. Keep reading, searching the scriptures and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you. It’s the truth that sets us free.

Join a Bible–believing, Christ–honouring Holy Spirit led local church. Attend faithfully on Sundays.  Try and attend a small Bible study/prayer group, a cell group.

When needed, ask for a spiritual bodyguard in a church who wants to pray for you and fight spiritually back to back with you.

Pray daily, and start a prayer list of things and persons you want to pray for.

Be blessed, in Jesus’ mighty name.

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16 Responses to Prayer for Release from Reiki

  1. wgarcia100 says:

    Thank you for this site and this prayer. Please pray for me. I am a Christian who was decieved by the promise of Reiki. I ask that you keep me in prayer.

    • Cindy Brine says:

      I will pray for you. Please pray for me as I also got involved with Reiki. I am only involved with Christ now and forever. PTL!

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  5. Fiona says:

    Hi, I’ve done reiki 1 attunement.

    It did make me feel calm and content. I practiced on my husband which made his lower back worse than it already is.

    I want Reiki out of me and want nothing to do with it. Before the ceremony the reiki master handed out a manual. In the manual it read that Jesus healed, referring so can we. That doesn’t sit well with me. Already I’ve lost my wedding ring my husband says it’s in my mind and that it’s how much of it you believe. I’ve already seen a priest and have prayed to all my archangels, to Jesus, God our Father and Mary.

    I want to make sure Reiki never comes back in life. Please provide me a prayer to suit me.

    Thank you for this site. You have saved people like me who were falsely led to temptation.

    God bless you.



    • There may not be such a thing as people who didn’t or can’t fall into some form of temptation. Satan even tried to tempt Jesus Himself who was without sin. As in Stephen King’s “Needful Things”, the Enemy has something for everyone.

      The Bible tells us there is NO other name by which men must be saved, only Jesus. This must include Mary, or the Bible would have said “except the name of Mary”, but it doesn’t.

      So even though there are those who would have us believe otherwise, as a Christian, our duty is to keep to the words of Jesus and the Bible which clearly state that there is NO other name by which men MUST be saved.

      Therefore solely in the light of this, consider whether Roman Catholicism does have everything right or whether according to the Bible there are some very fundamental doctrinal errors.

      Mission To Catholics

  6. Rose says:

    I am so glad I found this website to help me. As many other unknowing good Christian person I got involved with Reiki. I actually went to level 2. After the attunement I started seeing daemonic faces when I would close my eyes. I even went back and spoke with the reiki master she just gave me Reiki and told me the visions had something to do with my subconscious that I needed to go back and he’ll with of course Reiki. I pray for all people that have had any negative experience with this occult. I also pray that you give your life to Christ and get away from The daemonic forces of reiki. Again I am so happy I found this website in Jesus name amen

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  8. srdvv says:

    Without seeing can’t believe like Thomas,….i lost nearly 8 lakhs to three friends who did something like cheating, years passing but refund not happening as said … pray for this issue of mine….and let me get out of economical problems around the issue…thank you

  9. Steve says:

    My daughter recently called me and told me a new friend of hers was introducing her to reiki.she moved her hands over my daughter and told her things that my daughter felt were very spot on.I am a Christian and so is my daughter.I told my daughter I knew little about reiki and would get back to her.I did not tell her that as she was telling me this I felt in my spirit that she was getting into something very spiritual dangerous.Now that I came across this site I will be able to talk to her with better understanding of what I need to say to her.Thank you for taking the time to put this site together.I also wanted to comment on the vision of Jesus your brother had.Although Jesus suffered horribly it was thru his shed blood and death on the cross that we are set free.By His strips we are healed.It is by His shed blood that we are healed and salvation is ours if we accept Him as Lord and savior.I think your brother was being reminded that there is no other thru who we can be saved and healed.I know Jesus still heals today as I saw His healing power work in my my youngest sons life.Sincerely…Steve H.

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  11. Abby says:

    I have had issues with Rekei and being groomed but rather more demonic/witch like people for energy harvesting. I am fighting for my soul it would seem as I am not baptised but have always had faith god/Jesus. I came across this page today considering becoming a Christian. I am very grateful to come some across your prayer, this makes perfect sense to my story. The people attacking are literally following me and I may have cast spells to try to protect myself. I am wondering if I have made a huge mistake there. There are so many of them I just want to come back into the light, I live gently and quietly. If I have been harvested can I still join the church?.

  12. Marcy says:

    Please pray for me. I am a Christian deceived by the promises of reiki. I am denouncing all occult connections tied to the practice and seek Jesus to heal me.

  13. Ashlie Chapin says:

    Please pray for my family and I. I was tricked into doing reiki and access consciousness and I rebuke it. I am Christian and Jesus is my only God. Please pray that reiki will leave my family and myself alone. I pray that Jesus will forgive me and keep my family and myself safe from anything to do with reiki, or access consciousness. Please!! All of your prayers mean the world to me

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