Is Suicide an Option?

When One’s Heart Feels Like a Pit of Despair A young man’s triumph in the midst of agony

When Things Get Tough: Nothing to Live For A comforting, uplifting series of pages. Follow the links

God Loves Me? Receive Your Very Own Revelation of God’s Love

Deliverance from Sleep Paralysis How one man’s fantasies of suicide opened him to demonic attack

Life’s Mysteries Explained Understanding God’s ways

God’s Will for You: More Wonderful Than You Could Imagine!

Where Was God When You Suffered Unspeakable Horrors?

Insights into Suffering The unexpected joy of suffering for Christ

Why does God Allow Suffering?

God Isn’t Fair? How could God be fair when some people get a raw deal?

Spiritual Secrets Dying to self is more exciting than we could ever dream

When Promises Aren’t Promises.


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